The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1370 - Yin Yang Master’s Practice

Chapter 1370: Yin Yang Master’s Practice

How did the ghost organization appear here?

Weren’t they living in seclusion in the streets in the centre of Huaxia?

That boss’s expression turned bad, but he didn’t dare to act rashly, he only shouted towards the other side, “Queen of firearms! You’ve seen it yourself. Here, our common enemy is those mountain beasts! If you also want the things in this cave, I can give you half of them! What do you think?”

When the Yin Yang master heard these words, he turned his head to look at the international wanted criminal, Poison Fang.

His voice was lowered he said in a foreign language, “Give her half?”

“Master, you don’t understand. This ghost organization is really hard to deal with. We don’t have to be enemy with them at this time.” Poison Fang knew Helian Weiwei’s power very well. At this point, he simply wouldn’t go head-to-head with the other party.

Yin Yang master sneered. “You’ve become afraid of the Huaxia people? I’ll listen to you. We can shake hands with her first and make peace. Wait until we’ve hunted down the sky-devouring beast, then I’ll have time to deal with her.”

The two of them had a good idea.

But before Poison Fang could speak, Helian Weiwei opened her mouth and jumped down from the big rock. Her movements were handsome, even the windbreaker on her body flew up with a sharp vicious aura: “Poison Fang, this cave belonged to my great Huaxia, and you want to give me half of it? Haha, what qualifications do you have to say such things?”

Poison Fang heard this and his expression changed!

Yin Yang Master spoke on his behalf: “Does it mean that you don’t want to cooperate?”

“What kind of cooperation are you talking about with you thieves who come to our China to steal things?” Helian Weiwei raised her left hand.


Everyone behind her raised the guns in their hands.

Yin Yang Master’s expression became gloomy. “It looks like you are not appreciating what we offer to you and wanted to make things complicated!”

“Sir, from your accent, you must be from Japan.” The smile on Helian Weiwei’s mouth seemed to have never faded. “Let me tell you one thing. Don’t think that just because you understand some of our Huaxia’s culture, you think that you understand our Huaxia. The sentence you mentioned just now has never been used in this way!”

Yin Yang Master had always been known as a master, but he had never seen anyone so arrogant before. The other party was a Huaxia Dog.

There was no need for him to tolerate her!

“Poison Fang.” Yin Yang Master’s eyes were sinister. “You continue to hunt sky-devouring, I’ll deal with this woman!”

Poison Fang heard that he was going to do something. Since that was the case, he had nothing to worry about. When the two organizations met, it was already a fight.

It’s just that ghost’s reputation in the underworld was too great. He was afraid that it would be ruthless to deal with it. Now, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

At the same time when he thought of this, he hinted to the large group of mercenaries behind him to follow him.

Helian Weiwei had been watching him closely. Now that when she saw him move, the muzzle of the gun moved over as well!

Although there weren’t many people in ghost’s organization, their ability to explode was something no one could resist.

Poison Fang didn’t dare to act rashly anymore. He shot a look at the Yin Yang master, it was obvious to hint him, “Do it quickly!”

The Yin Yang master narrowed his eyes. With a push of his fingers, he took out ten small wooden dolls. Those wooden dolls looked as if they were alive as they tilted their heads!

The sense of grievances that shouldn’t be there rose in an instant!!

Once there was grievous energy at the boundary of the three realms, those who were supposed to be reincarnated would become sick upon sensing it.

In other words, this Yin Yang master wanted to control a hundred ghosts nocturnal walk!

Once the ghosts had their consciousness and were eroded by the grievous energy, they would not be controlled by Ghost Messengers.

In addition, there were many devils here. If this spell was used in this place, it would have an unprecedented influence.

A few ghost hunters in suits were walking in front of the undead. Who would have thought that they would go crazy together? Not only did they break free from the chains, some of them even became extremely ferocious and rushed to the same place.

Not only the ghosts but even the wild animals in the jungle were affected and began to become extremely irritable!

It could be said that at the border of the three realms, the aura of chaos had always prevailed.

Now, the Yin Yang Master’s method stimulated those simple creatures. They were the only ones that could be used by him and he didn’t care what the outcome would be.

Anyway, this wasn’t Japan, but China!

When the judge in the Netherworld received this news, he hurriedly ran to His Highness’ office, “Your… Your Highness, something bad happened!”

“Is there anything in this world that is more pessimistic than my wife ignoring me?” Little Yama had now grown into the King of Hell. His face was very handsome, but his eyes… the viciousness and bloodlust that came out from his eyes made people turn away from him.

He supported his side face half, and his very smooth hair fell on his side. The straight school uniform on his body made him feel out of place just by sitting there.

After all, he was standing on a three-headed hellhound, and his surroundings were dark and scary.

He was the only one who smiled evilly and said while showing his white teeth, “Judge, tell me about it.”

“Your… Your Highness.” Can you stop thinking about your wife? It makes sense that you’re being locked up by King Yama now. Tell me, why did you go to high school and act like a human? It wasn’t completely unreasonable for you to be caught by the King of Hell, right? “There’s… There’s someone causing trouble above our heads!”

When Little King Yama heard this, he smiled. His attitude was very warm. “Is that guy Shangxie?” “He come just in time, let him take all of you stupid ghosts away and help me sign an autograph. Although I don’t understand what’s so good about that guy, my wife seems to like watching his movies.”

“No, it’s not Young Master Shangxie.” When the judge said these words, his heart was in great pain. Why had several thousand years passed, yet their little prince’s character of helping outsiders hadn’t changed at all!

Little King Yama’s slender fingers knocked on the side of his face which had the appearance of youth. “If it’s not Shangxie, then who is it?”

“It’s a Yin Yang master doing something.” Finally, the judge could finish reporting the matter.

After confirming that the Yin Yang Master’s surname wasn’t Pei or Wei, and wasn’t Helian Weiwei, Little Yama laughed bloodily. “Thye thought my place could be entered randomly, Judge!”

“I am here.”

“Go get the XuanBing iron chain key for me, I want to go up and destroy him.”

“Yes! No, that’s not right.” The judge turned around and looked at his little master. “Your Highness, are you going up to destroy him, not taking this opportunity to return to the human world?”

Little Yama glanced at him. “Trust me more, understand?”

“Little Master, there are too many bad records on you. You count how many times you’ve lied to me, how can I trust you!” The judge lowered his head and muttered. “You have to promise me that once you’re out of the hell, you’ll go and teach that Yin Yang Master a lesson.”.

Little Yama crossed his long legs and said indifferently, “I promise.”

After teaching him a lesson, he went to look for his wife. There was nothing to be conflicted about.

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