The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1295 - Harboring a Beauty at Home

Chapter 1295: Harboring a Beauty at Home

“Phew, phew, I can’t take it anymore! This gun is so heavy, how did instructor Bai pick it up with one hand?”

“You shouldn’t ask instructor Bai how he picked it up. Instead, you should ask Ajiu how she picked it up with one hand and still managed to hold it in a correct posture. Even the boys can’t do it!”

“Wuli Ajiu is better than the boys in anything. She’s just so manly!”

Indeed, Ajiu’s actions had attracted a lot of people.

Bai Zhun was afraid of hurting the self-esteem of the male students in the class, so he took the gun from Ajiu’s hand and gave her a task to buy water for the entire class.

Of course, since Ajiu was so capable, he did not want her to lie on the ground, when she was not feeling well, to learn the shooting posture which she already knew.

She was a sniper, which could be told from her movements.

When she was young, Bai Zhun did not teach her how to hold a gun.

Now, it seemed that it was her family who had taught her.

Her technique was very sophisticated. Such a person was top-notch even in the army.

His Ajiu had really changed a lot when he was not around.

“Little Brother, shall I distribute the water now?”Ajiu had an exquisite little face. Even though she was wearing a military uniform, she still gave off an adorable feeling. It was probably because the two silly hairs on her head could not be pressed down no matter how hard she tried.

As he looked at her, the corner of his mouth curved upward. “Yes, please distribute it, buy you can’t drink it. I have brought you a Thermos bottle with red dates in it.”

Because she had exercised just now, her little face was flushed red. After hearing what he had brought, she was about to turn away.

The students had all dispersed to rest. All their attention was placed on the mineral water.

Seeing this, Bai Zhun turned sideways and pulled her back. He lowered his voice and asked, “How’s the packing going?”

“Packing?” Ajiu was a little puzzled.

Bai Zhun reminded her, “Your stuff in the dormitory.”

“Oh, I have packed them well.” When she spoke, she was still trying hard to tidy up the hair on her head.

In fact, he had been trying hard to hold his desire, or else he would have hugged her in his arms. “After the training ends, I will have a meeting here, and someone will come to pick you up,” he said hoarsely.

“No need. I’ll go there myself.”Ajiu felt that it would be inconvenient to send another person. “Anyway, that place is close to the university.”

Bai Zhun also didn’t want anyone other than Ajiu to enter his apartment. After a pause, he took out a bunch of keys from his pocket. “Just call me if you have any problems.”

“Okay.” When she took the keys, Li Hailou coincidentally passed by.

As she picked up the Thermos bottle and began to drink, Li Hailou directly put his hand on Bai Zhun’s shoulder. “Master Bai, I know you want to take Ajiu out so that you can stay with her. Are you trying to hide her in your apartment?”

At first, he thought that it would take some time to get an answer.

Unexpectedly, Bai Zhun just glanced at him indifferently and said, “Yes, so it’s not convenient for you to visit this place.”

After listening to Bai Zhun’s words, Li Hailou realized that he was the one who had been kept in the dark.

This also meant that he couldn’t find an excuse to go to that apartment in the future.

If he had known it earlier, he would have called Xiao Lin. As someone who was not tactful enough in his speech, he should have consulted the someone who was more diplomatic in his bearing. What a mistake was that!

At this moment, the bell rang. It was noon, which meant the teachers and students should now go for recess.

Because the higher-ups came for a visit today, the instructors went to another place and did not appear in the cafeteria on the second floor like yesterday.

Prof. Liang personally welcome the higher-ups.

Vice Commander Zhang and the others saluted them respectfully upon their arrival.

The other soldiers stood at the back of the line silently. They looked at each other to exchange thoughts.

“Who is this?”

“I don’t know.”

“Looks like he has quite a background.”

“Hehe, he doesn’t even have as many stripes on his shoulders as Master Bai. This is called a background? If he really had a background, I would have seen him at my mother’s place a long time ago. Don’t forget her position. In My Mother’s heart, Master Bai is the best.”

“Your mother likes Master Bai so much that she almost wants you to marry him!”

“That won’t do. I’m a man.”

“Even you’re aware that you’re a man.”

Bai Zhun was definitely the leader. No visitor would be ranked higher than him, so everyone still had to respect him. When he saw the soldiers who were dreaming away, his cold gaze swept across them.

Therefore, the soldiers quickly straightened their backs, and they never looked at each other again.

They were under the protection of Old Zhao anyway, so they weren’t afraid of the higher-ups. At the worst, if they did something bad, they would leave Old Zhao’s name behind.


Captain Zhao, who had countless stripes flowers on his shoulder, sneezed heavily. He was still commanding his troop, but suddenly he felt a chill on his back.

He pulled the adjutant beside him over. “How are those b*stards doing in school?”

The adjutant was also a little confused by the sudden question. “They should be alright.”

“What do you mean by ‘should be alright’? There is no in-between!” Captain Zhao was very angry.

The adjutant then comforted him, “Captain, don’t worry. Master Bai is someone who is about to take your position. No one can bully them.”

“You think I’m worried that they will be bullied?” Captain Zhao scratched his head. “Something doesn’t feel right. Did the army say that those soldiers are with them now?”

The adjutant paused. “M-Master Bai and the others have always had a special identity. They can’t reveal their names, can they?”

“So you don’t know. Well, it’s good that you don’t know.” Zhao Shouzhang thought for a moment and stood up again. “What the f*ck. Without that identity, these b*stards are even more ruthless!”

The adjutant continued to comfort him. “It’s okay, Chief. At most, they can still say that they came from your subordinates.”

Captain Zhao was speechless.

“Sit down, don’t stand up. Everyone sit down.” At the school reception desk, the person in military uniform initiated a conversation as he pressed his palm down.

Vice Commander Zhang seemed to be especially obedient to him. The moment he opened his mouth, the few soldiers over there all sat down. Their movements were very orderly, making it seem like Bai Zhun and the others were a little slow.

The were total of six people in the army. Three of them, without including Bai Zhun, were from Liren. The other two were about to join Liren, and they were all people who had carried out many secret missions. To be honest, other than the orders of Bai Zhun and some important leaders, they rarely listened to anyone, so their reactions were a little slow.

Vice Commander Zhang, however, sneered, thinking that they were new soldiers who had not handled any important function before.

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