The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1286 - Sweet Heart

Chapter 1286: Sweet Heart

Bai Zhun also looked in their direction.

With just a casual glance, the soldiers immediately retracted their gazes obediently and began to correct the students’ correct steps with a serious expression. It was completely impossible to tell that they were peeping just now!

How could they try to destroy evidence so fast!

Vice Commander Zhang, who was closer to Bai Zhun and the others, was stunned when he first saw Ajiu’s appearance.

Following that, he sneered. No wonder Bai Zhun did not choose any of the departments, but the most unpopular department of Archaeology. So that was the reason.

With this thought in mind, his tone also became a little strange. “We’ve been training for more than an hour, and Captain Bai has only just returned. The students are all good students. Captain Bai, don’t delay the progress of the class. When the time comes, we won’t be able to rate them.”

Bai Zhun raised his eyelids but didn’t say anything. The corners of his mouth curled upward without the slightest bit of warmth.

It was this attitude that made vice Vice Commander Zhang even angrier, as if he didn’t even exist in the other party’s eyes.

Bai Zhun was just a soldier, what was there to be arrogant about! !

The students of the Archaeology Department also heard what Vice Commander Zhang said. They thought to themselves that the more this instructor looked down on them, the more outstanding they would be.

With such a handsome and caring instructor in their class, military training was a challenge at all!

She also sensed that person’s hostility toward Bai Zhun. Her round tiger eyes thus darkened. There was clearly something wrong with the way this person looked at her little brother. She wondered if she would be expelled from the school if she beat up the instructor?

Seeing that she did not move, Bai Zhun also knew what she was thinking. He suddenly smiled. “Ajiu.”

“Here.” Ajiu knew the rules of the military very well in front of her classmates. After all, because of her mother’s relative, she understood a lot of military common sense.

Bai Zhun smiled again and said, “Return to the team.”

“Yes.” AJIU trotted back to the class team.

As soon as she stood still, her roommates began to praise her.

“Ajiu, this is a superb trick!”

Ajiu was confused. “What trick?”

Her roommates did not say anything. They had expressions that said, “Don’t hide it anymore. We all knew it.”.

“Tonight, we will take you out for a big meal as a reward!”

Ajiu was still unable to resist the big meal. She nodded her head in a silly and cute manner.

However, her roommates suddenly noticed something. “Eh? Ajiu, why are your lips red?”

Such a question reminded Ajiu of the scene where Bai Zhun kissed her with his eyes lowered.

Her heart seemed to skip a beat.

It was clearly a normal greeting in the past.

Could it be that she felt different because she had grown up?

It felt sweet and astringent, as if something had been beating on her chest.

After she finally stabilized herself, someone asked again, “Ajiu, why is the heart on your face missing?”

She paused as if her face was on fire.

“Did it rub off somewhere?”? “That person first sighed regretfully, then she smiled and continued, “Forget it, since we’ve achieved our goal. Quickly tell us how it feels like to be hugged by a handsome guy? You don’t know that when the instructor bent down to hug you just now, the entire field exploded! The people from the Acting Department looked like idiots as they looked at our side. They probably thought that the instructor would definitely choose them this time, but they didn’t expect that they would still stay in our Archaeology Department in the end. Ajiu, you are a great contributor to our department! You’ve helped our department hold our heads high!”

There was a reason why the students said that.

In a university, the Acting Department had always looked down on the girls from other departments, especially those from the Archaeology Department.

In their eyes, none of the girls from the Archaeology Department were outstanding.

But this year, for some reason, there was a grade-skipping student, Baili Jiu.

Liu Zitong, who was also a freshman and had always been praised by others, did not like someone stealing her limelight like this.

The Acting Department had always been different from other departments. Only when one was famous enough in the school could they become the focus of the media.

Liu Zitong’s family background was not bad. She was also good at playing the piano. She had already been signed by the management company long before she entered the university, so she was also very popular among the students.

It was supposed to be a scene where she stood alone. Now that she was overshadowed by others, of course, she would feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, that instructor…

Liu Zitong looked in Bai Zhun’s direction and bit her lip hard. She had clearly taken a liking to him first!

On the first day of the military training, the two departments faintly felt like they were enemies.

Usually, at the beginning of the training, the training would not be too strict. Usually, they would first plan their walking and standing postures and let the students familiarize themselves with the slogan.

Therefore, throughout the afternoon, the entire field was heard shouting, “Turn left, march forward, 121,121!”.

Compared to the other instructors, Bai Zhun’s voice was not loud. On the contrary, it gave people a cold and indifferent feeling. However, this kind of attitude seemed to be more convincing to the masses.

There were two girls in the Archaeology Department who could not coordinate their limbs and always marched with the same hands and feet.

Bai Zhun did not let them stand out alone to practice like the other instructors.

It had to be said that the matter of Ajiu being ostracized by others had a great impact on Bai Zhun.

Therefore, when Bai Zhun became an adult, he also understood how easily girls at this age could get hurt in their hearts.

He still let the two girls stay in the team and always guided them by patiently. He marched with them and taught them with care.

With such a standard, the students marched even more orderly.

Especially the two female students. After being taught by Bai Zhun eight or nine times, they could finally march properly.

One of them was Ajiu’s roommate. As she sat on the grass to rest, she said very seriously, “I feel that our instructor is not quite the same as other men. In short, he’s too handsome. Not only is he handsome, he’s also handsome in heart.”

Ajiu also saw what happened just now. She nodded her furry head in agreement. Her little brother had always been so handsome since he was young!

“Look, even Ajiu, who is a handsome girl, also nodded! You should know how she treated the boys that tried to woo her before…” The roommate was still looking for an adjective.

Another person quietly added on for her, “She treated them with contempt.”

“Yes, yes!” The roommate was very excited.

Just then, Ajiu directly broke their fantasy. “That’s because they are not as strong as I am.”

“Does that mean that the instructor’s strength is stronger than yours?” The roommate bumped into her.

Ajiu was stunned. Her round tiger eyes were dull and cute. “We haven’t competed, so we don’t know.” She had never fought with the little brother, so she could not tell who was better.

Her roommates thus laughed jovially. They also reached out and rubbed her head, for they liked her very much. “This child has taken the joke seriously again.”

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