The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1281 - Encounter 2

Chapter 1281: Encounter 2

Ever since they were in the same dormitory as Ajiu, the three of them realized that she seemed to be very talented in fortune-telling.

At first, they did not believe it. After all, they were all materialists. How could they believe the words about ghosts and gods.


Ajiu had actually calculated some of the things that each of them had encountered before.

This shocked the three girls who instantly went limp.

The beauty in their dormitory did not only good at flirting but also fortune-telling. Moreover, its accuracy was somewhat bizarre.

Therefore, when they heard Ajiu say that she did a Bagua this morning, they immediately became excited. “How is it?”

“It says…” At this point, Ajiu paused and curved her lips into a smile. She was very beautiful. “We will achieve what we want.”

The three people looked at each other.

“Does that mean our instructor will be a handsome guy?”

“Of course.”

“Oh, Yeah!”

“But…” Ajiu touched her bloated belly. “Our position is indeed not very good. We might encounter some twists and turns.”

The three people was speechless at the moment.

“Forget it. Anyway, the geographical position is not good. Even if the instructor is not handsome, we still have you.”

Upon hearing this, Ajiu was a little stunned. Her furry little ears pricked up. Since when did she have the same effect as handsome guys?

Because of the appearance of Bai Zhun and the others, some of the students who were near the platform had already secretly taken out their phones and started taking photos.

Prof. Liang did not directly object to their actions. Instead, he said in a humorous manner, “When the instructors go down later, they will set aside time for everyone to take photos. However, students, you have to think carefully. Whoever takes out their phones will be confiscated by the class teacher. During military training, you are not allowed to use your cell phones. This is the most basic requirement. As for the other requirements, your instructors will tell you one by one. Now, instructors, please go down and have a look, and then discuss how to assign the classes.”

After listening to Prof. Liang’s words, some of the students wished they could directly wave at Bai Zhun and let him look at them!

Whether it was his face or his figure, Bai Zhun was perfect to the extreme. Even his beautiful thin lips were glowing. It was no wonder that there were girls who excitedly grabbed another student’s hand.

Almost all the students in the entire field were watching him.

However, in Bai Zhun’s eyes, those gazes did not matter to him at all.

That handsome face was still so handsome and noble that it made people want to scream. There was not a single frown on his countenance.

He walked with long legs and wore a military uniform. His dark and deep eyes swept over everyone in the class, both intentionally or unintentionally.

“Oh, where is he looking at?”

“It seems like he’s looking at our side?”

“I don’t think so. He looked over there just now as well. It seems like he’s looking for someone.”

Liu Zitong, who was standing at the front of the team, was the most confident. She was wearing a red checkered skirt and a white t-shirt. Her long hair was tied into a bun, and she wore a natural Korean makeup on her face. The color of her lips was very attractive. In addition, she was in the Acting Department, so her temperament and figure were particularly outstanding.

When she saw Bai Zhun walk past her class, her lips curled into a smile.

However, it was at this moment that Vice Captain Zhang opened his mouth and looked at Bai Zhun provocatively. “I’m in this class. Don’t tell me that you don’t want to give it to me?”

“Up to you.” Bai Zhun’s tone was very indifferent, so indifferent that he didn’t even have the time to bother with this person.

Right now, Bai Zhun’s only thought was to find his girl.

However, Vice Commander Zhang did not know anything and thought that Bai Zhun did not have the guts to fight with him. He stood proudly in front of the Acting Department.

The department’s students were all going crazy. They did not want this instructor at all!

Such a strong gaze made it difficult for Vice Commander Zhang to ignore it.

Every single one of them, even the most beautiful female student, was looking at Bai Zhun’s back and biting her lips reluctantly.

This scene completely ignited Vice Commander Zhang’s jealousy.

Bai Zhun’s popularity totally irked him, for the former’s status was lower than his.

How could such a person be better than he?

He thought he should be the one whom the students should admire.

He thus swore that he would give Bai Zhun some trouble in the future, which would destroy the students’ impression of him.

“There’s hope! There’s hope for us!”

The girls from the Archaeology Department clenched their fists tightly.

The few people from Ajiu’s dorm immediately pushed her at the front of the queue.

They had already decided that if they could really get the handsome guy to pass through the other four departments and come to their archaeology department, they would worship Ajiu every day as a god.

They had to admit that there was a lot of hope because from afar, they could see the handsome guy did not stop before any of the classes that he had walked past.

“Ajiu, soon, there are three more classes!”

Calmly, Ajiu comforted them, “Don’t worry, if that person comes over, he will definitely choose us!”


Ajiu then said seriously, “Because we are the last class. If he doesn’t choose us, who else can he choose?”

Her roommates were rendered speechless.

They really could not refute this reason.

When she said these words, she did not raise her head. She had been looking at her bulging belly. From just now, she felt that something was not right.

She seemed, probably, very likely to be on her period.

The more she thought about it, the more probable it would come to her.

The good did not work, but the bad was exceptionally obvious.

Ajiu frowned. Could it be that the twist as she foretold this morning?

Why now?

Did it come early?

The discomfort in her lower abdomen from earlier had turned into a faint pain. She felt that there was suddenly a stream of heat in her stomach, flowing without any warning..

What should she do?

She was wearing white jeans today. The strength from earlier must have penetrated a little.

If she stood up like this, someone would definitely see her.

Why didn’t she squat down?

So many people were looking at the handsome guy. If she squatted down, no one would notice her.

Ajiu, who had been lowering her head to think about something, did not know that at that moment, the handsome instructor, who grabbed the attention of many girls, had his eyes lit up. It was as if thousands of fireworks were reflected in his eyes! He suddenly walked toward their last class without any warning! ! !

The gazes of everyone present moved along with his figure.

Only Ajiu, who had a stomachache, reached out and hugged her lower abdomen. With a pair of furry tiger ears, she squatted in the middle of the group in a cute manner. There were students standing at the front and back, so this action of hers was not unexpected. Instead, it was very cute.

However, what she did not expect was that as soon as she squatted down, a dark green military jacket came over her head. It went past her waist and hung over her thighs, just enough to cover her white jeans..

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