The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1269 - After Parting Ways

Chapter 1269: After Parting Ways

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Ajiu raised her furry little head and stretched out her hand to touch the spot where Bai Zhun had kissed her. Her big round eyes looked at Bai Zhun in confusion. She did not understand why her little brother would say that he would not forget such things.

Even if she left the Bai family, she could still write to her little brother often.

Moreover, it wasn’t like she couldn’t see him anymore.

She was just following her mother and the others to their home.

Ajiu’s assumptions were indeed correct, but she didn’t know that once she left the Bai Family, Bai Zhun would no longer continue to stay at home.

Since he already had the admissions offers from universities from all over the world, he just needed to select a university and join the army in advance.

Ajiu would not know about these things.

Bai Zhun’s deep eyes looked at her for a while before he said in a low voice, “Let’s go back. Don’t make your parents wait.”

His handsome and fair side face was as gentle as ever. His jet-black eyes seemed to be completely occupied by that small figure.

Ajiu lifted her small face and looked at his cold and slender figure. After thinking for a while, she still felt that she should tell him what she was thinking just now. “Little brother, don’t worry. Even after I return home, I will often write to you. When that time comes, you can read my letters before replying to me.”

Bai Zhun looked at her big black and white eyes. He simply could not bear to lie.

In the future, the troop that he would join was one that would not receive any news from the outside world.

Moreover, before he had enough ability to protect her, he would not easily appear in front of Ajiu again.

He had to pay more attention to her two brothers.

There was also that “Chief Jue” who had not spoken much from the beginning to the end

These people would probably continue to set obstacles for him in aspects related to Ajiu due to the Gu Family’s incident.

He had to become someone trustworthy in order to convince others.

Seeing that Bai Zhun did not speak, Ajiu did not continue speaking.

The two of them stared at each other in silence for a long time.

Only then did Bai Zhun speak indifferently, “Let’s go back first.”

Hearing this, Ajiu’s lively eyes could not hide her disappointment.

Was it inconvenient for little brother to write to her?

That did not matter.

When she became the abbot, she would still think of a way to tell him.

She seemed to hesitate for a moment. Then, she suddenly bent down her small body, which was not considered tall. Her soft fingers brushed past her ankles and took off a sarira.

She held the sarira in her hand and extended it to Bai Zhun. “Little Brother, this is for you. After I was sent to the temple, Master gave it to me. He said that it was a relic of an accomplished monk. Although it’s not as good as the Purple Jade Buddha head you gave me, it’s still okay.”

Bai Zhun’s deep gaze fell on the relic lying in her palm. He was slightly startled. “For me?”

“Yes.”Ajiu nodded her little head and said very seriously, “I have the Purple Jade Buddha head that you gave me, but you have nothing. What if you meet a demon outside?”

Bai Zhun did not believe in any gods or devils, but he would never refuse anything that she gave him.

Seeing that he had taken her gift, Ajiu immediately revealed a brilliant smile. She stretched out her small hand and grabbed his sleeve, meaning to let him hold the dog’s paw hand while she pulled his sleeve and walked forward..

In the deep night, the northern wind blew past, and the snow and dust in the sky witnessed this parting that belonged to a young age.

At that time, Ajiu did not know that she would never see her little brother again.

It was said that not long after the Bai family banquet, other than Gu Cheng’s faction, the entire Gu family was defeated beyond recognition.

The people who made a move were not Helian Weiwei and the others, but Bai Zhun, who had allegedly taken over the Bai Family.

The same year, before the Spring Festival, something happened at the distant border near Nepal by the boundless Snow Mountains.

A long whistle suddenly came from the distance. It was a military special truck. This kind of license plate was usually very hard.

It was a truck that only went through special permission, and it was different from other trucks.

Although this truck looked big from the outside, there were fewer than seven soldiers sitting in it.

Each of them looked different, but the only thing was the same.

They were all less than 30 years old.

Some people said that in China, a man’s peak physical age was between 23 and 29 years old, so when selecting elites, they would also choose according to this standard.

Under normal circumstances, people above 26 years old were the most common, because people at this age would gradually calm down and become a real soldier.

But this time, it was very strange.

There was actually a youth on the truck who looked even better than a celebrity.

The others even suspected whether he had graduated from high school?

Moreover, he did not look like a rough man at all. On the contrary, his entire body exuded a kind of meticulously nurtured nobility.

What made him different was that he was very composed. Ever since he got into the truck, he had been quietly leaning in the corner. Although he did not close his eyes, he was very indifferent.

Everyone in the car was wearing camouflage clothing.

It had to be said that the camouflage clothing in the army really tested one’s figure.

People with bad figures wore it as if it was bought from Taobao for tens of dollars.

Only people with good figures could wear this clothing so that they would feel refreshed.

It was believed that the students who had undergone military training had experienced it.

However, there were very few people like this youth who could wear the camouflage clothing so energetically.

The clothes seemed to have been specially tailored for him, and every line was well-defined.

Everyone could not help but place their gazes on the youth, and different thoughts flashed through their calm eyes.

These people were all carefully selected from the various military regions and units.

Under normal circumstances, the selection process was very strict, and they had to go through the specialized training and special screening of the local units.

Each troop would choose one person.

Only the soldiers of the war could come here.

But this youth… did he really have such great ability?

Moreover, even if they came here, they would become nothing in the next second.

Because this was the most elite special forces unit in the country.

Only the elites were qualified to stay here.

In this place, every soldier had to forget their own name and use code names instead. Even their identity would be concealed layer by layer, just to train the sharpest ability to deal with foreign enemies.

However, how could such a place allow a high school student who looked immature?

Everyone was doubting the youth’s ability. At this moment, the truck stopped and a loud shout came from outside, “Get out of the truck, all of you get out of the truck!”

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