The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1267 - Get Stronger to Meet Her

Chapter 1267: Get Stronger to Meet Her

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When Bai Zhun heard this, his fists tightened. He thus turned his head and looked at Baili Shangxie with his clear, glacial eyes. “There won’t be any more instances in the future,” he said gruffly.

That kind of calmness and youth-like firmness surprisingly resisted the demonic qi from Baili Shangxie’s body.

This made Baili Shangxie raise his eyebrows as his dark eyes gradually turned into a devilish amber color.

No wonder Ajiu would be invulnerable to all kinds of evil if she followed him.

There was probably only one person in the human world who had such a righteous aura.

If it were not for the fact that he had once crossed the boundary of life and death, such an aura would not have formed.

In addition to Bai Zhun’s background, his upbringing since he was young, it had made him who he was now.

Baili Shangxie no longer paid attention to his words, for Ajiu had never been Bai Zhun’s biological sister.

Therefore, he stood up straight and then smiled politely. It was completely indiscernible that he had just provoked Bai Zhun when he turned to his side. “For so many years, I’m really grateful that the Bai family has taken care of Ajiu.” As he spoke, he looked at Old Master Bai again. “I am especially grateful for you. I often heard my mother say that you are righteous and brave, which has been proven through the incident. Thanks for protecting Ajiu.”

Other people didn’t know much about psychological knot, but Old Master Bai knew it very well.

Back then, no matter how much effort he put in, he still couldn’t pull Bai Zhun back from that accident.

He had sought help from the psychiatrist and his old friend.

Left with no choice, he could only hand him over to the monk.

The monk had once told him that his grandson’s problem could not be solved easily and would need to wait for the true Buddha.

But at that time, the monk himself had also said that the true Buddha was hard to wait for; it depended on luck. He wasn’t sure when the day would come.

Therefore, Old Master Bai wanted to give it a try by sending Bai Zhun to the temple.

No one could understand how the old man felt toward this child.

As a soldier, he should indeed sacrifice himself to protect the people.

But what about the child whom he left behind?

At that time, any concern that he had shown in the past would be an injury for Bai Zhun.

On the day of the funeral, Old Master Bai personally saw his grandson’s finger get cut, but he could not feel any pain.

This old general, who had protected the country for many years, cried at the moment.

Even if there was even the slightest possibility, he had to give it a try.

Now that he heard from Baili Shangxie that Ajiu was the person who had solved the knot in Bai Zhun’s heart, he was overwhelmed with conflicted feelings.

“Ajiu.” When Old Master Bai spoke, his voice was somewhat hoarse. “You are indeed the fortune that your little brother has been accumulated in this lifetime. You have brought lots of happiness to our Bai Family.”

After Ajiu heard this, she strolled over in this direction, holding the little white cat in her hand, her face serious. “Being able to stay with the Bai family is also my fortune.”

“What Ajiu said is right.” Helian Weiwei smiled lightly and placed her hand on her daughter’s head. “The morality in Bai Zhun’s body has been protecting Ajiu for eight years, and Old Master Bai has also been treating Ajiu as if she were his own granddaughter. We will always remember these favors of yours.”

Speaking up to this point, she glanced at Baili Shangxie.

This popular star only listened to the of three people in this world: His mother, his younger brother, and his younger sister.

Now that Helian Weiwei had spoken, he naturally subdued the devil qi on his body and temporarily stopped causing trouble as he stood beside Helian Qingchen.

At that moment, Bai Zhun was looking at the approaching Ajiu.

Old Master Bai naturally knew his grandson’s mood. He patted Bai Zhun’s shoulder and comforted him, “It’s good that Ajiu has been taken away. Once summer arrives, you’ll have to go to the army. When that time comes, I’ll also return to the border. Who will take care of Ajiu then?”

Helian Weiwei’s gaze also shifted over. “Bai Zhun, you’re still too young. There are too many uncertain factors around you…”

“I’ve always been sure of what I want.” Bai Zhun couldn’t help but open his mouth to interrupt Helian Weiwei. For the first time, this youth revealed a yearning expression.

Helian Weiwei thus smiled lightly. “Yes, but when we are young, we always have a lot of thoughts. Bai Zhun, you have things you need to do. Today is your eighteenth birthday. After that, you’ll be an adult. I’ve always admired the Bai Family’s style of protecting the country. I believe that you also have this kind of heroic blood flowing in your body. It will be suitable to talk about love when you’re mature enough to resist everyone. Or could it be that you won’t be able to wait until that time? And would you not be able to control yourself?”

This was a method of goading him.

Although Bai Zhun was very clear, he was even more clear that every word Helian Weiwei said was correct.

“I can control myself.” Bai Zhun’s eyes stared straight at Helian Weiwei, neither servile nor overbearing.

In response, Helian Weiwei grinned. “Very good. After the birthday party ends, I’ll take Ajiu away first. We’ll meet again when you two grow up.”

Despite clenching his fists, Bai Zhun still let go of them. His voice was low and clear as he uttered, “Okay.”

Haruki Murakami once said, “You have to be a calm adult. Don’t be emotional, don’t think about the past, don’t look back and live another life. You have to be obedient. Not all fish will live in the same sea.”

Nevertheless, growing up meant thinking more.

Although he was in pain this time, he still agreed willingly.

He was suddenly exposed to so many things.

One of them was that he wasn’t strong enough.

The Bai Family was strong, but he was not. That was why he had to be cautious before doing anything.

The Gu Family was the best example.

He didn’t want to let his girl get hurt again.

If all of this could only be achieved by gaining power, then he would work hard to achieve it.

Thinking of this, Bai Zhun raised his head and answered, “Okay.”

Everyone listened by the side and smiled. Seeing the two families like this, they were naturally in a good mood.

“Are they going to arrange a marriage at such a young age?”

“Well, it’s hard to tell since Bai Zhun is so young.”

“These two children are really a good match, especially Ajiu. She makes people happy just by looking at her silly and cute face.”

“Ajiu is still young. Nobody knows what will happen in the future.”

Just like what people said, there were too many uncertainties in the future.

Even now, Bai Zhun knew very well that Ajiu might not even know what she liked.

During these few years of separation, she would definitely meet many, many people.

What if there were people who treated her better than him?

Even if there was such a worry. Bai Zhun would not change his promise. He wanted to protect her in the future, although the process was very long.

He was willing to endure and wait.

Just then, the atmosphere at the scene became cheerful again. Everyone raised their wine glasses and teased old master Bai.

Although Baili Shangxie, the elder brother, didn’t say anything, he was secretly calculating how to ruin the reunion between Ajiu and Bai Zhun.

Helian Qingchen really understood his elder brother the most, so he reached out and pulled him by the back of his collar so that Ajiu could say goodbye to the Bai Family.

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