The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1086 - The Other Murderer

Chapter 1086: The Other Murderer

His mother, on the other hand, looked like a country bumpkin, dressed in ordinary clothes, and was even a little old-fashioned. She didn’t even know how to ride the subway, and her voice was unusually loud, as if she was always afraid that he would get lost.

That timid look on her face made him uncontrollably lose his temper at her.

He picked up the coffee and threw it away!

His mother was a little dumbfounded, as if she was frightened by his sudden anger.

At that time, he had told himself in his heart that he must not let any of his friends in school know that his mother was like this.

Because that would be too embarrassing!

He did not want Dong Sichun to look down on him because of this…

At that time, his mother really wanted to go to his school to take a look, and even said that she would treat him and his good friends to a meal.

How could he agree? He didn’t check if there were seats or not and just bought a return train ticket for her that day and chased her back home.

He threw a tantrum the entire day.

He clearly knew that she didn’t know how to take the subway, but he didn’t even send her off because he was in a hurry to buy an iPhone for Dong Sichun.

He didn’t even know how his mother got to the train station.

But just then, he received a call from her, and she was still laughing over the phone as she told him not to worry about the family and to just focus on studying hard. She told him to ask her for money if he didn’t have enough to spend, and to eat anything he wanted without holding back. She also told him not to catch a chill while sleeping and to remember to cover himself with a blanket at night.

At that time, he only felt impatient and snapped, “I’m not a three-year-old child anymore. I know all this. You’re so longwinded.” Then he hung up the phone.

Later, he found out from his father that because his mother did not know how to get to the train station and there was a traffic jam when she took a bus there, she did not manage to catch the train that night. She eventually just found a spot in the train station to spend the night and managed to buy another ticket home the next morning…

Zhao Xiaodong didn’t know why, but he only remembered these details now.

Every scene was so vivid to him.

Deep inside, he couldn’t bear to let his parents suffer.

But he was willing to give up everything for Dong Sichun.

He simply couldn’t imagine how his mother, who was unfamiliar with the place, could curl up and sleep at the train station for one night.

And this was just so that she could save on $200 for a proper place to sleep in.

But he spent more than $6,000 to buy an iPhone for a woman who just called him a dog.

Out of which, $3,000 was a gift that his mother specially brought for him that day…

Zhao Xiaodong couldn’t describe how he felt.

His throat started to choke up and feel uncomfortable. He felt like he had been burned by a blazing fire and the pain left him with nothing but ashes.

After that, he started crying.

He buried his face in his arms and wailed loudly like a child.

Helian Weiwei put away her prayer beads and didn’t look at him again.

Many times we forget.

In this world, there is always someone who doesn’t ask for anything in return.

Unfortunately, as we grow up, the more selfish we become.

Zhao Xiaodong finally understood this principle.

His mother probably felt very upset with herself when she realized she didn’t know how to do those things in the city.

And even though he knew how to do all these things, he didn’t teach her and thought of her as an embarrassment instead.

Sometimes, the older your parents are, the more they urge you to pay attention to the little things in life.

In reality, it is only because they miss you.

When we are children, our parents teach us everything.

But when we grow up, other things get in the way and our parents often become our last priority…

The police car sped down the long alley. They took Zhao Xiaodong and the rest back to the station. Someone had called the police after all, so all of them had to record their statements.

Under normal circumstances, the murderer would defend himself.

To the police’s surprise, Zhao Xiaodong was very quiet, and only came clean with all his crimes.

The only additional thing he said to the police was, “Can you not tell my mother that I liked that sort of woman?”

The police was stunned. “Okay. ”

“Thank you.” After Zhao Xiaodong finished saying this sentence, he didn’t speak again.

Everyone else had already recorded their statements.

Helian Weiwei was the most familiar with this procedure and she was done with just two or three sentences. When she brought Baili Jiajue out from the interrogation, only Guo Tingting was outside.

She looked like she was waiting specially for Chen Feiyang and was clearly very infatuated with him.

When she saw Helian Weiwei and Baili Jiajue walk over, she looked hesitant and tried to probe Helian Weiwei, “I heard what you and Zhao Xiaodong said earlier. You said that there are two murderers among us. One killed Zhang Heng and the other killed Dong Sichun. So there’s one more murderer among us – who is it?”

“Who do you think it is?” Helian Weiwei smiled faintly and asked back, “Didn’t you see the shadow of that person that day?”

Guo Tingting’s face paled and she mumbled, “I…I couldn’t see who it was clearly.”

“Actually, besides your window, there’s another window that can see everything happening on the rooftop clearly.” Helian Weiwei’s voice remained flat. “Your hostel block is the closest to the rooftop after all. As for who it is, I don’t have any evidence, so I won’t say anything about it. Besides, investigating Zhang Heng’s death is the only case I’ve been hired to investigate, and any other case besides this is the police’s business, not mine.”

Guo Tingting exclaimed, “My goodness, are you going to hide something like this? You know who the murderer is but you don’t want to report this person? Won’t you feel guilty forever?”

“As I said, I don’t have any evidence.” Helian Weiwei looked at her and laughed. “Besides, Miss Tingting, I know what sort of conclusion you’re hoping for in order to get Chen Feiyang. I’m not some peacekeeping envoy, and this sort of criminal investigation is the police’s job, while I just take the money for the part I’m hired for. I don’t like Dong Sichun, but I don’t have any obligation to find out who her killer is either. And actually, I don’t think you’re qualified to point a finger at me. You saw what happened on the rooftop but didn’t tell the police anything either. Did you think you could make Chen Feiyang yours after Dong Sichun died?”

Guo Tingting’s expression froze. “I must be an idiot! Why do I bother saying all these things to such a coldblooded and wicked high school student?!”

After throwing out these words, Guo Tingting walked away in such a hurry, it was as if Helian Weiwei was some kind of extremely evil devil.

Helian Weiwei let out a low laugh. Just like what a certain highness said, sometimes people were really filthy and evil from head to toe.

Such people had double standards on morality and always took the moral high ground to talk to others. Their own actions were understandable while others were dark and coldblooded. What a joke.

“Miss Helian.”

Helian Weiwei turned when she heard this voice and saw Xiao Jingtian had just emerged from the interrogation rooms. She was standing behind Helian Weiwei with emotions welling in her eyes. “I’d like to have a word with you.”

Helian Weiwei nodded and found a wooden bench to sit on.

Xiao Jingtian did not sit down. Instead, she just stood by the side and finally spoke up after a long while, “Actually you already know who the other murderer is, right?”

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