The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 641: Update 23

Chapter 641: Update 23

Gong Yi was baffled, “Don’t play games with me and twist my words!”

Jun Yexuan responded, “Alright, then can we leave now? Young master Gong?”

Gong Yi hissed then walked out.

After the group returned home, Qiao Qing was once again greeted by the little fox’s tireless hug.

Jun Yexuan and the others have gotten used to this by now and didn’t toss it away.

The little fox also followed the rules and only rubbed itself against Qiao Qing. It didn’t cross the line or do anything too intimate.

After Qiao Qing went upstairs, Jun Yexuan handed her the gift box he prepared for Qiao Qing.

At the same time, despite the fox’s resistance, he picked it off her shoulder and held onto it tightly.

As Qiao Qing was about to go into her room, Jun Yexuan’s lips curled up, “Do you want me to help you put it on? After all, this gown also has a zipper.”

Qiao Qing heard the meaningfulness in his voice and remembered how she got her hair stuck in her zipper at her coming-of-age party.

She glared at him and responded coldly, “No need.”

Jun Yexuan rubbed his chin. His smile was a little wild.

Mu Jinghang shook his head. The smell of love was a sour one!

He lowered his head and saw that the firefox was being choked by Jun Yexuan. Mu Jinghang reminded, “If you don’t let go of the fox, it will stop breathing soon.”

Jun Yexuan looked down at the fox, who now had its tongue stuck out and its eyes wide, “Ah, no wonder it wasn’t whining and shrieking.”

His hand loosened and the suffocated fox hit the ground with a thud.

After it breathed in some oxygen and was about to avenge itself, the man who committed the crime had long disappeared.

Inside the room, Qiao Qing opened up the gift box and saw a fiery red gown.

She held the dress in front of her and appreciated its beauty.

Compared to the dress he got her at the coming of age party, this dress showed just how much Jun Yexuan knew what she liked.

He knew she loved the color red and didn’t bother to pick another color.

The design of the dress itself also showed how much he cared.

It was an off-the-shoulder dress that had an inside layer and an outside layer.

There was not a complex design in the chest area - only the embroidery of a feather at the spot near her shoulder.

The dress was tight at the waist where a thin silver line helped show the illusion of a cinched waist.

The bottom of the dress was cut into a slant. On one side it reached her calf and the other side fell to the floor.

Qiao Qing stared at the dress for a long while and decided to finally let her hair down.

The group of people chatted in the living room as they waited for Qiao Qing.

Only when they heard the sound of high heels clicking, did all the men look over to the staircase.

Qi Yusen inhaled sharply. Jun Yexuan uncrossed his legs and straightened up. Gong Yi on the other hand, lost his composure and splashed his tea.

The fiery red dress was made just for her. Despite the bright color, it was impossible to conceal her natural shine and beauty. On the contrary, her skin looked even paler in comparison.

Her skinny collar bones made her look slim but not too weak - just perfect. Her tiny waist and the white smooth leg that peeked out of the dress made her incomparably graceful and captured the attention of everyone.

The match to her sexy figure was her exceptionally beautiful face.


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