The Actress Queen’s Rebirth: She’s a Bigshot Loved by All Her Uncles!

Chapter 753 - Chapter 753 Ordinary Friend

Chapter 753 Ordinary Friend

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However, after calming down, Bian Lang quickly understood why Lu Zhen was dressed like this. He looked at Lu Zhen and smiled strangely. “It’s really hard on you to dress like this for me.”

The two of them were nominally discussing a collaboration meal. Lu Zhen naturally could not dress improperly, but at the same time, she probably did not want to dress up too beautifully to see him.

This way, she did not have many styles to choose from and could only dress up like this.

The first thing the two of them said after meeting made Lu Zhen want to turn around and leave. She resisted the urge and squeezed out a polite smile. “Mr. Bian, you’ve misunderstood. No matter who is sitting opposite me now, I will dress like this. I have no intention of currying favor with you.”

“I know that you won’t please me. Then this meal…” Bian Lang’s tone suddenly became much lower, revealing a trace of strange ambiguity in his tone. “Just treat it as me trying to please you, alright?”

Lu Zhen’s scalp went numb. They had just exchanged a few words, and she was still enduring the discomfort and pretending to be polite. Bian Lang directly stopped pretending?

Lu Zhen had no choice but to pretend not to understand. She smiled and said, “Mr. Bian, you’re so humorous. However, even if you’re facing a lady, you don’t have to lower yourself like this. We’re in a cooperative relationship. We just have to discuss the terms of the cooperation.”

Bian Lang looked at Lu Zhen with deep eyes. “Alright, let’s eat first.”

After the attendant served the dishes, Lu Zhen reached out her chopsticks and tasted a few mouthfuls. Her speed was neither fast nor slow.

Bian Lang didn’t eat, only quietly looking at her.

Lu Zhen couldn’t take Bian Lang’s gaze anymore and asked politely, “It tastes good. Aren’t you going to try it?”

A faint smile appeared on Bian Lang’s face. “We don’t have many opportunities to sit together and eat like this. I want to see you more.”

Lu Zhen’s expression was a little stiff and she felt uncomfortable all over. She slowly put down her cutlery and said to Bian Lang in a serious tone, “Mr. Bian, I do want to film this movie, but this doesn’t mean that I will sacrifice my own interests in exchange for this opportunity. We are cooperating with each other, not making an unfair deal, right?”

Bian Lang frowned, his tone becoming a bit gloomy. “What, eating a meal with me is a type of sacrifice for you?”

Lu Zhen had long known that even if she talked to Bian Lang nicely, there was still a possibility of conflict between the two of them. Now, it seemed that it was true. Bian Lang did not seem to understand what she was talking about at all.

However, before Lu Zhen could respond, Bian Lang took a deep breath and controlled his emotions. Before coming to eat this meal, Bian Lang also gave himself some psychological hints and warnings. One of them was: No matter what Lu Zhen’s attitude is, don’t quarrel with her.

Once the two of them quarreled, everything he did would be meaningless.

“I know you have some prejudice against me. I apologize for some of the things I did in the past, alright?” Bian Lang sighed. “Can’t you give me a chance to correct myself?”

Lu Zhen was speechless for a moment. Why did this guy suddenly seem like a different person? This made her not know how to face him. She gritted her teeth and said after a moment, “I didn’t take it to heart. I just want to talk to you about the cooperation.”

The anger in Bian Lang’s heart almost erupted again. He could accept that Lu Zhen hated him, but Lu Zhen said that she didn’t take it to heart. Didn’t that mean that she didn’t take him seriously?

No one had ever dared to completely ignore him like this!

Bian Lang took a few deep breaths and told himself to calm down.

“How about this, both of us take a step back and start as ordinary friends, alright?” Bian Lang’s tone was gloomy.

Lu Zhen subconsciously wanted to answer, “I don’t lack friends, let alone friends like you.”

Then she saw that Bian Lang’s expression was already very ugly. If she really said this, she would definitely not be able to continue eating this meal. Yet Lu Zhen really did not want to be ordinary friends with Bian Lang. It was difficult for her to say anything against her conscience immediately.

While Lu Zhen was silent, Bian Lang took out his phone and looked at her. “Pull me out of the blacklist first. After all, we’re partners now. This request isn’t too much, right?”

The atmosphere became a little tense.

After more than ten seconds, Lu Zhen took out her phone and released Bian Lang from the blacklist. During this process, Bian Lang had been watching her operate.

Lu Zhen had never eaten such an awkward meal. It was too dramatic to discuss a collaboration.

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