The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 928 - Telling Salvatore's Fortune!

Chapter 928: Telling Salvatore’s Fortune!

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Even after being caught up in this situation, Victoria remained calm and did not panic.

She had worked in Orlando for seven years and had many connections here. Moreover, she knew very well that although Salvatore was not a good person, this was the era of money.

These people would never dare to hurt anyone for no reason. They would only hurt them if someone else paid them to. As long as they had money, they could bribe even the King of Hell and his minions.

Victoria walked up to Jordan and held his arm.

“Sir, don’t be afraid. We’ll go and greet the boss here. Don’t worry, I’ve been in Orlando for seven years. I can handle this situation.”

Victoria said this to comfort her “father” and not let him worry about her.

Jordan nodded and did not say anything. They were led to a three-story building. After walking up the stairs, the hooligan pushed open the door. His tone was not very respectful as he said casually, “Boss, a rich woman is here. She drives a Porsche.”

A burly man with dreadlocks was in the room. He had copied the hairstyle of NBA star Carmelo Anthony. This man was Salvatore!

‘Salvatore looked so young two years ago.’

Looking at his subordinate Salvatore from 2020, Jordan instantly felt that he looked rather inexperienced.

After following Jordan, Salvatore shed his dreadlocks and looked much more mature and steady.

At this moment, Salvatore was sitting on the sofa watching television when he looked up at Victoria and Jordan.

Victoria took the initiative to walk forward and said respectfully, “Mr. Salvatore, I’m sorry to barge into your territory so late at night. I’m…”

Victoria was about to reveal her identity and tell him the names of a few Orlando big shots whom Salvatore knew.

But Salvatore stood up in surprise when he saw Victoria.

“Yo, isn’t this the number one beautiful CEO of Orlando, Ms. Clarke from Ace Corporation?”

Salvatore had clearly heard of Victoria.

Victoria smiled. “You’ve heard of me? That’s great.”

Victoria relaxed. Since they knew each other, nothing bad would happen today.

Salvatore smiled. “Not only have I heard of you, I almost sent someone to kidnap you and deliver you to a big bed in a villa in Orlando.”

The smile on Victoria’s face instantly disappeared.


Salvatore quickly added. “Haha, don’t misunderstand. It’s not that I want to do anything to you. It’s just that a certain CEO in Orlando has always loved you but couldn’t get you. He’s been chasing you for more than half a year, but you won’t even let him hold your hand.

“So, one time, he drank too much and contacted me. He said that he wanted me to kidnap you. He wanted to use force to get you. However, before I could do it, two other CEOs, also from Orlando and worth hundreds of millions, received the news and immediately came to find me. They offered me twice the original fee and told me not to find trouble with you.

“Hehe, Ms. Clarke is really something. All the rich CEOs in Orlando are infatuated with you! I’ve admired Ms. Clarke for a long time. What a coincidence for you to come to my territory today. I have to have a drink with you!”

“Dale, prepare some food and drinks. I want to entertain Ms. Clarke!”

The hooligan who brought Victoria and Jordan upstairs, reluctantly turned to go and prepare the food and drinks.

Victoria hurriedly said, “Mr. Salvatore, I’m really sorry. We just finished dinner and this old man isn’t feeling well. I have to send him back to rest. How about this? I’ll treat Mr. Zeller and you to a meal another day, okay?”


Unexpectedly, Salvatore slammed the table angrily.

“Victoria, don’t try to use Mr. Zeller to pressure me! I know you know him! What? So you can wine and dine all those rich Orlando bosses, charming the socks off them, but you can’t eat with me? Do you look down on me because I’m a gangster? You find my place shabby and not as luxurious as a hotel’s private room? Is that it?”

Victoria knew that Salvatore was just feeling inferior. As the boss, he needed to maintain his dignity in front of his subordinates. Otherwise, they would not submit to him.

And so, Victoria quickly corrected herself. “How can that be? Mr. Salvatore, you have such a high status in Orlando. I often hear Mr. Zeller and the others talking about you. I was just too worried about my friend’s health. You’re right. It isn’t every day I get to meet Mr. Salvatore. I should share a drink with you.”

Victoria knew that she couldn’t leave without at least having one drink with Salvatore.

These people had a lot of pride. As long as Victoria showed them enough respect, they could leave safely even without offering any money.

After all, they had big bosses like Mr. Zeller in common.

Salvatore nodded in satisfaction and sat down again.

“Dale, serve the wine!”

Dale brought over a bottle of wine and two glasses. He handed them to Victoria. Victoria took the wine bottle and walked towards Salvatore respectfully, preparing to pour wine for him.

“Wait a minute!”

Jordan stopped her.

What a joke!

Salvatore was a servant and Victoria was his master’s wife. How could she pour wine for a subordinate?!

“Ms. Clarke, put the wine down,” Jordan said to Victoria.

Only then did Salvatore notice Jordan. He said unhappily, “Who are you, old man? Why are you wearing sunglasses at night? Do you think you’re Neo from the Matrix?”

“What’s wrong?” Victoria asked.

Jordan said, “You can’t pour wine for him.”

Salvatore was annoyed. “Why can’t she pour wine for me?! She often serves those big bosses. Why can’t she serve me today?!”

Jordan said bluntly, “You’re a servant and she’s your master. How can a master pour wine for a servant?”

Given that Jordan was a noble Deity and Victoria was his wife, she was the extremely noble wife of a Deity.

He would never allow his wife to do such a lowly thing.

This person in front of him was his subordinate. This made things very complicated.

If it were Salvatore from 2022, he would definitely agree with Jordan’s actions today.

Salvatore from 2022 knew his place.

However, Salvatore from 2020 had no idea that Victoria would be his future master.

Salvatore said angrily, “B*stard! You damn old man, how dare you call me a servant? Are you tired of living?!”

Victoria thought that Jordan was her father and she knew very well that her father would not want to see his daughter being forced to serve others. Therefore, Victoria quickly intervened.

“Mr. Salvatore, don’t be angry. This old man is blind. He relies on his fortune-telling business to make a living and is homeless. You’re such a big shot. No need to fuss with a poor fortune-teller.”

Victoria was very smart. She deliberately praised Salvatore and emphasized his high status, so that he would not deign himself to attack a lowly fortune-teller.

As expected, Salvatore had wanted to beat Jordan up, but he held back after hearing Victoria’s words. However, what would his subordinates think of him if he didn’t retaliate after being called a servant by others?

Salvatore snorted. “Fortune-teller? Alright, I won’t bully you. Old man, you are very good at fortune-telling? I’ll give you a chance to read my fortune!”

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