The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 788 - Shaun And Jordan: Strongest Combination!   

Chapter 788: Shaun And Jordan: Strongest Combination!


Shaun never expected Jordan would want to send him to kill Miyamoto Chujiro instead of doing it himself.

As such, he rejected it vehemently. “I’m not your subordinate! Don’t try to order me around like I’m your subordinate.”

Jordan responded calmly and firmly. “If you don’t kill Miyamoto Chujiro, I won’t go back and help you.”

“You…” Shaun pointed at Jordan angrily. “Don’t forget, Lauren is still in my hands! If you don’t go back, I’ll kill your wife!”

Jordan remained calm in his seat. “Don’t forget that I’m a Deity. I’ve predicted that you won’t kill her.”


Shaun was so angry that he was about to go crazy. He spun around on the spot and smashed all sorts of things, including cups and bowls.

“Did I cross you in my previous life? Did I dig up your ancestral grave? I have never suffered such humiliation since I was a young boy! Arghhh!”

Shaun wished he could kill Jordan, but he couldn’t even bear to punch him.

Likewise, Jordan relied on his value to Shaun in order to use him to kill Miyamoto Chujiro! Now that Jordan had personally killed his beloved Park Anya. There was no one Jordan could not kill!

All those who tried to provoke and anger Jordan, he would make them leave this world immediately!

Shaun raged for a long time. “Jordan, you’re too much. I’m the future overlord of the world. How can I let you control me like this?!”

“If you insist that I kill Miyamoto Chujiro, then I have one condition.”

Jordan looked at Shaun. “Tell me.”

As long as his condition was not too excessive, Jordan would agree to it. Right now, Jordan just wanted Miyamoto Chujiro to die, to avenge the hundreds of citizens in Orlando and let them rest in peace.

Shaun pointed at Jordan. “I want to possess you!”

“What did you say?” Jordan was surprised. He did not expect Shaun to make such a request.

Shaun wanted to possess Jordan and control him, just like how he had controlled Lota’s father previously.

Shaun gave an evil smile. “You are the one who wanted to kill Miyamoto Chujiro, not me. How can I do it personally? You have to kill him yourself. However, considering that you only have the ability to kill at close range and can’t attack from afar, plus you are a little stupid and incapable of accomplishing matters, the best way is for me to control your body to kill Miyamoto Chujiro.

“Combined, we will have the ability to kill with both close and long-range attacks. Have you played video games before? It’s like the combination of a mage and a warrior. It is the strongest combination in the world!”

Shaun’s eyes were filled with excitement as he spoke.

But Jordan was worried. “Are you planning to possess me and be a Deity yourself?”

Shaun said, “You’re worrying too much. After possession, your mind will enter a dormant state. I’m using my own mind. Even if I occupy your body, I can’t use your Deity ability, so you’re absolutely safe. Besides, you don’t have to worry that I’ll hurt your body after possessing you. If I had the intention to harm you, you would have died long ago. I wouldn’t have saved you when Park Sang-jun electrocuted you just now.”

Jordan thought about it carefully. Although he was unwilling to admit it, Shaun had indeed saved his life just now.

Moreover, Jordan was useful to Shaun. He would never hurt him.

As Shaun said, Miyamoto Chujiro’s defenses had most likely been raised to the highest levels. The moment Jordan’s plane was discovered, a high-altitude battle between their aircraft and long-range weapons would ensue. It would not develop into a one-on-one combat fight at all.

If he wanted to kill Miyamoto Chujiro, he would have to sneak into the Miyamoto residence alone.

Previously, Dragon had infiltrated the Miyamoto family, so Jordan knew where Miyamoto Chujiro lived.

After some thought, Jordan assented. “Alright! I’ll work with you!”

Shaun laughed. “The strongest combination in the world has appeared. Deity Jordan and me! It would be a piece of cake for us to kill a mere Miyamoto Chujiro!”

Meanwhile, the Rong, Geng, Addington and Haus families, as well as Lota and Miyamoto Chujiro were on a video call.

“The building where the Park family resided was attacked by a plane. According to reports, the head of the Park family, Mr. Park Sang-jun, is dead!” Chairman Rong said very seriously.

The others were dumbstruck.

Miyamoto Chujiro shouted, “It must be Jordan who killed Park Sang-jun!”

The other families exclaimed.

“Jordan is too terrifying. The Steeles have already fallen under our complete control, but Jordan managed to destroy the entire Park family by himself. The entire Park family was wiped out by him! This kid is quite terrifying. I don’t dare to provoke him anymore!”

Chairman Rong said, “I’m rushing to South Korea to see how to deal with the Park family’s situation. If you guys have nothing else on, please go over too.”


After Miyamoto Chujiro hung up the video call, he sighed repeatedly. “Jordan is too terrifying. He killed Park Sang-jun in the Parks’ own territory. He simply has extraordinary abilities! Forget it, forget it. I’ll avenge my son’s death in the future. I can’t provoke him for the time being.

“Men, prepare my clothes. I’m leaving for South Korea in an hour.”

As Japan was close to South Korea, Miyamoto Chujiro did not need to leave immediately. He finally understood how powerful Jordan was and regretted provoking him.

However, it was already too late for regrets. At this moment, Jordan, no, Shaun, was approaching the Miyamoto family’s mansion.

At one of the gates of the Miyamoto residence.

A truck was parked at the entrance. It was being searched.

The truck driver said, “This is the custom-made samurai sword that Lord Miyamoto has ordered. He orders one every year. It was just completed and I am delivering it.”

The guards in charge of the search were meticulous as they carried out a thorough investigation. “I know, but this concerns Lord Miyamoto’s safety. We must be cautious.”

After searching through everything and confirming that there was only the sword and no one hiding in the truck, the guard let the vehicle in. “Okay, enter.”

A few black cats suddenly flashed past.

At the same time, a cloud of dust blew past, momentarily obstructing the guards’ view.

During this short window, “Jordan”, controlled by Shaun, used his incredible speed to race past the guards into the Miyamotos’ courtyard!

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