The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 786 - The Haus Family Secret!  

Chapter 786: The Haus Family Secret!

Seeing this, Shaun hurriedly raised his head and said, “Mr. Park, please stop! Jordan must not die!”

He knew that Park Sang-jun could see everything happening to Jordan and him now. However, the cameras of the secret families were usually very small and hidden. Therefore, he did not know which direction to face when talking to Park Sang-jun.

Nevertheless, Park Sang-jun ignored Shaun’s pleas and continued to increase the electricity to torture Jordan.

Shaun was getting more and more anxious. It would be fine if it was just Jordan’s body being electrocuted. But if the electricity affected Jordan’s brain cells and something happened, it would be troublesome.

“Damn it, I didn’t expect the Park family to be so difficult to deal with!”

Shaun had no choice but to say loudly, “Mr. Park, let Jordan go. I’m willing to tell you a huge secret in exchange!”

Park Sang-jun said, “Oh? What big secret? Tell me first.”

Park Sang-jun wanted to gain something for nothing. He would definitely not let Jordan go. It was not easy for Jordan to fall into his hands. How could he not take revenge for the death of his two sons?

However, he knew that Shaun had unfathomable depths. He had been hiding in the dark for decades. He definitely knew more than Park Sang-jun.

Shaun said, “I can tell you what the Haus family secret is!”

Park Sang-jun was shocked. “The Haus family from Germany?”

Among the eight great families, every family had a secret that none of the other families knew about. Only the Deity back then knew every family’s secrets because they needed her help.

Every family developed in a different direction, so their secrets were also different.

For example, the Steeles focused on traditional medicine. The Park family developed technology for medical aesthetics, while the Miyamoto family researched the Mirakuru serum.

The Schmid family had developed the Invisibility Cloak. As the Schmid family was later on controlled by Shaun, his mind-transplant technology could also be counted as under the Schmids.

As for the secrets of the other families, they had no way of knowing.

Park Sang-jun really wanted to know what the Haus family secret was!

“The Haus family has always kept a low profile and does things quietly. They would never dare to steal the limelight from the Rong and Geng families. However, they will also reveal their strength from time to time to warn the other families that they are not to be trifled with. I do want to know what the Haus family secret research is about!”

Park Sang-jun was very curious. He believed that Shaun had the ability to know the Haus family secret.

One had to know that Shaun had controlled the Schmid family for more than 10 years!

“The Haus family secret research is spyware!”

“Spyware? How?” Park Sang-jun was taken aback.

Shaun continued. “You have a lot of green plants here, right?”

Shaun could see that there was a potted Nippon lily plant sitting in the corner.

Park Sang-jun said, “What’s so strange about that? Which rich family doesn’t have some plants around the house? Green plants can purify the air. There are many benefits. Of course, I have a lot of green plants here!”

Shaun smiled. “The Haus family uses green plants to spy on others. Now, all the leaves of all the green plants in the world are their listening devices. They can easily eavesdrop on everything about you, including our current conversation!”

Park Sang-jun was stunned. “What? The Haus family is researching green plants? They can even use the leaves as listening devices? Damn it, I knew this family was sneaky. It seems that they already know about our family’s movements and secrets!”

Shaun continued. “Not only that, these green plants are controlled by the Haus family. They not only release oxygen, but also a special gas. If one inhales this gas over a prolonged period of time, they will develop an incurable disease. Mr. Park, I want to ask you, how long have you had the green plants around you?”

Park Sang-jun immediately became nervous. “For the past few decades!”

Shaun shook his head. “That’s troublesome. Your condition must be already very serious. If you don’t have the antidote, I’m afraid you won’t live to 60 years old.”

“What?” Park Sang-jun became very anxious. “Mr. Handley, please save me!”

Shaun pointed at Jordan, who was being electrocuted, and said, “Jordan is the only person in the world who can save you.”

Park Sang-jun was confused. “Why?”

Shaun said, “I can tell you this secret, but you have to throw out all the green plants in your building first. I don’t want the Haus family to overhear this secret for nothing.”

Without hesitation, Park Sang-jun immediately followed Shaun’s instructions and threw out all the green plants in the building. He also got his researchers to examine them carefully to see if the leaves really had the ability to eavesdrop.

After a while, Park Sang-jun said, “Mr. Handley, I’ve already thrown all the green plants. You can speak now.”

Shaun didn’t waste any more time and said frankly, “Jordan is the new Deity! Only he has the ability to develop an antidote to save you!”

Park Sang-jun felt as if he had been dealt a heavy blow. “What did you say? Jordan is the new Deity?”

Shaun said, “Otherwise, why do you think I would be with Jordan?! He killed my mother and wife. If he wasn’t a Deity, I would have killed him long ago! Also, if he’s not a Deity, how could he have developed the Mirakuru serum ahead of the Miyamoto family?”

Park Sang-jun recalled what had happened recently and felt that what Shaun said made sense.

“Mr. Park, if you kill Jordan, no one in this world will develop an antidote for you! Why don’t you keep him alive and let him be our puppet?” Shaun said.

Park Sang-jun thought for a moment before replying, “What you said makes sense! With the new Deity in our hands, we can use him to fight against the Rong family and control the world!”

Shaun laughed loudly. “Hahaha, that’s right. This is the big plan I want to discuss with Mr. Park!”

Park Sang-jun was thrilled. “Alright, I’ll listen to you. Mr. Handley, please wait for me. I’ll go upstairs and meet you!”

Park Sang-jun stopped his electric attack on Jordan, who had become very weak. Without Shaun, he might have died at Park Sang-jun’s hands.

Now that Park Sang-jun knew Jordan’s identity, it meant that Park Sang-jun had to die!

Otherwise, Jordan would become his puppet!

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