The 99th Divorce

Chapter 6: Childhood Sweetheart or His Wife

Chapter 6: Childhood Sweetheart or His Wife

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"Did I pour any drinks yesterday?" Su Qianci asked, "You gave me those two drinks, didn't you?"

Tang Mengying's heart was almost in her throat. She looked at Su Qianci in surprise.

This woman - when did she become so smart? Not only did she not fall for the trap, she managed to set Tang Mengying up.

With cold sweat falling from her forehead, Tang Mengying looked down and saw the kissing marks on Su Qianci's collarbone again. Tang Mengying gritted her teeth and decided to push it further, "You asked me to pour the drinks for you, didn't you, Su Qianci? I thought of you as my good friend. How come you…"

Li Sicheng looked at Su Qianci sharply with eyes like an eagle. Disappointed, Su Qianci had already had her answer. One was his childhood sweetheart, and the other his newly wedded wife who had only spent three days with him. Who would he believe?

The answer was obvious.

Willing to reconcile, Su Qianci stood up. Under the fierce gaze of Li Sicheng, she rebutted, "What did I do? You are the weird one, knocking on the door of a newly wedded couple. If I didn't know any better, I would assume you have some agenda."

Tang Mengying suddenly became pale. Is this Su Qianci the original Su Qianci? Three days later, she had undergone such a huge change.

She had become more mature, sophisticated, and intelligent! She led the topic naturally to question Tang Mengying. Such EQ and IQ were so different from that unruly girl Tang Mengying remembered her to be.

Could Tang Mengying be making a mistake?

No, impossible.

This stupid girl must have been frightened already. After all, if Li Sicheng believed he was drugged by Su Qianci, then Su Qianci would never have another opportunity to win him over.

Everyone had a bottom line, while Li Sicheng's bottom line was mysterious. However, any scheme would piss him off - no matter how big or small

Blinking, Tang Mengying suddenly had a sullen look on her face.

"How could I have any agenda? Su Qianci, why did you say that? That is so hurtful!" Tang Mengying's eyes became red and her tears started to drop. "I was only a bit upset. If I said something to make you unhappy, just tell me. I…" She then looked to Li Sicheng and said with tears, "Brother Sicheng, sorry. I thought even if you marry another woman, we could still be like before. However, I did not realize…"

Su Qianci's heart sank. What a girl!

With just a few words, Tang Mengying seemed to be explaining, but actually put all the responsibility on Su Qianci. Sniffing her nose, Tang Mengying squatted hurriedly and said, "I accidentally broke the bottle. It would be horrible if any elders saw it. I will take care of it right away."

The more she said it like that, the more sullen she looked. As Tang Mengying was about to pick the pieces up, she heard a cold voice, "Stand up."

Li Sicheng pulled Tang up, looked at Su Qianci and asked, "Clean it up."

"It's okay, brother Sicheng…" Tang Mengying looked bullied with her eyes wide.

Su Qianci sneered inwardly and felt impressed. So Tang Mengying had such a high level of game play five years ago. With such an opponent, she did not die for nothing.

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