The 99th Divorce

Chapter 45: She Was Disgusted By Him

Chapter 45: She Was Disgusted By Him

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Su Qianci looked up at Li Sicheng, meeting his eyes. His eyes were mysterious as always.

Looking down and putting the chopsticks down, Su Qianci said, "Nanny Rong, please give me another pair of chopsticks."

Li Sicheng was somewhat a clean freak. In her previous lifetime, Li Sicheng once got mad at Su Qianci for the clash of their chopsticks. What he had said was, "You want to taste my saliva so bad?" Su Qianci had been terrified, not knowing what she had done wrong. Then he had said, "I'm not interested in an indirect kiss with you though. You're dirty." Then he asked the servant to get him a new pair of chopsticks.

In order not to contaminate him, Su Qianci had acted before he did this time. However, Li Sicheng squeezed his silver chopsticks tighter hearing Su Qianci's words. His cold face was almost an ice sculpture at this point. Even the temperature around him dropped.

Su Qianci felt even more puzzled. "What is it?"

Li Sicheng chuckled, sending a chill down Su Qianci's spine. When she thought he was about to lose it, he simply put his chopsticks on the table, got up, and left.

This woman was disgusted by him? Very well.

He quickly went to the second floor, slamming the door of the main bedroom. Su Qianci was both confused and pissed off. This man is so erratic and cranky!

Deciding not to pay him any attention, Su Qianci kept eating.

"Ma'am…" Nanny Rong sounded worried. "Why did Mr. Li get mad?"

Su Qianci was upset, so she sneered, "He's sick!"

Nanny Rong sighed and said, "He indeed has stomach troubles. He should not skip a meal. Madam, would you go and get him to eat?"

"No, I haven't had enough." Su Qianci felt bitter. In her previous lifetime, he had bullied her the entire time. There was no way she would let him do the same this time around. Not in his wildest dreams! After she ate, Su Qianci went upstairs only to find her stuff emptied from her bedroom.

She turned around to ask Nanny Rong, and it turned out that Nanny Rong thought she placed her things in the wrong room and move them to the main bedroom for her. Su Qianci was rendered speechless. However, she had to go to the main bedroom and knock on the door, "Mr. Li."

No answer.

However, she remembered that Li Sicheng was someone who never locked the door, because he was confident enough to believe that no one would dare to bust into his room. Su Qianci tried to open the door, and it was indeed open. The room was empty, and she heard water running in the shower.

He was in the shower.

Su Qianci was relieved that she could take this opportunity to move everything back. After going back and forth several times, she only got half of her stuff. Covered in sweat, she was breathing heavily. When Li Sicheng came out, he saw her moving her stuff around.

Li Sicheng frowned, "What are you doing?"

"Moving my stuff back."

"Back where?"

"The room across the hall," Su Qianci said matter-of-factly. When she turned her head back, her mouth became dry.

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