The 99th Divorce

Chapter 43: She Had an Abortion

Chapter 43: She Had an Abortion

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"Sheng Ximing." Sheng Ximing gave her his business card. Of course, Su Qianci had known him, so she directly cut to the chase. Sheng Ximing was an incredibly busy person. If it were any other client, he would not bother to take the case. However, this girl looked so much like that person. After knowing what had happened, Sheng Ximing took the case.

After they had talked about the case, Sheng Ximing was a bit hesitant to ask, "This might be a bit awkward. But I feel like you look a lot like a good friend of mine. I wonder what your mother's name is?"

Su Qianci had seen that coming, but she did not reply immediately.

Thinking she was offended, Sheng Ximing quickly shook his hand and said, "If this is not convenient for you…"

"Su Han."

Sheng Ximing was dazed. This name was completely strange. However, he did not want to give up and continued to ask, "You took your mother's last name?"

"Yes, I do not have a father."

Hearing that, Sheng Ximing could not continue to ask her anything, checked the time, and proposed to go to his office. Su Qianci followed him to the law firm upstairs and carefully collected the documents from him. After they exchanged their contact information, Su Qianci went downstairs into a shopping mall. Since she got married to Li Sicheng, she had only one decent dress in addition to the outfits that Tang Mengying had picked out for her. Of course, she needed to purchase herself more stuff. After the shopping spree, it was 5 o'clock when she returned home and got a call from an unknown number.


"Hi there!" A cheerful voice came through the speaker.

"Lu Yihan?"

"Bingo. You have become smarter in these two years."

"You found out about it?"

"Of course. Go check Weibo," said Lu Yihan matter-of-factly.

She turned on the computer and found that the topic "Liu Anan drama" had been pushed to the top. The hot topics were about "Niece of the Tang family" and "Liu Anan's abortion." Su Qianci checked the topics and found that the information was far more comprehensive than what she had learned in her previous lifetime.

"Wow!" Su Qianci was dumbstruck, "Where did you get this stuff? This is so impressive! She had an abortion in high school? How come I never knew that?"

"Of course you don't know. You were so clueless in high school," Lu Yihan said ruthlessly.

Su Qianci laughed, feeling incredibly carefree.

"I really had no idea that you were a hidden Princess. Isn't it nice to have your revenge?"

"It feels alright, probably much better than how you feel."

Lu Yihan chuckled, feeling oddly intimate with her, "Would you treat your buddy to lunch at some point?"

"Me? I remember at high school you still owed me a barbecue."

"Oh my god. How long ago was that?" Lu Yihan was dumbstruck.

"You want to be a deadbeat?" Su Qianci curled her lips and lay on the couch, relaxed. This was probably the happiest moment she had ever experienced in two lifetimes combined.

So this was what felt like to have a friend.

Su Qianci had no idea that the man upstairs had seen all her behaviors. Leaning against the rails on the second floor, Li Sicheng caught a glimpse of the smile on Su Qianci's face that he had never seen before. She had never been so happy in front of him. It seemed that she was in a great mood, actually.

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