The 99th Divorce

Chapter 4: She Was Reborn

Chapter 4: She Was Reborn

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At twenty years old, she still looked a bit too young. However, she was a grown woman. Her eyes were wide, and her brows were fine. Everything about her oval face was attractive.

There were lots of skin products on her vanity, all famous brands.

Before she married Li Sicheng, her then "best friend" Tang Mengying suggested that she purchase these, telling her that it was a way to dignify herself.

She had believed her words in her last lifetime. Under the guidance of Tang Mengying, she had bought almost all the products that were expensive, yet they were not suitable for her, and they had all ended up in the trash can.

Li Sicheng had seen it all. It was exactly those details that had made him hate his wife more and more.

Every time Su Qianci thought of those incidents, she regretted it greatly. She often thought of what she would do if she could go back, but she did not expect this day to actually come!

Su Qianci chuckled, and then laughed. Then, she laughed louder and louder. Tears started to cover her face.

She died, and yet she didn't. She was reborn.

In her last lifetime, she had loved Li Sicheng for five years and waited at his side. In order to become a qualified fine lady, she learned etiquette, musical instruments, foreign languages, finance, and business management on her own. She learned everything that he liked and needed. However, as hard as she had tried, she received no approval. There was only endless comparison and despise.

In her last lifetime, she had lived for Li Sicheng. Now she had another chance, and she would live for herself.

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked on the door, interrupting Su Qianci's thoughts.

"Who is it?"

There was no answer, but Su Qianci had already known who it was.

She was in no rush to open the door. Checking her closet, she found a wardrobe of luxurious products. They were all picked by Tang Mengying. Each item was expensive, but none of them were suitable for her age and looks.

Su Qianci frowned and took a long time choosing. In the end, she still wore what she used to wear. It was only an ordinary brand. Although it did not match her identity, it suited her age and looks.

Reaching for her lingerie above, Su Qianci had just put her panties on when the door of the bathroom suddenly opened, heat spreading out from it.

Su Qianci was startled. She unconsciously covered her chest, turning her back to him.

Li Sicheng was wearing a fitted black silk robe, his muscular body shown clearly. Over 6 feet tall, he had a nice figure. His curly black hair was still dripping, his eyes fixed on her naked back.

The tender skin looked like the best silk with some blue marks, showing him what a crazy night they had spent.

It suddenly became awkward as silence fell.

Li Sicheng did not move, and Su Qianci was too embarrassed to turn around.


The door was knocked on again, and Su Qianci's words were swallowed.

Li Sicheng turned his eyes away and said, "Put it on."

Brief—no room for argument.

Li Sicheng opened the door slightly. Seeing who was outside, he frowned and asked, "Do you need something?"

Standing at the door, Tang Mengying could only see half of Li Sicheng's face. She tried to look inside and said, "I'm here to find Su Qianci. Is she not up yet?"

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