The 99th Divorce

Chapter 29: Rape Him

Chapter 29: Rape Him

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"No." Su Qianci did not give them any hope. "He did not touch me."

Hearing that, Mrs. Su became a bit worried. "He did not touch you, but isn't there anything you can do?"

"What can I do? Rape him?"

Mrs. Su said helplessly, "Anyway, you cannot lose the face of our family. Why did you think Captain Li let you marry his grandchild? It was only because your mother saved his life when she was young. Otherwise, it would not have been you. In the end, we were the ones who got you back from the slam-dunk. Now you have become rich, but do not forget to be grateful to us. At the very least, you must find a relative of the Li family for your cousin. I heard that Mr. Li still has a brother that is single. Get his schedule for me. Even without a schedule, some other information will do. Invite your cousin over to the Li family from time to time so that they can meet each other. I'm talking to you. Did you hear me?"

After all the things Mrs. Su said, Su Qianci nodded calmly.

Su Shanna was pissed at the look of Su Qianci. She grunted and said, "My dad should have told Captain Li that I was the daughter of my aunt. If it were me, I would never bring shame to the family."

"It seems that you really want to marry him. How about I get a divorce with him and you marry him?" Su Qianci stated. "And then you can go get a fake DNA report, tell them you are the daughter of Su Han, and I am an orphan. Isn't that even better?"

Su Shanna's eyes brightened at the joke. Even Mrs. Su seemed to be enlightened. Seeing that, Su Qianci couldn't help sneering inwardly. That was how they had treated her in her previous lifetime.

Faking the DNA results and sending it to the Li family to tell everyone she was an orphan and Su Shanna was actually Su Han's daughter. The Su couple had only adopted their sister's daughter because they couldn't have a baby themselves. The only goal was to make Su Shanna Li Sicheng's wife.

At the time, it caused a huge turmoil. Everyone they knew heard that Li Sicheng's wife was from a questionable background. However, the Li family did not want to be ashamed, created a fake identity for Su Qianci, and Captain Li did not want the couple to divorce.

The Su family's agenda was rendered in vain and they soon went through bankruptcy because of the revenge of the Li family. Su Qianci brought that up somewhat sarcastically. However, the family was clearly considering what she was saying.

"You're willing to divorce him?" Su Shanna felt incredulous. "How is that possible? Haven't you always been bragging about your marriage?"

"When did I ever brag?" Su Qianci rebutted.

Su Shanna was speechless. Indeed, Su Qianci did not brag, but her silence was enough to make everyone jealous.

"I will not spend a long time together with him. A divorce will happen sooner or later," Su Qianci said that matter-of-factly, as if it was a trivial matter.

Hearing Su Qianci's words, Su Zhengguo frowned, seeming to be contemplating whether she meant it.

Sitting across Su Qianci, Mrs. Su suddenly changed her look and said, "What are you talking about? You are married and it is bad luck to talk about divorce."

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