The 99th Divorce

Chapter 26: He Wants to Kiss Her?

Chapter 26: He Wants to Kiss Her?

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However, he had said nothing the entire time. It was as if he did not know her. He had been cold to the bones and completely indifferent. No one had known that she was his wife. And nobody had believed that she was slandered. The bad reputation had followed her for her entire lifetime after the reunion.

Because of that, she hated Tang Mengying to the bones. However, she had never hated Li Sicheng then. Now thinking back, this man was incredibly ruthless. Reminded of that, her lingering feelings for him disappeared completely.

This man was not someone she could handle. Instead of falling for him, she should set herself free as soon as possible. However, she did not expect that the host of the reunion, Fu Lengbing, would invite her to go.

Seeing her indifferent look, Fu Lengbing did not know what she was thinking and asked carefully, "Su Qianci?"

Su Qianci looked up, smiled and said, "Okay, I'll be there."

Fu Lengbing was overjoyed, "Great, I'll contact you then." Then he looked at the tall figure next to Su Qianci.

Su Qianci was nothing, but the man next to her was someone Fu Lengbing would like to get introduced to.

"If Mr. Li has time, please join us as well." Fu Lengbing felt nervous saying that.

Since Mr. Li was so mysterious, Fu Lengbing was afraid that he would refuse.

Li Sicheng simply nodded. Fu Lengbing was relieved, feeling great. As long as he did not turn it down, there was hope. Fu Lengbing definitely wanted to be connected to Li Sicheng.

Back in the car, Li Sicheng took out a cigarette and started to smoke slowly.

The puff of white smoke surrounded Li Sicheng's face, making his flawless face even more mysterious. His movements were so elegant, as if he were in a painting. Su Qianci knew very well that he was thinking about something.

Li Sicheng did not usually smoke. However, whenever he had something he could not figure out, he would light a cigarette and think. However, what was on his mind? Su Qianci felt that maybe it had something to do with her.

However, she suddenly felt like she was giving herself too much credit. She curled her lips out of self-mockery and saw Li Sicheng looking at her. His eyes were so deep.

Su Qianci felt something was off and asked insecurely, "What is it?"

Li Sicheng did not speak but held down the cigarette between his fingers and moved closer to Su Qianci. Su Qianci was even more nervous, cringing.

His eyes fixed on her face, Li Sicheng did not speak. However, he gradually looked down at her lips.

Feeling a bomb was dropped in her brain, Su Qianci suddenly blushed. She could not help thinking of the theory: when a man looked at the lips of a woman, he only wanted one thing, which was to kiss her!

Feeling blank, Su Qianci moved back, blushed, and closed her eyes.

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