The 99th Divorce

Chapter 2269 - The Romance of Youth (1)

Chapter 2269: The Romance of Youth (1)

After taking the bag back, Mosen pulled Li Jianyue and said coldly, “You don’t need to care about that. ”

Then, he pulled Li Jianyue and turned around.

Li Jianyue was a little reluctant. After all, she had already made an appointment with Quan Jingyi.

But seeing that Li Mosen was obviously very unhappy, she could only swallow her grievances.

For the next two weeks, Li Mosen was very strict with her.

Time passed quickly, and soon it was time for the mid-term exam.

The class teacher put the great emphasis on the exam. It was said that she had formed a bet with a teacher, so she kept a tight grip on the average score of class 11.

Even Quan Jingyi, after communicating with the class teacher twice, began to listen to the class more carefully.

After the exam, the class monitor suggested the whole class to hang out together. All students of the class were enthusiastic. Li Jianyue rarely participated in group activities. After reporting to her parents and brother, she joined the after-exam party.

The group of people were very young, and at this time, everyone wanted to eat, drink, and relax, so the class monitor decided to set the location at the KTV.

The school uniform of No. 1 High School was very attractive, filled with youthful spirit everywhere.

After getting on the bus that the class monitor had ordered, Li Jianyue found out that Quan Jingyi was going with them.

Quan Jingyi got on the bus casually. After seeing Li Jianyue, his slightly listless eyes quickly locked onto her. Then he walked up and gently tapped the shoulder of the girl next to Li Jianyue. “Can you change seats? ”

The girl was Li Jianyue’s new deskmate. Seeing Quan Jingyi, she looked at them ambiguously and said, “Sure, but I will not leave the seat to you so easily. How about bribing me with something? ”

Hearing this, Li Jianyue felt that she had gone too far.

How could a person like Quan Jingyi use something to bribe someone?

Unexpectedly, Quan Jingyi didn’t refuse immediately. Instead, he lowered his head and rummaged through the bag in his hand. Then, he took out a lollipop and handed it to her. “Is it works? ”

“Dear. ” The girl was just teasing him. Now that she received the Lollipop, she was even more certain of her guess and immediately stood up, she said, “Come on. Please sit here. Wow, our classmate, Quan Jingyi, actually bribed me to sit with Li Jianyue! ”

The last sentence was shouted out. The surrounding students were already having fun, hearing this, the busybodies whistled, “Wow! ”

“They are a good match! ”

“Are they in a relationship? ”

“Wow, Li Jianyue’s face becomes red! ”


Following the shouts around, Quan Jingyi’s originally lazy attitude gradually disappeared.

He turned to look at Li Jianyue and found that her face was very red.

Li Jianyue met his gaze and said angrily, “Don’t talk nonsense, or I’ll really get angry! ”

But even when Li Jianyue was angry, she still look intimidating, but looked more like a spoiled child.

The boys didn’t take it seriously and there was another heckling.

Li Jianyue’s face was so embarrassed and shouted, “I don’t want to talk to you! ”

“You ignore us, but deal with Quan Jingyi? ! ”

“Of course, Quan Jingyi is so handsome, but you’re not! ”

“It’s so hurt.! ”

Li Jianyue has turned his head to look out of the window, Jingyi’s heart rippling.

Li Jianyue’s heart was rippling.

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