The 99th Divorce

Chapter 2253 - What Li Jianyue Really Thought

Chapter 2253: What Li Jianyue Really Thought

Li Mosen did, indeed, burst into tears.

At the time, Old Mr. Li, Li Xun, had just passed away. Li Mosen quickly wiped away his tears. “I want to be a god so that I can protect everyone. I want to protect and not let death away take the people I care about.”

Li Sicheng looked at him quietly for a while, saying nothing. He took Li Mosen into his arms and patted him silently.

Tears flowed out of Li Mosen’s eyes non-stop. It made him feel even more miserable.

They’re finally going to get rid of him, right?

He is the son of their biggest enemy on earth. They would never treat him as well as their own children.

Apart from Su Qianci, only Grandpa Li Xun loved him the most.

Grandpa Li Xun had passed away, and Su Qianci was always indecisive. Because Tang Mengying had caused Li Sicheng so much trouble, he would certainly not keep such a person’s son by his side.

Li Sicheng must be planning to shoo him away!

Everyone knew they had adopted him. So, they had no choice but to take responsibility for his life. No wonder Li Sicheng kept asking him what he wanted to do about his future. He must have wanted to find out what his ambitions were to get rid of him naturally.

The more Li Mosen thought about it, the more depressed he became. He wept his heart out in the silence of the night.

Fortunately for Li Mosen, Li Sicheng never asked that question again.

Li Mosen couldn’t be sure whether Li Sicheng knew what was on his mind. Li Mosen began to keep his distance from Li Sicheng subconsciously.

Although he still called him dad outwardly, his heart had drifted apart.

Perhaps Li Sicheng had perceived the change in him. He stopped interfering in his life and asking him about his aspirations.

Li Mosen finally felt relieved. Since then, his whole world revolved around Su Qianci and Li Jianyue.

Su Qianci was gentle and kind. And Li Jianyue was lovely and pure. Li Mosen had already made up his mind to guard them forever.

But he never expected Li Jianyue to say something like that.

Had he misunderstood Li Sicheng?

Li Mosen knew that Li Jianyue would never lie to him. “Did Dad ask you to say those words?”

“Why would Dad ask me to say those words? “Li Jianyue asked, feeling confused. “Grandma and Grandpa told me that. I was very reluctant to let eldest brother go to school. So Grandpa took me into his arms and explained it to me. I realized that Dad and Mom had sent eldest brother to the school in the capital for his benefit. Keeping Grandpa and Grandma company was also one of their intentions. But the main thing was that they had hoped eldest brother could make a career for himself.”

Li Mosen pinched his thin lips and said softly, “Dad asked me to his study just now.”

“I know. And then?” Li Jianyue sensed that Li Mosen’s depressive emotion was gradually easing. It made her feel over the moon. “Is he going to arrange for you to go abroad?”

“Yeah, he wants me to go to Stern School of Business at New York University.”

“Wow!” Li Jianyue cheered. “That’s Dad’s old school! He is particularly fond of it. Eldest brother had wanted to study there. But Dad told him that he wasn’t qualified for it. He didn’t allow him to go there!”

Li Mosen looked at Li Jianyue with skepticism. “Really?”

“Sure!” An obvious adoration crossed Li Jianyue’s face. “Trust me! Dad did say that. Dad told eldest brother that he wasn’t qualified for it. Even as smart as eldest brother was, Dad didn’t allow him to go there. Dad said eldest brother was too aloof and naive to be interested in business issues.”

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