The 99th Divorce

Chapter 2233 - Are They in a Relationship?

Chapter 2233: Are They in a Relationship?

“What? An earthquake?” Li Jianyue shuddered at the thought.

People instinctively feel threatened by natural disasters that could be neither predicted nor avoided.

“Yeah,” Quan Jingyi gazed into the distance and narrowed his eyes slightly. “My memories of her are only from the photographs. My grandmother showed them to me when I was young. She was very beautiful and very gentle.”

Quan Jingyi never saw her again after the fateful day.

What remained of his mother’s memories were his father blaming him and his stepmother’s slander. Adding to that were the regret and heartache of his grandmother.

Quan Jingyi couldn’t tell who was telling the truth and who was spreading lies.

More than once, he had felt deep down that his mother was a kind, gentle, and beautiful woman.

Slowly, Quan Jingyi got lost in his thoughts. At that moment, he was all alone in his world.

While in a state of distraction, Quan Jingyi’s body suddenly felt warm.

As he snapped out of it, Quan Jingyi looked down and saw a black-haired head. His heart began to pound violently in his chest.

The unexplainable throbbing made it hard for him to remain calm.

Instinctively, Quan Jingyi wanted to reach out and wrap Li Jianyue in his arms.

But that impulse soon gave way to his sense of reason.

Li Jianyue didn’t give much thought to her actions. She simply felt a little sad all of a sudden.

She felt that Quan Jingyi, deprived of his mother’s love, was very fragile.

She gave him a gentle hug and whispered, “Your mother must have been a very good person. Don’t be sad. She’ll be watching quietly in heaven, all the way till you grow up.”

Quan Jingyi suppressed the palpitations and ripples in his heart. “You believe that?” he asked, smiling.

Li Jianyue grasped the tone of amusement in Quan Jingyi’s voice. She knew he was mocking her. Raising her head, she released him and harrumphed, “Why shouldn’t I believe it? If everyone says it’s true, then it must be true. When I was a young kid, my Great-grandfather doted on me the most. When he passed away, I felt very sad. My mom said that my Great-grandfather did not leave us. He merely went to a different place to watch over us.”

Li Jianyue was dead serious. Sincerity showed through her pink and glowing face.

Quan Jingyi smiled faintly, “Yeah.”

The school bell rang, and Li Jianyue immediately burst out laughing. “Come on, let’s go! Class is about to start!”

“We won’t make it on time,” Quan Jingyi warned. “It’ll take us at least five minutes to reach the classroom from here.”

“Oh, no! What do we do, then?” Li Jianyue’s face dropped as anxiety took hold of her. “This class is taught by our homeroom teacher! We’re going to get scolded if we’re late!”

“What else can we do?” Quan Jingyi grabbed her hand. “Run!”

Before Li Jianyue could react, Quan Jingyi pulled her along. Taken by surprise, she yelled, “Hey!”

They ran as fast as they could to the classroom. Li Jianyue’s hair bellowed in the wind as if the waves of a black sea were rolling in under the sunlight. It made for an eye-catching sight.

“Hey!” Lu Yuanyang was standing at the entrance of the best Year Three class. He was in his sportswear and twirling a basketball in his hand. Looking down from the third floor, he could see two people running below him. As they looked familiar, he took a second glance and asked, “Hey, Mosen, isn’t that your family’s little princess?”

Li Mosen was busy doing some stretch exercises. He walked over and looked down. At a glance, he saw a figure so familiar that it was almost etched in his bones.

Li Mosen’s brows furrowed. Instinctively, he looked at the boy’s appearance.

He could tell from the boy’s side profile that he was handsome and very tall.

It was Quan Jingyi, the student who used to share a desk with Ersu.

Lu Yuanyang blew a wolf whistle and remarked, “Are they dating? They look compatible, only…”

“Shut up!”

A low growl startled Lu Yuanyang into silence.

He turned sideways and looked at Li Mosen. He noticed that for some reason, Li Mosen’s expression had darkened.

Without saying a word, Li Mosen turned and walked down the stairs.

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