The 99th Divorce

Chapter 22: President Li, Do You Know Her

Chapter 22: President Li, Do You Know Her

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The tall figure came over against the light. He glanced at Liu Anan and then Su Qianci. Seeing her the outfit, his eyes lit up for a moment.

"President Li."

"President Li."

The shop assistants who were initially enjoying the drama immediately stood up when seeing the tall figure, their eyes lighting up with admiration, lust, and jealousy. It was a man that was almost like a god. As the youngest most eligible bachelor, Li Sicheng had always been very low-key.

Unexpectedly, this busy man came to this shopping mall under his name, to everyone's surprise.

The mean look on Liu Anan's face suddenly became affection. "President Li."

"President Li." Fu Lengbing looked at Li Sicheng who was wearing casual clothes with admiration. Obviously, Fu Lengbing was very excited to meet Li Sicheng.

Li Sicheng nodded, looked at his wristwatch and said calmly, "It has been more than twenty minutes already."

He was talking to Su Qianci. Seeing that, everyone was shocked. It was hard to believe that the president would talk to this woman this way.

Liu Anan was dazed. Feeling frustrated, she walked up to Li Sicheng and said, "President Li, you know this woman?"

Li Sicheng glanced at her coldly.

"She has the worst character in the world. I suggest you stay away from her. She traded her body for a diploma in high school, and she is even worse now. Someone must have been providing for her. President Li, you grew up with my cousin, so I do not want you to be fooled by her."

Seeing Liu Anan was giving Li Sicheng a warning, Su Qianci suddenly felt amused. If Liu Anan knew that the mistress she was talking about was the wife of Li Sicheng, how would she react? It must be very amusing.

Thinking of that, Su Qianci couldn't help grinning, which made Liu Anan more upset. "Su Qianci, how dare you smile!"

"You're the one who is humiliated. That's why." Su Qianci laughed, her pretty face without makeup extremely attractive.

Li Sicheng suddenly felt his throat tightened. For some reason, he thought of the stare she gave him when she was naked this morning and felt his mouth was dry.

"You must have lost your mind. You're the one who is exposed in public, not me!"

"Oh, is that right?" Su Qianci seemed to be in a good mood. "Well, you can continue to believe that."

Liu Anan was furious. The fact that Su Qianci did not care was even more upsetting.

"You…" Liu Anan wanted to say something else but was interrupted.

"Tang Mengying is your cousin?" Li Sicheng's voice was incredibly charming. All the women present felt their heart racing.

Hearing he was addressing her, Liu Anan felt exhilarated, which showed on her face. He talked to her. He talked to her!

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