The 99th Divorce

Chapter 2: Sleeping with A Woman as Ugly as I Am

Chapter 2: Sleeping with A Woman as Ugly as I Am

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Su Qianci felt like she had become a boat, rising up and down on the violent waves. Very soon, she hit a giant iceberg, or rather, a volcano.

Hot, incredibly hot!

However, as hot as it was, she couldn't help but move closer to the volcano. She was thrown up in the air and then penetrated in her sex fiercely. Something was broken. She whimpered, "It hurts…"

A volcano could not be stopped during its eruption. She felt her entire body was torn apart and split in half. Su Qianci almost sobbed under the mighty strength of the volcano, "Hurts…"

The volcano showed her no sympathy. With a hard thrust, Su Qianci felt a kiss falling on her lips. With a steady rhythm, she soon felt the pain disappearing. A great pleasure was sent down her spine and she started to moan…

It became calm again after what had happened.

The consciousness of Su Qianci returned to her little by little, and she clearly felt the pain in her body.

She was sore and hurting all over.

Her eyelashes fluttered, and she suddenly opened her eyes.

Dedicate ancient wood carving artifacts were hanging on the ceiling in a stylish way.

This was… The old house of the Lis.

Su Qianci suddenly sat up, but she felt so sore that she couldn't help but yelp.

To her surprise,Su Qianci felt she was naked. Blue marks were laid all over her chest and collarbone, looking rather scary.

She found there was someone else lying next to her!

Su Qianci let out a cry and tried to hide herself underneath the blanket to the side.

The man in front of her eyes was extremely handsome. His thick eyebrows knitted slightly as he quickly opened his eyes.

As he opened his eyes, Su Qianci felt mesmerized.

She would never tire of this face, no matter how many times she had seen it.

His eyes were deep and dark like the starry night, with innate arrogance and elegance. With some drowsiness, they suddenly became sharp the moment he saw Su Qianci.

At this moment, Li Sicheng looked like he was just… twenty-five or twenty-six years old!

Su Qianci was slightly dazed. Her arms were suddenly grabbed as Li Sicheng's face approached her. He growled, "Su Qianci, you dared to drug me?"

This scene seemed to be familiar.

In her last lifetime, when she was set up by Tang Mengying to spend her wedding night with Li Sicheng, he said exactly the same thing when they got up.

Su Qianci looked at him blankly and quickly said, "I will leave. No worries."

After their divorce, he gave her a large sum of alimony, including some real estates. If Tang Mengying did not kill grandpa in Su Qianci's house, Su Qianci would not even be here.

Although she was saved from the water, Su Qianci did not believe that her husband would like to see her. It was definitely another evil trick of Tang Mengying!

She had no idea what kind of impact her words had on Li Sicheng.


This woman who tried everything to sleep with him was trying to leave after she drugged him and slept with him?

Throwing a deep glance at the woman, Li Sicheng found she was not kidding at all.

She was not rampant and rebellious as she used to be. Her expression was calm and cold, like someone who had been through desperation. What was left was only sadness.

Staring at her for a while, Li Sicheng snorted, approached her, and grabbed her hand. "What tricks are you trying to pull? First you drugged me, and now… Are you playing hard to get?" His voice was delightful, mellow like the sound of cello. However, every word from his mouth was malicious.

The woman in front of him had very fair skin, so smooth that it was as if she had no pores. Her eyes were wide and dark, her pupils looking like black grapes. With some confusion and surprise, she was staring at him like a lost deer, not knowing what to do.

"I didn't. Let go of me." Su Qianci tried to pull her hand away, only to find he was too strong.

When she was struggling, the blanket slid off her body. Li Sicheng's eyes traced down her body. All of a sudden, he felt as if a million ants were crawling on his body, which made him feel quite uneasy.


Li Sicheng tried to move his eyes away, but a bulge appeared under the blanket. Su Qianci blushed, grabbing the blanket to cover herself up.

Although she had been married to him for five years, she had only slept with him once.

And that time, it was only because Tang Mengying drugged him.

Ever since then, Li Sicheng saw her as a virus. He would not even sleep in the same room with her, let alone touch her.

Facing him naked, Su Qianci blushed so hard that her face was burning.

"Let me go, Li Sicheng! You would even sleep with such an ugly woman as myself? Hasn't Tang Mengying satisfied you?" Su Qianci became angry.

Tang Mengying?

"So you said you are ugly." Li Sicheng smiled coldly. He looked at her nervous eyes and then her straight nose. Her lips were slightly apart, wet and supple. They reminded him of a word, kissable.

Feeling his throat tightened, Li Sicheng gazed at her lips and his eyes became darker.

Su Qianci, on the other hand, felt humiliated. If it were not for Tang Mengying, why would her face be ruined?

"Let go!" Su Qianci wiggled, and Li Sicheng couldn't help drawing in his breath.

"Stop moving!" He cried.

"Ha…" Su Qianci snorted, "You need sex? Go find Tang Mengying. Sleeping with a woman as ugly as I am, you are just tasteless."

As she said that, Su Qianci suddenly melted into tears.

For so many years, everyone was comparing her against Tang Mengying. She could never win. Tang Mengying was the princess in the palace, while she was dust on the floor.

That was not a good feeling.

Li Sicheng's eyes became darker. He held her hands down and pushed himself against her. "If I go to Tang Mengying, what do I need you, my lawful wife for?"

Su Qianci became dazed and opened her eyes wide.

Lawful wife?

Li Sicheng looked at her expression and snorted in a cruel way. "The old man asked me to get married with you just to make us sleep together. You went through all the effort to drug me and now you are acting like this? Huh?"

"I did not!" Su Qianci became mad.

Li Sicheng ignored her, squeezing her chin with two fingers, and asked, "Do you know what lawful wife means?"

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