The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1978 - Give Me a Break, I’m Tired

Chapter 1978: Give Me a Break, I’m Tired

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She let her guard down too easily these days.

When Shen Luo’an had just moved into her house, she was still alert and kept her guard up.

But she gradually grew accustomed to his existence. She subsequently relaxed her defenses completely.

He hit the nail on the head – if he had wanted to make a run with the baby, she wouldn’t even have noticed.

Shen Luo’an noticed her expression and sneered, “Not everyone is as deprived of a conscience as you, Shen Manting. When you were living with us, nobody in the Shen family ever mistreated you. You know very well how kind Grandmother was to you.”

“So what?” Shen Manting thought he sounded ridiculous. “They’re only being nice to me out of guilt. I saw all of you as family in the beginning, but what happened after that?”

One day, a drunken Shen Luo’an pressed her against the washbasin in the bathroom.

He ruthlessly forced himself on her.

That was the first time. The second and third followed.

He had a wife at the time.

She couldn’t believe he would molest his sister behind his family and his wife under the same roof.

From that day on, she knew that he was a pervert.

Never had she met anyone this perverted!

At first, she felt extremely sorry for Ye Youyou.

All she longed for was to be married off as soon as possible.

He would only let her go if she married Ou Ming.

But Shen Luo’an imprisoned her in that dark room time and again, committing unspeakable and despicable acts!

No woman could stand being treated like she had been.

Shen Manting was still haunted by memories from those dark times.

“After that,” Shen Luo’an probed as he squinted his eyes, “wasn’t I good enough to you?”

“Hah!” Shen Manting sneered without saying a word.

“I gave you everything you wished for. You didn’t have to worry about food or clothes. Although I was rude to you sometimes, I don’t think I’ve failed you in any way.”

Shen Luo’an stared at her. Their child was lying next to Shen Manting.

“Manting, now that our baby son has been born, please don’t stay angry with me. Why don’t we get married, raise Little Moon together, and build a happy family?”

Shen Manting shot him a cold look.

A happy family?


Apart from being rude to her sometimes, he felt there’s nothing he should be sorry for?

What an utter joke!

Shen Manting looked away and let out a mocking laugh.

Shen Luo’an felt his anger rise once again.

“What is your expression supposed to mean?”

Shen Manting sneered in his face. “Don’t you think what you just said was utterly ridiculous?”

“Ridiculous?” Shen Luo’an glared at her. “I’m being sincere to you. I meant every single word I said. I truly want to marry you. I really want to give my child a proper home. And I want you to be acknowledged as my rightful wife. What’s so ridiculous to you?”

“I’ll never marry you, Shen Luo’an.” Shen Manting looked at him with a drained and sad look in her eyes. “Let me go. I’m really tired.”

Shen Manting pleaded with a sorrowful and pitiful expression on her face.

Her eyes were starting to redden. Her face turned pale.

She looked at him with an unusually tranquil gaze.

She appeared calm and serious.

Shen Luo’an felt his chest tighten upon hearing her confession.

He felt the ebb and flow of his anger trying to escape unsuccessfully from within and became subdued.

After examining her for a long time, Shen Luo’an suddenly stood up.

Shen Manting was shocked. Just as she was contemplating what Shen Luo’an would do next, he turned around abruptly.

He walked out of the ward hastily.

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