The 99th Divorce

Chapter 17: It Was Li Sicheng That She Had Married

Chapter 17: It Was Li Sicheng That She Had Married

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The words of Captain Li reminded all the ladies of the qipao incident, and they suddenly looked at Tang Mengying in a weird way.

Tang Mengying clenched her fists and smiled. However, the smile was rather reluctant.

As if he were just making an irrelevant comment, Captain Li pretended to be displeased and said, "Just this once, I will take it. Do not put your uncle in this position again."

Su Qianci nodded and saw a tall figure coming from the bedroom. Su Qianci's smile caught Li Sicheng's eyes when he walked out. The face that was still a bit too young smiled like the blooming of the flower. She seemed to have an aura surrounding her.

Pretty. That was what Li Sicheng was thinking at that moment. He looked down, and then looked up.

"Let's go." As he said that, Li Sicheng had already walked toward the gate.

So cold. So cold that it was as if he was not talking to his newly wedded wife.

Tang Mengying felt slightly relieved and content, looking at Su Qianci provocatively. Tang Mengying believed that her plan last night went very smoothly. If she put more effort into it, Su Qianci would never have any credibility in front of Li Sicheng again.

At the time, no matter how much ass kissing this stupid girl did, it would be in vain. After all, it was Li Sicheng who she married, not Li Xun. Tang Mengying would become the wife of Li Sicheng sooner or later.

Seeing Li Sicheng acting this way, Captain Li sighed inwardly. It seemed that the young couple needed a bit more time to get familiar with each other.

Su Qianci was used to that. Looking at Mrs. Li apologetically, she said, "Mother, sorry, your gift…"

"Go." Mrs. Li was smiling in her eyes, as she had changed her opinion about Su Qianci. It seemed that this daughter-in-law was not as bad as she had thought.

Li Sicheng did not use a chauffeur but drove himself in front of the gate, where Su Qianci was waiting for him. He glanced at her and did not say a word. Knowing that he did not like her, Su Qianci remained quiet as well.

In her last lifetime, in the old house, she had been unable to control her anger under the provocation of Tang Mengying, so she had completely lost it in public and brought shame to the Li household. Captain Li had not even entered the salon. And Su Qianci had had no idea that grandpa knew what had happened.

Thinking about it, it was probably because of what she had done that Captain Li did not ask Li Sicheng to accompany her to her maiden family.

In the end, when the Su family called specifically to ask Su Qianci, she then remembered that she should have gone to the Su family on that day. Because of that, her status in her maiden family also became lower. She was pressured a lot by her uncle and aunt because of that and had a very hard time.

After Li Sicheng drove for a dozen minutes, Su Qianci suddenly found that Li Sicheng did not go straight to the Su family but stopped at a shopping area.

"Let's go," Li Sicheng said with no expression.

Su Qianci pursed her lips, feeling disappointed. However, it was expected. Even with what grandpa had said, Li Sicheng was not obligated to follow through. As long as he could fool grandpa, that was probably enough. Thinking of that, Su Qianci felt a bit at loss. Unbuckling herself, she reached for the door.

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