The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1329 - Bringing An Additional Family Member

Chapter 1329: Bringing An Additional Family Member

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Since they had spent the previous evening out with Ou Ming and Yu Lili, the children were left with their grandparents at the old manor. However, the activities planned for today were child-friendly. Su Qianci got up at 6 a.m. and hurried to the old manor to wake the children up.

The children were extremely excited when they heard they were going out for a picnic. It had, after all, been some time since they had gone out to play. Each of them began to don their favorite clothing and got prepared enthusiastically.

Such a commotion awoke Li Jinnan, who was enjoying this rare opportunity to be home. He got up and saw that the children were all dressed and packed up. With a laugh, he asked them, “Where are you off to?”

“Uncle!” Li Jianyue saw Li Jinnan and ran over to him with her arms wide open. “Carry me!”

Li Jinnan picked his niece up and asked, “Where are Daddy and Mommy taking you to play?”

“We’re going for a picnic with Auntie Lili, Uncle Ou Ming, and Uncle Luo Zhan… and… and many other uncles and aunties! Am I right, Mommy?” Li Jianyue looked to Su Qianci for affirmation. “Will Uncle Lu be going? I haven’t seen Uncle Lu in a long time. I miss him.”

Kids said the darndest things, indeed.

When that innocent little voice called for “Uncle Lu,” Li Sicheng, who was seated at the couch, turned his head over to look.

Su Qianci instinctively turned to glance at Li Sicheng when she heard what Li Jianyue said. She knew very well that Li Sicheng did not like hearing Lu Yihan’s name. That was why she rarely mentioned that person when at home.

Li Jianyue had no idea of the awkwardness she had caused among the grownups and continued, “Uncle Lu used to come often to play with us. Why doesn’t he come by anymore, Mommy? Can we visit Uncle Lu and play with him?”

When Su Qianci heard that, she gave a quick and instinctive glance at Li Sicheng before replying to her daughter. “Uncle Lu has been very busy lately. He has to take care of his business and earn lots of money so that he can find a wife. Mommy will call Uncle Lu over to visit you when he has the time.”

A child’s world was very simple. When Li Jianyue heard what her mother said, she nodded her head in agreement. “OK.”

Neither Li Jianqian or Li Mosen said a word. The two brothers looked at each other. It was almost as if they could see everything through each other’s eyes.

“Brother-in-law, would you like to go along as well? Quite a number of our other friends will be there. Why don’t you go and have some fun as well?” Su Qianci suggested. “It must have been a long time since you’ve had a good break.”

It had indeed been a long time since Li Jinnan had a good break, but he wasn’t one who loved mixing around either. Even though the crowd was made up of people he knew, he still found it meaningless to mingle for no reason.

Li Sicheng took one look at Li Jinnan’s expression and could immediately tell what he was thinking. He stood up. In a tone that tolerated no objection, he said, “Let’s go together. It’s along the way, and you can help me keep an eye on the kids.”

Li Jinnan knew his older brother well. The two little boys practically worshipped the ground he walked on. His presence at the picnic meant that only the little princess would be left to pester her parents. Without the two boys, the husband and wife would be free to do whatever they wished.

He could see through it all and replied, “Alright then. I’ll go along. Let me get changed.”

Li Jianyue cheered, “Here we go! Long live Uncle!”

The group had an additional person.

The driver, Yang, drove Su Qianci’s recreational vehicle and quickly brought everyone to the destination.

But, it wasn’t just their group that had an additional person. Ye Qianqian also brought an additional family member.

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