Terror Infinity

Chapter 8-2

-Note- I did not reference the movie for the dialogues.

“And so they want us to send three representatives to attend the meeting concerning the One Ring.”

It had been two days since the players arrived at Rivendell. The elves treated them as honored guests. They learned from the elves that normally only ministers from other nations and famed warriors and wizards like Gandalf received such treatment. This was a rare occurrence in the elves’s history for a big group of thirty people to be treated like this.

“That’s all due to our strength.” Neos said scornfully.

“Yeah, because we are powerful, we are needed for the multiple race meeting.” Zheng responded.

Both the honored treatment and invitation to the meeting were the result of their strength. This made the players sighed. Favoring those with power was the same in the real world and in the movie worlds.

The veterans discussed about their representatives. It was still best for the three team leaders to attend the meeting. Though there were disagreements when it came to team China’s selection. Zheng wanted Xuan to go in place of him since they could communicate using Soul Link. Xuan’s intelligence would be useful in these situations where words decided the outcome.

Xuan’s response was, “I have some things to talk with Haotian. The main flow of the plot has been decided. You just have to be in the meeting. Contact me via Soul Link if you have questions during the meeting.” He then went out to look for Haotian.

“I am not being nosey but your actions are making me suspicious. Who is Haotian? How can a newbie get so much attention from you? You are giving me the sense that you either want to play brokeback with him or you are scheming something behind us again. I am not hoping you to stop making schemes but at least tell me in advance.” Zheng was scared for a moment and grabbed a hold of Xuan. He didn’t dare to let Xuan get away. What would happen if he were planning to blow up Rivendell? Of course, that was an analogy but Xuan was very possibly scheming on something big.

Xuan turned his head around and spoke solemnly. “No schemes and no brokeback.”

Zheng also responded in a serious tone. “I was just kidding about the brokeback. You swear there are no schemes? Why do you want to talk to Haotian?”

“Because there’s something interesting.”

“And you said no schemes?” Zheng was enraged. He remembered how he struggled for life because of Xuan’s schemes.

“Not a scheme.” Xuan said calmly. He had the potential to make people rage.

“Then what are you looking for Haotian for?”

“Because there’s something interesting.”

In the end, there was nothing Zheng could do. He truly believed anyone that got real with Xuan must be mentally ill. Zheng was so mad he wanted to bite Xuan to death. Xuan walked away with a calm expression. Zheng was afraid a murder might take place if he didn’t let Xuan go, a murder because of a scheme.

Zheng stuffed the rage into himself and went to the meeting. The other two people walking with him were worried and almost frightened. They didn’t know the cause of that killing intent and thought maybe team China was planning on something big. For a while, they stayed cautious. Neos consumed chocolate nonstop like he was addicted, trying to ponder team China’s scheme.

The meeting concerning the One Ring began like this. The players saw several of the main characters in the meeting, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir. These were all main characters in the war that was about to come.

“Strangers and friends from afar, we are discussing how to deal with the forces of Mordor.” Elrond was the host of this meeting. He looked over everyone solemnly then continued. “The fate of destruction is looming in on Middle Earth. No one can be spared. That’s why you must unite. If you don’t unite, no one can escape the destruction!”

Elrond then said to Frodo. “Bring the One Ring forward.”

The four Hobbits were also in the meeting. They sat on the outer edge. Frodo immediately came up to the center and carefully placed the One Ring on the table.

It looked like a normal gold ring and not unique in any way. There was no decorations on the ring. However, it attracted everyone’s eyes the moment it appeared. Anyone that looked at the ring felt the whole world was in front of them. The ring was their world.

Zheng also felt the strangeness. There was a murmuring by his ears when he looked at the ring. The voice urged him to take the ring. It would give him endless strength and power. It would give him eternal life. The voice was tempting Zheng to take the ring in hand.

As Zheng tried to stand up, he sensed danger. The Chaotic Unity Qi circulated his body. His body suddenly felt refreshing and he woke up. He was finally able to take a look at the others and saw everyone other than Elrond, Gandalf and the four Hobbits had stood up. The two team leaders also stood up. However, sweat covered their heads. They were struggling compared to the others.

Gandalf roared in an unknown language. The syllables sounded like they contained infinite power. Light dimmed and a strong force pressed everyone back down on their chairs. Once everyone sat down, Gandalf stopped. Zheng looked at the ring again and the voice was gone.

Elrond let out a sigh of relief. He stared at Gandalf and said. “No one dares to utter the evil spells in Rivendell!”

Gandalf also let out a sigh of relief. He gestured apologetically. “I do not ask for your forgiveness but the voices of evil might soon be echoed throughout the western world. The One Ring is an evil force. We must completely destroy it!”

Yet, a human knight staring at the ring muttered as he heard the words. “It may not be as terrible as you think. The One Ring is perhaps a gift. It’s a weapon against the forces of Mordor. My father is the prime minister of Gondor. He has been battling Mordor all this time. We people of Gondor protected you with our blood and flesh. Let us take the ring. Let us use the power of the ring against Mordor!”

Aragorn finally said. “Wait. You can’t hold control over the ring. No one can. It only had one master since the time it was created, and that was Sauron. No one can become its second master.”

The knight turned to Aragorn with an expression of disdain. “What does a strider know? What do you have to give lesson to a knight of Gondor?”

The elves weren’t happy hearing it. Legolas stood up and said. “He is not merely a strider. He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and future king of Gondor. You will pledge your loyalty to him!”

The others stared at Aragorn in shock. No one would have imagined this strider was the sole heir of the largest kingdom of Men. The knight was dumbfounded. “Aragorn? The descendent of Isildur?”

Legolas followed. “Correct. He’s the sole heir to the throne!” His tone sounded very angry.

Aragorn said. “Let’s get back in seat, Legolas.”

Legolas ignored his words and stared at the knight. The knight finally got himself back together then said ferociously, “Gondor has no king and doesn’t need a king!” Before sitting back down.

The room fell into silence. The rest of the people couldn’t speak to the political battle within Gondor.

Gandalf had no choice but to break the silence. “Aragorn was right that we can not make use of the ring. Our only choice is to destroy it. The question lies in how do we destroy it.”

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