Terror Infinity

Chapter 7-3

Vol 2: Chapter 7-3.

The five of them continued onward. Gradually, they couldn’t make out that this hall once belonged to a spacecraft. All the sides were filled with secretion, there were even big holes on the walls. These holes turned the path from room 3 to warehouse 3 into a maze.

Zheng suddenly said as he was walking. “I am totally lost. I’ve lost my sense of direction since the last turn.”

Jie laughed. “Yeah right? This place looks the same no matter where you go. This disgusting stuff is everywhere. You want to find the direction here, that would be…”

“I can.” Xuan said. “If it’s only reconstructing the map, leave that to me. We will reach warehouse 2 by going straight down this way. But I am thinking if it’s suitable to just walk straight in…”

Zheng interrupted him. “Suitable! We have five people here and that’s all we have. Don’t try to trick the majority into agreeing with you then force someone to be a bait or something. You know what they call it when the majority bullies the minority legally? That’s fascism! Shit, if you want to be the bait I will instantly agree with it, but don’t use other people’s lives as disposable!”

Xuan replied calmly. “I can be the bait, but can you guarantee that you can kill the Queen immediately when she appears? If you don’t want anyone to be the scout then come up with another plan.”

As the tension became these two grew, Lan interjected with a smile. “Don’t be so serious. Actually I don’t think it’s effective to have someone scout. The Aliens are intelligent, they are skilled in sneak attacks. If only two people were walking together, then they will attack the one nearest to them. But if they see one person walking in front while four people are on the back with firearms, they won’t come out like idiots. They will probably sneak attack the four on the back first. What do you think of this deduction?”

Xuan bit his finger and said. “Your deduction is correct… Is my mind starting to become disorderd due to fear and nervousness? Then… I won’t say anymore opinions. I will continue leading the way.”

Zheng looked at Xuan’s back, then turned to Zero. “Zero, the previous few times I felt a sense of danger when I encountered Aliens. I remember you and Kampa also have this ability to sense danger. Whoever senses danger first later, open fire at that direction, ok?”

“I am feeling in danger now… as if something is staring at us. It’s feels cold, like it is regarding us as food. This feeling is terrible. Know why Xuan is getting so anxious? He’s probably feeling the same thing. To be honest, I feel so agitated that I want to start shooting at all directions.”

Zheng looked at Xuan again. This man was still looking so emotionless and calm, but when Zheng carefully looked at his eyes, he could see agitation and fear, emotions that wouldn’t appear on an intelligent person like him.

The five of them had reached the end of the hall. In front of them was a wide open area. The floor was covered in Alien secretions. Other than that, there were several dozens of big cases. It seemed like this was warehouse 2.

Zheng was still pondering Zero’s words. Suddenly his heart tensed, and he raised his head. There were four unconscious people hanging upside down on the ceiling. The two middle aged men and that young man and woman. Their whole body was covered in white secretions aside from their head.

Xuan looked up following Zheng, then immediately said. “Zero! Shoot them down! Doesn’t matter if you kill them!”

Then he immediately turned to Zheng. “What’s our mission? Kill all the Aliens! There are definitely Aliens inside them, so we must kill them before the Queen appears! Otherwise even if we manage to kill the Queen, her blood can corrode the spacecraft. So we have to be out of this place as soon as the Queen dies. But what if the Aliens within them suddenly hatch? Do we still have to chase those four little Aliens?”

Zheng watched as Zero raised his gun and shot at them. He nodded silently. “You’re right. I don’t have anything to say… We are all just struggling. I will only save my mercy for my comrades, don’t think of me as so stubborn.”

Xuan smiled, he raised his head to look at those four. Zero had already gunned down two people, the other two were about to get shot down. Then he suddenly remembered something and his face changed. “Wait. Wait. Zero, everyone, hurry and get away from this place! It’s a trap!”

As he finished, they felt their feet sunk. As if the whole floor was collapsing.

Xuan shouted immediately. “Stay where you are, listen to me! Warehouse 1 is right below warehouse 2. These four people are probably a trap set by the Queen. She wants us to stay in this place without moving! Zero, hurry up and kill them. The Queen must be below us. The floor has already corroded. Everyone…”

Just as Zero finished shooting the other two people, the floor under them let out a grating sound. Before they can react, the whole floor collapsed.

Fortunately that thick layer of secretion saved them. Even though they fell from ten meters high, the secretion kept them from any injuries. Especially Zero and Zheng could sit right up.

As Zheng sat up, he immediately started shooting above him. He could feel that danger is approaching, and the source was right on top of him! Since the start of this movie, he had sensed danger a few times, but never once was as strong as this time.

Sure enough, a large shadow dropped down from the ceiling. With a loud boom, it landed in front of the five people. As Zheng looked at it carefully, it’s a especially huge Alien!

It’s three times as big as a normal Alien, seven to eight meters tall, and over ten meters long including its tail. This monster was just like Death in nightmares! Zheng couldn’t even see its movements before its tail lashed at his belly. With enourmous pain, he was sent flying over ten meters away.

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