Terror Infinity

Chapter 7-1

The surgery for Richard was very successful and with a Charm of the Three Pure Ones, there was hope of fully regaining his strength in several days. Team Africa let out a sigh of relief upon hearing this news.

Team Africa suffered the heaviest in the battle against the Ringwraiths. Their previous leader was killed and the strong member was critically injured. The remaining members were either powerless or relied on special abilities. So when these two close combat forces were killed and injured, team Africa’s strength greatly weakened. If Richard lost the ability to fight or died, team Africa would be in a disadvantaged position among the three teams.

Team Northern Ice Land weren’t much better off. The negative score from the death of several newbies could kill even some of their veterans. Thankfully this world was full of various bonus missions and other ways to obtain points, so they weren’t worrying too much. Gungnir still seemed confident after the death of two close range fighters. It seemed like he could uphold the team by himself. This confidence gave their veterans peace.

All in all, team China obtained the most in this battle. Not only did they kill five Ringwraiths, they also obtained the only Nightmare. The anti-gravity attribute, speed, and its style made everyone envy. Furthermore, YinKong made a breakthrough during the fight and succeeded the technique she had been developing. There was almost no loss aside from the few charms.

After a day and night in Bree, Richard’s injury, Zheng’s broken arm, YinKong’s wound on the chest, and all the other injuries on everyone else were treated. The group still hadn’t found the major movie character yet, the Strider who was Aragorn. Neither Gandalf nor Aragorn were here.

The veterans sat beside a round table by the entrance of the bar. The Hobbits and newbies sat inside. This way, the Hobbits and newbies wouldn’t get attacked first in case of an ambush.

“We will wait one more day. If Aragorn still doesn’t appear, we will head to Rivendell by ourselves.” Gungnir said to Zheng and Neos.

Neos sneered. “What are you joking? Do you know the road to Rivendell? There are no maps you can buy in this world unless you are prepared for several months journey.”

Gungnir returned with a cold laugh. “Then what do you say? Sit here and wait until the Ringwraith comes? He’s now a monster from the fusion of all nine. Who here can fight him? You? Or that half dead berserker?”

Neos didn’t show any anger. He got out a piece of chocolate. “There are two key problems. First is the direction and second is the relationship between Aragorn and the elves. If we reach Rivendell without a plan, how do you think we would be treated? Once we hand off the One Ring, we will become grunts. Maybe you like to be one but our team wants to the one giving orders. There are still two teams we have to face outside of the mission. Humans have to think further ahead. Do you rather take a little risk now and wait for Aragorn then gain influence from the elves and human kingdom or search for that Rivendell where you don’t even know where it is?”

Gungnir hesitated. He didn’t say anything more. Neos turned to Xuan who was quietly eating mashed apples. He crushed the chocolate and said. “Xuan is it? Aren’t you going to express your opinion? Didn’t you always have a way?”

Xuan raised his head and glanced at him like that was a pointless question then went back to his food. This attitude of ignoring someone made the veins on Neos’s forehead showed up. He would bite Xuan if he wasn’t controlling himself.

Xuan didn’t remain silence though and said. “God won’t issue an impossible mission. It won’t send the Ringwraith to this town at least when it’s only our three teams here. Whether or not we can take on the Ringwraith is one point and if we suffer too many casualties, it will be unfair to the other teams. Because we won’t obtain any influence in this time and become weaker than when we first entered. Just wait. Aragorn or Gandalf will appear before the Ringwraith.” He continued eating like no one else was around.

Zheng knew Xuan’s behavior but the others didn’t, so this might appear arrogant. Neither Neos nor Gungnir looked good after that. Zheng was afraid the veins on Neos’s forehead were going to bust. No wonder he killed himself from anger in Starship Troopers. He was disciplined enough to be still alive for someone so impatient.

Gungnir let out a sigh of relief. “Then we will wait three more days. If Aragorn still doesn’t come, we will exit the alliance. We will head to Modor by ourselves. Perhaps we will arrive after the fights are over or we might cross the mountain. I don’t think this place is safe after three days. We won’t stay here with you guys.”

Just as he finished, a man with gray cloak walked in. This was a handsome man with black hair and light blue eyes. He wore a leather armor and carried a two handed sword on his back.

All the veterans had watched the movie so many times before coming in. They were well aware of person with such characteristics, especially appearing at this time. This was probably the person they were waiting for a whole day.

The Strider looked around the bar. He frowned when he saw the group. He took the sword off his back then just stood there. When he noticed the Hobbits, he looked surprise but remained cautious and walked toward them.

“Aragorn, come have a drink.” Zheng coughed and said in a voice that Aragorn could hear. Then he snapped his finger at the bar owner.

The Strider became more cautious. He gave a smile and said. “I am just a normal strider. Have you mistaken me for someone else?”

Zheeng also smiled. “Fine, I mistaken you. Strider Aragorn, come have a sit. We are friends of Gandalf. Same for the four Hobbits.”

Aragorn sat down on the empty seat next to Zheng. The bar owner brought him a beer. He drank half the glass in a gulp and said. “I learned from my elven friends that a group of mercenaries are fighting the Ringwraiths to protect four Hobbits. Some of them killed seven Ringwraiths. So that means there are only two Ringwraiths left.”

Gungnir gave him a smile. “Not two, just one. We killed eight Ringwraiths. The last one escaped back to Mordor.”

Aragorn looked shocked. He looked around at them then at the Hobbits. “If that’s true then you are one of the most powerful fighters among us humans. Only one Ringwraith left? This might be troublesome. I haven’t introduced myself. I am Aragorn. Gandalf told me the Hobbits are carrying that item so I have been waiting for them here. However, I learned from some striders two days ago that the Ringwraiths appeared between the Shire and Bree. I worried for your safety and left to look for you. I never would have thought you killed some many of them.”

Zheng asked despite knowing the answer. “Where’s Gandalf? Shouldn’t he be waiting for us here? Why are you the only one?”

Aragorn smiled bitterly. “He might have encountered some troubles. He went to look for Saruman in Isengard. Something might have delayed him on the way. I will take you to Rivendell. The town is filled with life force. The Ringwraith won’t easily enter it. We will be safe temporarily there. However, that’s only temporary. The final Ringwraith is as powerful as Sauron himself. We don’t know if he will charge into Rivendell.”

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