Terror Infinity

Chapter 6-2

Vol 1: Chapter 6-2.

When Zheng went to get Lori he was surprised to see her in a maid uniform. She was so pretty, he thought his soul was sucked away.

Lori was humming a song as she cleaned up the room. Since this room was created from the memories ten years ago, it was rather disorganized. She was doing it so leisurely, she looked so beautiful and deliberate. Unwittingly, Zheng walked over behind her and embraced her.


Lori was shocked but quickly calmed down. Because she could smell that familiar scent behind her. She remained quiet for a while then realized something was not right. “Pervert! What are you doing walking like a cat? I knew you were up to nothing good. Trying to scare me, huh?”

Zheng couldn’t contain himself as he watched her talk. He kissed onto her lips. She struggled a bit then calmed down.

“Pervert, enough is enough! Look at what time it is, no, I mean even if it’s nighttime. And don’t kiss me without my permission, don’t touch me and don’t do anything ecchi. Got it?”

Zheng tried to digress, “Where did you get these clothes? They look… rather pretty.” He was going to say sexy but then realized she was trying to get away from the topic.

Lori started laughing, she seemed to have forgotten her requests a while ago. She held her dress and spun around. “How’s it, doesn’t it look nice? Only I can design something like this.”

“Yes it is… but isn’t this a maid uniform from anime?”

Her face slightly blushed. “What are you talking about, you see here, I changed the decorations on the end of the skirt, and…”

She started babbling on her dress, then moved onto the decorations on the room. But Zheng was not annoyed a bit. He felt the warmth of a family, something he had not felt for a long time.

Then her faced turned all serious. “Oh right, you will have to tell me what you’ve done all these years. Don’t think you can fool me, you were so experienced last night. So that’s it, tell me everything honestly. Don’t try to hide anything.”

Zheng smiled awkwardly. She was rather a petty woman, especially when it came to relationships. So he tried to digress from the topic, “Haha. Definitely. Right, I am here to take you to see my friends. When I go to movies I will have to fight along with them. One of them invited us over for a meal. So are you going to change your clothes?”

“Of course, you can’t go out with this. Anyway you have to tell me everything when we’re back. Understand?”

After a while, she came back in casual wears. She fixed the wrinkles on his shirt then said, “Let’s go, I haven’t been outside once yet.”

Outside, Lori was amazed at this special place. She pointed at God and asked various questions until they reached Jie’s room.

Everyone’s already there in the room. A blonde sat next to Xiaoyi with the body of a model. A woman with long black hair dressed in Cheongsam sat next to Jie. She was fixing Jie’s shirt attentively. Then there’s Lan on the side looking unhappy. She snorted at the two men as if she despised them. Then when she saw Zheng enter she snorted again.

Jie was talking as he entered, “… that life creation also includes men. Lan why don’t you go create the man of your dreams?”

“I’m not so silly, unlike you guys. Getting what you can’t get in the real world like this. I also never wrote the YY (Stupidly OP MC) type of novel. It disgusts me to even think about creating the perfect man. I rather go exchange a vibrator.”

Xiaoyi was blushing as he heard this. Jie laughed. “Stop lying. You’re obviously a virgin. I’ve seen enough women to tell.”

Lan started to blush also but she remained her cool. “That’s the difference between men and women. Men wants to have the woman of their dreams then fall in love with them, but women want to fall in love then love that men. Do you think I will be as silly as you and start a relationship with a stranger?”

As she finished a voice again from behind Zheng, “Well said. Men are detestable and perverted, they don’t know the importance of true love.”

Lori walked over to Lan and started a conversation with her. Jie looked at Zheng’s bitter expression and laughed. “You’re late. My wife’s complaining the meal’s gotten cold. Come, let’s go eat.”

Zheng exchanged some high quality wine from God. Relative to the practical items, these entertainment related items were so inexpensive. When he got back to the room, his ring was filled with various wine.

Jie’s wife was sure enough an executive level chef. Everyone enjoyed the meal. Even though there were only ten dishes, all of them were expensive items they couldn’t get in the real world. From bear paws to monkey brains to various seafood.

Jie lit a cigarette. “God’s especially generous with entertainment, especially food. Even a billionaire in the real world probably couldn’t compete with us. We drink wine over a hundred years old like water, smoke the highest quality cigarette. For real, if it wasn’t for the dangers, this wouldn’t be a bad place. You go to the real world when you’re bored, then come back here.”

Zheng and the others nodded. “That’s why we have to live, survive through all the movies. Then we can choose to live however we like, whether it’s go back to the real world or stay here.”

Jie laughed. “Okay, I will bring you guys to the training ground. Take a break and we will start training. You have nine days then we will welcome the next movie!”

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