Terror Infinity

Chapter 5-4

Vol 13: Chapter 5-4.

The Mummy’s world had so many bonus missions that maybe the rumor about the seven crystal skulls leading to the technologies of Atlantis was real. Though they had no clue about this bonus mission.

“The main characters are such trouble makers no matter where they go.”

Early morning of the next day. Everyone came before the altar within the ruins of Hamunaptra. Zheng was still discussing the golden mask mission with Xuan.

Xuan said. “Have you seen the manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? The beginning of the story referred to a golden mask that can turn people into vampires. These vampires don’t age or die as long as they obtain enough blood, but they are countered by sunlight and silver. If this is the same mask then I can be certain of a fact.”

*Stone mask from Aztec in the manga

Zheng asked in confusion. “What fact are you talking about? Just make it clear.”

Xuan shook his head. “Revive the members first. I will continue later.”

Zheng had no choice but to nod. After Kampa and WangXia came near the altar, he brought out the Book of Amun-Ra. Following the notification from God, he asked if the cost of revival can be contributed by multiple people.

(It’s possible! Which means…)

The reply from God made his heart beat faster. They each contributed 4000 points and the rewards as planned, enough to revive two people this round.

“Revive Zero.”

A group was running toward Hamunaptra in the desert. Zero lay against a stone pillar shooting at the group. He replied to a man next to him then a needle passed through space and pierced into his heart. The Gauss sniper rifle fell to the sand.

Inside a lavish mansion. A little boy was laughing happily. Next to him were a man and woman with gentle smiles. An armed group charged into the mansion. He witnessed a bullet shot through his father’s heart while a man grabbed his mother. The blood from his father splashed his face.

He spent all his time studying and training himself until he became an assassin that couldn’t smile anymore. He returned to this mansion of despair. That shameless woman was not there anymore. She died many years back. In her place was a beautiful girl yet also his little brother. What was ironic was genetic sexual attraction made him fall in love with his brother. So he killed him, killed that man, then prepared to kill himself.

Zheng received these images as Zero appeared on the altar. He took a deep breath and buried them in his memory. He suddenly realized that he had the most pointless reason out of everyone. He came to this world because he couldn’t see hope in the real world. Whereas for everyone else, the real world was a place of despair.

Zero opened his eyes and tensed his body. He was always so cautious. When he saw Zheng, he let out a sigh of relief. But Xuan and Kampa made him look slightly confused. His hand reached for his heart. There was no trace of being pierced by a needle.

Zheng stared at Zero then asked. “Will you still fight alongside me?”

“Until death!” His answer was succinct.

Zero looked around then walked off the altar. “What happened? Why did Hamunaptra became like this? Is it team India? Why is Xuan and Kampa here? And who is this?”

Zheng patted his shoulder then said. “Bro, it will be a long explanation. To make it short, you died in the battle with team India. We revived you with an item. Haha, it’s always a good thing to be alive.”

Zero nodded and reached for his side. Then he smiled bitterly. “My rifle… forget it. Being revived is the most fortunate thing already. Where are the others?”

Zheng said. “I will tell you what happened later. We are going to revive one more.” He placed the Book of Amun-Ra on the altar and received the notification again.

“Revive Zhan Lan.”

Everyone paid the points and rewards. A light flashed over the book and a series of images entered his head.

Several people were lying on a straight highway and several standing. A group surrounded a man and two women. The man spread his arms and protected the women behind with a smile. Then the man fell to the ground in blood. The two women were shot by laser guns the next moment. But she was still smiling at her death.

A tall man and woman were talking on the street with their hands together. It had been two years since they started dating but they only got up to holding hands. This was the first love for both of them. They wanted delicate love not burning desires. The couple were satisfied with their progression and had begun planning for their marriage. After they saved up enough money, they could live together happily the rest of their lives.

During that date, a robber that seized a woman’s purse ran in front of them. The man went to chase the robber. After he caught the robber, bystanders watched with indifference as if they were watching a show. The robber stabbed him in the stomach and ran away.

No one remembered him. The case went from unintentional manslaughter to excessive self defense. The hero was framed as the one that initiated the attack. The woman retracted her testimony claiming the robber as her boyfriend.

What was fair? What was justice? Everything was powerless under money and political influence. No one would remember him. His life just dissipated without anyone knowing.

She lost all faith in the real world and contemplated suicide. The YES and NO question appeared then she came into this world. Here, she met someone that was so similar to that him. But this one was much stronger, enough to protect her, and to protect himself. Someone like him wouldn’t die before she does. So she slowly fell in love with him.

Was this love? Was it not? Zheng didn’t know. His feelings were complex at this moment as he stared at Lan appearing on the altar. Her face was pale as she lay there. She slowly opened her eyes. The first person to came into her view was Zheng. Tears immediately blurred her eyes. She opened her arms until she realized there were other people on the side and blushed.

“This is? Hamunaptra? Why am I here? I remember I was killed in Resident Evil.” Lan looked around and asked with surprise.

Zheng laughed and nodded. “You’re right. This is Hamunaptra. You also died in Resident Evil. Don’t worry. You are alive now. This is going to be a long story. Let’s go. We will return to the base first.”

Zheng led them out of Hamunaptra. For some reason, he was afraid of looking into Lan’s eyes. The tears in those eyes felt too heavy, a burden that he couldn’t bear.

“This is just the beginning. I will gather my comrades again. We will keep growing stronger together until we can rival team Devil. Let us defeat them together!”

Zheng put that burdening love aside and shouted. These words echoed throughout Hamunaptra.

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