Terror Infinity

Chapter 5-3

Vol 12: Chapter 5-3.

Zheng and Xuan took several deep breaths as soon as they came out. Since they were still in the unlocked mode, they could see the countless bees trying to get at them through the half dissipated smoke. Fortunately, the smoke could still delay them off a little longer and Kampa and WangXia were shooting at the bees from not far away.

Zheng ran toward the two of them like wind, reaching them in just a few seconds. He put down Xuan and stepped onto the Sky Stick. However, his body shook uncontrollably. The others then noticed his shoulder and leg were swollen and dark, as if the cells were dead.

Kampa and WangXia both took out their knives. They looked at each other then Kampa stepped back a bit. WangXia sliced a cross shaped wound on Zheng’s shoulder. Black colored blood flowed out along with an almond scent. Kampa and WangXia’s expressions immediately turned terrible. Zheng stopped WangXia from trying to suck out the venom and said. “Not an issue. I brought antidotes. Though I won’t be able to control the Sky Stick.”

Xuan took his place and said. “I unlocked the first stage of the constraint. I will control it.”

WangXia sliced open the swollen areas on Zheng then instilled two syringes into the wounds. After the three of them stepped onto the ropes, Xuan took off with the Sky Stick. They flew along the smoke and broke through the layer of bees. Xuan was piloting the Sky Stick as good as Zheng. It flew without wavering a bit at maximum speed.

“Our speed is slightly slower than them.” Xuan muttered.

The other three people turned their heads around and saw the bees flying after them. It was such a horrifying sight. If the sun was shining at that direction, the amount of bees would have completely blocked off the light. Even the dinosaurs wouldn’t stand a chance against these bees.

Kampa shouted then aimed the EMP rifle at the bees. The sound of the rifle was much louder than normal guns, plus the bullets generated a loud noise as they broke through the sonic barrier. The air in front of the gun barrel was wavering visibly. It was like looking through a fire.

Numerous bees got shot down by the bullets and dropped like rain. However, that was still such a small amount with respect to the whole species right here. The bees were still closing in. A a group of bees at the forefront came close to less than a kilometer, WangXia took out a timed bomb and adjusted the timer. Then he threw the bomb over.

After flying away for a little bit, they heard the explosion. The blastwave reached them and broke the balance of the Sky Stick. Xuan immediately seized back control.

Zheng asked curiously. “This… isn’t this too powerful? That’s like three high explosive grenades.”

A small mushroom cloud was still rolling up in mid air. All the bees caught in the explosion were dead and many nearby were shattered by the blastwave. This explosion nearly wiped the bees close to them. A still larger swarm was further away and wouldn’t catch up for a while.

WangXia laughed. “Correct. That’s the amount of explosives of three high explosive grenades. You can use it safely with some modification as long as you throw it far enough, or like how we were moving at a high enough speed. Otherwise, the blastwave alone would kill us.”

Zheng let out a sigh of relief and patted WangXia’s shoulder. His arm and leg had recovered by now. the antidotes were extremely effective plus his own recovery rate and immunization strength. He could basically start to fight again.

Zheng then said to Xuan in excitement. “This is great! We obtained another quest item. Hurry, what’s the use of this DNA restructuring document? Does that mean we can alter our DNA at will like the fourth stage?”

Xuan replied. “Impossible. This is merely the formula for the potion to revert evolution and the DNA blueprint of some ancient species. It is useless to us but may be connected to the third bonus mission in this movie.”

The other three were surprised. They only knew of two bonus missions. The second one being in Isla Nublar, even though they had no idea what happened there yet. So was there a third island?

Xuan continued. “Zheng, have you noticed that we didn’t receive a time constraint in this world? Which means we can stay in this world for ten years or more if we don’t come to Isla Sorna to complete the mission.”

Zheng paused for a moment, then said in a surprise. “You’re right. There’s no time constraint this time. So can that mean we spend time training here? My qi and blood energy is improving slowly but if there’s a lot of time…”

“That’s not possible. Although I did consider of this possibility. Do you know why I decided to come to this island so soon? I was suspicious of why would God leave such a big exploit. Our mission is very simple since we only have to steal the T-Rex eggs from the museum so why didn’t God give us a time limit? The only possibility is we will be in danger if we stay in the city or this world for too long.”

Xuan continued slowly. “Have you noticed the closer we got to the center of the island, the more insects we saw. It wasn’t just the bees. There were several other insect species and some had bigger numbers than the bees and larger bodies. Know what this signifies? They are still evolving to adapt to the oxygen level of this world. The bees have obviously adapted. Once the other species finished adaptation, they will begin to reproduce. The end result can only be the annihilation of human society. That’s why the longer we stay here, the lower the chance we will survive. In five years, the insects will be all over the world and we won’t be able to obtain the T-Rex eggs. That will be the consequence of living peacefully for those years. Danger equals rewards. And time will be that reward.”

Zheng finally got it and said. “So the third bonus mission only appears after finishing the first mission. We have to fully understand the potential threat of these insects and the significance of this document to complete it.”

“Correct. Handing over this document to the government of this world in order to change the fate of humanity. This is the meaning of the bonus mission and will change the original plot.” Xuan adjusted his glasses and said calmly.

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