Terror Infinity

Chapter 5-2

The streets team China was on were part of the ghetto, where the blacks and the poor dwelled. The majority of vehicles that drove through this area were taxis, and not that many in total. Their bus shoved straight out of the ghetto into the main roads. The vehicles here were lined up so close to each other and moved ever so slowly. Walking was sure to be the faster method. Occasionally drivers shouted curses from their cars when two cars touched each other from being too close, which slowed down the traffic even further.

This scene was only happening on the way leading out the city. No vehicles were coming into the city. That did not mean the reverse side of the roads would be a smooth ride. Vehicles packed the roads, going the opposite direction they were intended for. The two-way streets became one ways. It was a feat by itself to drive the bus into the narrow streets team China was on through this condition.

Zheng sat on the empty seat behind WangXia. His jaws dropped at the sight of the jammed roads. “How did you manage to drive the bus to us? These roads look impossible to move through.”

WangXia gave off a bitter laughter. “This bus was stopped on the side. By the time we got on the bus, the roads were jammed with cars so we had to drive on the pedestrian walkways. Not like there are any cops at this time. But now, it looks like the pedestrian walkways are occupied too. I don’t see any way we can move through.”

Independence Day was a sci-fi classic. Despite not being told the movie in advance, everyone had watched this movie when they were still in the real world. In the original plot, the roads leading away from the city were jammed, rendering a majority of the city’s citizens unable to leave before the attack landed. Still it was not at such intensity. The roads leading into the city were at least drivable then.

The team turned to Zheng and Xuan. Zheng also turned to Xuan. Xuan’s attention was fixed on the laptop. He completely ignored what was happening around him. The newbie girl Xuelin also seemed engrossed on his laptop, frequently pointing at the screen and asking questions. Juntian was talking to Imhotep in English affectionately but the bald guy ignored him.

Zheng couldn’t help but said to WangXia. “We don’t have a choice. Force our way through. A big bus won’t be stopped by the little sedans. Okay! Drive ahead. And if you can’t find a road, shove through your way. We are fighting with time for our lives to be bothered with these things. If the cops come, just run over them too!”

The rest of the team held no objections. They had experienced enough movies to know what they should do and shouldn’t do. Since the team was heading to the White House, there was no need to fear the cops. If it weren’t for the restriction on flying instruments, the Sky Stick would have gotten them to the destination in minutes. Furthermore, there was no reason to fear mere cops.

The two newbies, Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun were shocked to hear the plan. Before they could express anything, the bus had begun to charge right ahead under WangXia’s control. Bang! A black sedan was bumped away and hit several other cars. There was barely seven or eight inches of space between cars on this jammed road. The scene of a bus running straight here would have only come from action movies. Curses and screams suddenly resonated the roads. Though there shouldn’t be casualties from these little bumps. The drivers and passengers were just shocked.

Similarly shocked was Juntian. His face blanched then he said to WangXia. “Are we going to be fine? What if the cops stop us? We don’t have any passports or IDs. What if they assume we are illegal immigrants or terrorists? They shoot terrorists on the spot. Stop! We can just walk the rest of the way.”

WangXia and the rest of the members didn’t bother to answer him. Zheng suddenly smiled and grabbed his collar. “Going by your English and looking like someone from the upper class, you should have been to Washington before, right? Know the way to the White House?”

Juntian looked at him with a blanked mind and nodded. “I can find the way but if we went there in this manner, I feel like something would happen on the way. How about we walk there? It’s just a few hours.”

Zheng continued with the smile. “It’s not going to be a problem. A lot of things can happen in a few hours. This isn’t the real world anyway. You have to be decisive or you will be impacted. Since you are going to join the team, watch and learn how to survive in a movie before you are in. Like when an American cop sees an obstacle, you blast your way through.”

“Blast your way through?” Juntian repeated in bewilderment.

Zheng nodded. “Hoho. Remember, anything can happen in the movie worlds. There is no guarantee to your life. So, clear your mind of all mortal concepts. Good does not exist here and neither does evil. The only rule is to survive. The only ones worth their values are your comrades. If we acknowledge you as our comrade, we will give all we have to bring you along this path. However, if we confirm that you aren’t a comrade, I will kill you in the next second!”

An aura of pressure emanated from Zheng as he spoke. The smile on his face did not concur with the expression of his eyes. Even a regular person could sense the killing intent that he just said. Juntian’s face blanched whiter than before.

Zheng patted him on the shoulder and said. “Don’t worry. As long as you become our comrade, we can definitely fight together. Haha. You are weak but give it a few movies and you will become a good fighter for the team.”

As Zheng retrieved the aura, sweat finally rolled down Juntian’s head. He laughed awkwardly. Zheng spoke again before he had a chance to say anything. “If it’s for our survival, I can kill all the people here. However, we must be down in ultimate despair for that to happen, when the situation comes to either they die or we die. Haha.”

Juntian had forgotten about what the bus was doing while he listened to Zheng spoke. He didn’t even notice anything wrong with the shaking. Those words echoed in his head. The rest of the team were enjoying the leisure as they watched the bus shoved its way through the crowded roads.

A minute later, Juntian finally recovered from the shock. He was a smart person after all. Seeing that everyone looked unaffected by the scene, he didn’t say anything further. He toned down his use of English and guided the way to the White House.

The bus continued driving forward. The long awaited American cops finally showed up. Police cars were stopped at the side of the roads. The moment the sirens were turned on, an even louder uproar erupted from the crowd that trumped the sirens. The noise jolted the people in the bus for a second.

ChengXiao immediately said. “What is it? Have the Americans never seen someone run the red light?”

“We aren’t running the red light. And their cries don’t have much to do with us.” Zheng stuck his head out the window.

A dish shaped object was floating in the sky, approximately a thousand meters directly above the bus.

Zheng looked at the dish with a serious expression. He was about to turn to Xuan when he heard his voice coming from the window next to him. “Do you feel it? The feeling of being scanned by psyche force that you can sense after attaining the fourth stage. The people on the dish are probably team Pacific. They are here to confirm our location.”

Everyone tensed up from hearing the message. A single shot from the dish would kill most of the people on the bus. Zheng had already drew out Tiger’s Soul. He grabbed the window with one hand and was in the posture to jump out. “Release the Yellow Turban, Xuan! Carry me to the sky. I can’t rise a thousand meters without the Sky Stick! Damn it. Never expected for the Yellow Turban to make its debut so fast!” He turned around then prepared to jump.

Xuan reached over with an arm and stopped him. “It’s fine. We should be safe right now. Do you remember the rule that forbids us from leaving the city until an hour before the attack comes? There are a lot of ways to cross a city’s distance in a short amount of time even without flying instruments, such as abilities you can exchange from God. This rule is put in place to deal with these means and restrict us to this city for the time being. This time is the compensation God gives to the weaker team in the same manner as influence. Team Pacific can scout us during this time and they are invincible. The barrier will protect them. However, God wouldn’t design such an imbalanced disparity if they can fire from the sky. I believe there must be a restriction placed on their team, like they aren’t allowed to attack until an hour before the attack comes. I am ninety percent certain we are safe!”

The dish began to move while Xuan spoke. It flew away from the area the bus was on and then disappeared behind the shadows of the skyscrapers.

Zheng took a deep breath and put away Tiger’s Soul. He turned to Juntian. “Where is the White House?”

Juntian’s mind was still in a shock. He hadn’t switched from the real world to God’s realm yet. The bus shoving on the roads, Zheng’s warning, and the dish had stunned him. His eyes scanned the surroundings subconsciously then he pointed at where the dish disappeared. “The White House is probably that way. Keep going straight then turn…” Zheng grabbed his collar before he could finish. He was a bit taller than Zheng but the difference in strength between them was huge. Zheng lifted his whole person up.

“Everyone hurry! I have a bad feeling. I will go to the White House first. Take care… Zero, the sky fortress aside, those small dishes shouldn’t have the infinite Light of the Soul to supply their barriers like the prototype God did. Your Mystic Eyes should be effective against them. Be prepared to counterattack if the dishes open fire. Okay?” Zheng turned his head around and said. He was already standing on the window.

Zero took out the Gauss sniper rifle and nodded. Zheng felt relieved. He believed the most reliable person here was Zero, more reliable than Xuan who had the strength but zero reputation.

“Then… I am going.”

Zheng carried Juntian, who was screaming, and jumped out of the bus. He stepped on the roof of a sedan and leaped again, jumping over ten meters away. Before long, he was gone from everyone’s sight, leaving behind cries of Chinese kungfu, Spiderman, Superman among the crowd.

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