Terror Infinity

Chapter 5-2

Vol 2: Chapter 5-2.

This was the first time Jie saw Zheng threw the steel bar. His mind went blank for a moment then he started patting on Zheng’s shoulder and laughed. “Damn dude when did you get this kind of power? Were you hiding it from me the whole time during training?”

Zheng smiled bitterly, he pulled out the bar from the wall. “No, I just discovered it not long ago. And I can’t last long. Every time I throw, it will spend some Qi. According to the amount of Qi I have and its recovery rate, I can only throw five bars at a time then I have to rest for five minutes.”

“Five bars huh?” Jie scratched his head. “Five is still good. I don’t believe the Aliens’ exoskeleton is tougher than this steel wall. Too bad we only found out about it now and didn’t have the opportunity to practice your aim. Otherwise, the Aliens probably wouldn’t be a problem for you.”

Zheng smiled bitterly again. Those Aliens weren’t as easy as Jie thought. Aside from their strength and speed, the most terrifying thing was that they would hide and wait for a sneak attack. He encountered them two times in this spacecraft. People only died from the sneak attack. Even though they could still kill anyone face to face but it was more terrifying when they were hidden.

“Actually the most terrifying thing about Aliens are their sneak attacks, last time Lan and me…” As Zheng was talking, he noticed Lan spacing out. He asked. “Lan, what are you thinking?”

“I am thinking why would Xuan bring them away. With his wisdom he can’t possible not be wary of the danger beyond room 15, yet why is he willing to take the risk? Perhaps there is something more dangerous here?”

A thought struck Zheng’s mind. He and Lan said it at the same time. “The Alien’s blood!”

Jie looked at them in confusion. “What Alien blood? I don’t get what you’re talking about.”

Zheng looked bitter as he said. “The Aliens that are trapped. I have also seen Alien Resurrection. The Alien that was isolated injured its own body then used its blood to help it escape. If we only trapped them, they wouldn’t injure their body at once. But if we are moving toward room 15. These Aliens may do everything to escape, in order to protect their nest. At that time we will be the ones facing these Aliens because we are behind them! Such a ruthless person, did he planned it all out when he was setting up Shuai?”

Lan shook her head. “No one can have this kind of ability. He’s also not familiar with our personality, how can he plan so far ahead. He probably came up with the plan on the spur of the moment. He saw that we decided to split up then used us as their shield.”

Zheng calmed down then started searching for something on the screen. After a while, he said in a cold voice. “I will let him know we are not his pawns. Let’s see who’s the first to die!”

Room 22, bathroom.

Zheng and the other two hurried to this place. After they entered the room, he had Lan locked the door. Then he rushed to one of the individual shower room and said. “Hurry up and clean all the scents on your body. Then smear the food that I gave you on your body. Remember to cover it all up. Understand?”

Lan immediately ran into a shower. Jie also started to clean his body, after a while he heard Lan shouted. “Zheng… I can’t move my arm to clean the blood. Come… help me.”

Jie stopped what he was doing and put his ears to the wall. But before Zheng and Lan could do anything, they heard scratching sounds outside the door. That sound was so harsh it’s like someone is scratching the floor with metal.

The three of them immediately stopped everything they were doing. They didn’t even dare to move a bit. Zheng just walked into Lan’s room and looked at her with embarrassment.

That sound stopped in front of the bathroom. The three of them felt their heart had stopped beating. The only sound in this room was the sound of running water. Other than that they didn’t even dare to breath.

The stress coming from outside lasted how long, it felt like several seconds or maybe several minutes. By the time that sound went away they were almost at the point of suffocation. They immediately started to breath in air deeply.

The three didn’t say anything. Jie stopped trying to eavesdrop on them and smeared his body with cheese. Zheng and Lan also smeared liquified food on their body. The whole thing only took one minute. You can see the potential of humans here.

Just then that scratching sound came back again. They held their breath. They weren’t as nervous as the first time. And just like the first time, that sound stopped in front of the door then went away quickly.

A thought struck Zheng. He suddenly ran out of the shower room and picked out several steel bars. Jie and Lan put their head out of the shower and looked at him with confusion.

“The two Aliens reacted in the same way, I hope it will be the same this time…”

As Zheng said it in a low voice, another scratching sound started approaching them. There was a hint of nervousness from their breathing, especially since Jie and Lan didn’t know what Zheng was planning to do. Though Lan could sort of guess.

The sound moved closer and closer to the bathroom. They were so nervous that they could almost hear their heartbeats. Zheng’s finger had turned pale from gripping the bar too tight.

The sound indeed stopped in front of the door. Zheng could even hear scratching on the door.

He didn’t hesitate and filled the steel bars with Qi. He threw three bars at quick successions. The bars penetrated the door and followed by screams from the outside.

P.S. There are a lot of character development for both the MC and other characters throughout due to the themes of this novel, survival and evolution. Just a reminder that everyone selected by God had at least once genuinely thought about dying, even if they didn’t choose YES.

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