Terror Infinity

Chapter 4-4

Xuan responded in a deep voice then picked up Frodo and ran toward the back of the elves. The other three Hobbits looked at each other and followed them. YinKong, Richard, and ChengXiao followed after. A Caucasian man from team Northern Ice Land hesitated a bit before going. These nine people crossed the elves’ defense line and into the forest.

Zheng didn’t have the effort to care about other people. He attacked with the intention of slashing the Ringwraith in halves but the dark sword defended against the light blade from Tiger’s Soul. So after the two weapons clashed, he only cut off an arm from the Ringwraith. As he raised sword for a follow up attack, the Ringwraith pulled the lead rope and the horse jumped back. The anti-gravity attribute proved its usefulness. The skeleton horse stood on a tree’s branch.

Zheng also leaped back because three other Ringwraiths charged at him. Neither of them was slower than the first one. He wouldn’t stand a chance if he didn’t use Destruction against them. And the most important factor was their mobility given the anti-gravity attribute. The Ringwraiths’ attacks became unpredictable. If it were a one on one fight on the ground, he could take on the Ringwraiths with just Explosion.

“Heng! Where are your arrows? Give me fire support! Where is everyone else? Hie Hie no Mi and Goro Goro no Mi are all fucking high tier enhancements! Are you waiting for the Ringwraiths to close in and get killed?” Zheng was feeling a chill when he fought the three Ringwraiths alone. Just then, three more Ringwraiths came out from the top of the tree.

“Ready!” The elves’ leader yelled again. The hundred archers around him were recruited just for the occasion but they could tell these were well trained fighters. The arrows rained down on the nearest four Ringwraiths on the elves’ leader’s command.

Three of the Ringwraiths blocked with shields. The arrows couldn’t penetrate through. The one with missing arm dodged with difficulty. After the rain of arrows, this Ringwraith and its skeleton horse were turned into hedgehogs. Its helm was nearly destroyed. Everyone heard a wail that seemingly came from the abyss as the Ringwraith fell. Black mist rose to the air. The skeleton horse also wailed and turned into a pile of fire.

“Very impressive rain of arrow. Heng, what’s wrong? Hurry and shoot!” Seeing that a Ringwraith was killed, Zheng yelled with joy.

Everyone was staring at the remaining six Ringwraiths. The Ringwraiths stopped moving. They all looked up to the sky. The mist split into six and flowed into the Ringwraiths’ helms through the openings. Once the mist was gone, the Ringwraiths’ shields grew larger and thicker, their swords were enveloped in a dense mist, so much that they almost couldn’t make out the mist. It seemed like black sword.

The elves’ leader frowned. “It’s just like the records indicated. The Ringwraiths aren’t living creatures. They are monsters existing on the border of life and death. Their lives are connected. When one dies, his power and life will be given to the remaining Ringwraiths. When only one Ringwraith remains, he will be the monster that Sauron wanted. The true Ringwraith will be the strongest general under Sauron.”

The veterans didn’t have time to delve into their questions when faced with six powered up Ringwraiths. They had began to consider backing away since these Ringwraiths weren’t going after them. There was no need to put their lives on the line for little reward. Some people from team Northern Ice Land and team Africa stepped back. Even Gando followed their steps.

“Are you retarded? Do you know what happens if the they seize the One Ring? Sauron will be revived!” Neos was the first to shout out. “What is our mission in this movie? Reach Mordor with all five teams! If Sauron waits there, do you think he will be easier than the final Ringwraith? You won’t even know how you die at that point. It’s better to follow the plot so Sauron never gets the One Ring. That’s the only way we can safely complete this mission!”

The veterans hesitated. Gungnir shouted. “Sci-fi weapon users back off. You aren’t useful here. Everyone get ready to fight with full strength. Zheng, how many Ringwraiths can you take at once? I mean at their current strength.”

Zheng didn’t turn around. He was staring at the Ringwraiths. “Two, maybe three. I don’t have any way to take more.”

Gungnir immediately brought out an ice energy stone. “I can probably take on one with Ice Age. Hawfor can take one with with Goro Goro no Mi and everyone else’s help. We will have to leave the rest to the elves. But fuck. It’s only the beginning of the movie and we are encountering enemies so powerful. I can’t imagine what’s going to come.”

Zheng also sighed. He was about to respond then the Ringwraiths suddenly charged at him. Their speed was faster than before, almost reaching his speed in Explosion. They still ignored gravity so he couldn’t predict their movements.

Two green and two silver arrows flew toward the Ringwraiths. The elves’ leader and Heng fired simultaneously. Then the girl archer and the elf patriarch fired their arrows.

Heng and the elves’ leader’s explosive shots blasted the shields of two Ringwraiths. A rain of arrows followed. Everyone watched waiting for these two Ringwraiths to get buried by the arrows.

However, the Ringwraiths really did grew stronger. The swung their swords at the incoming arrows. The swords had strong corrosive attribute. The arrows would get corroded on contact. After the rain of arrows, only a few were pierced into the Ringwraiths and their skeleton horses. None hit their fatal spots. The front three Ringwraiths were only fifty meters away from the group.

“Shoot! Shoot!” Zheng defended in front of everyone with Tiger’s Soul. He cried with madness as the Ringwraiths were getting close.

Heng suddenly brought out an arrow. He put it beside his lips and blew the arrow. Then he drew his bow. A strong aura exploded from him and shocked the girl archer. Everyone except from Zheng turned their attention to him. Heng released the arrow then collapsed like he was exhausted.

No one heard the usual sound of an arrow flying through the air nor saw even a trace of the arrow. All they saw was the nearest Ringwraith shattered. The arrow went from the underside of the horse, flew upward and out from the Ringwraith’s neck. The Ringwraith shattered in midair before it fell to the ground. This was Heng’s final attack, Charged Shot.

“Good!” Zheng knew Heng could no longer fight. However, there were only five Ringwraiths left and two without shields. Without another second of thinking, he used Instant Destruction and Soru. He moved past the shieldless Ringwraiths and to the three behind.

Soru was so fast that he went past first two Ringwraiths in just the blink of an eye. The elven archers shot their arrows again because the Ringwraiths stopped in place while they were growing. Gungnir also crushed the energy stone and charged up. People from both team Northern Ice Land and Africa did the same. No one would give up on these points and ranked rewards.

Zheng used Soru again. He used the force from this speed and leaped from a tree. The tree instantly trembled violently. And Zheng jumped up into mid air. The light blade extended from Tiger’s Soul and he slashed at a Ringwraith. But this Ringwraith wasn’t frozen in place as he thought. His dark sword blocked in front when the light blade was only two meters away.

Clank! Zheng’s hand trembled. The powerful force that came through Tiger’s Soul made his hand hurt.

Five Ringwraiths left but their power had became much stronger.

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