Terror Infinity

Chapter 4-2

Vol 2: Chapter 4-2.

After everyone had eaten, Xuan turned on all the channels of the monitoring system. The big screen was split into many little sections. Xuan kept waving his hand in the air as if he was painting something. He stopped after quite a while, and his face turned pale. “Ok, I’ve memorized the order at which the walls will come down. The Alien nearest to us is in room 22, there’s also another one going at the direction from room 20 to 19. If we attract it’s attention within five minutes, then we can isolate one of them while baiting the other one over. Then we will execute the plan.”

Zheng looked at Shuai and sighed. “What should we do?”

Xuan pressed some buttons on the control panel, then stood up. “One minute later, the wall outside this room will open up. I’ve already scheduled the order the rest of the walls will come down. Let’s go. We will go out now and explain to you guys the details.”

Kampa binded the six grenades together to two sets of three. The wall slowly lifted. They could see the dents, craters, claw marks, and scratches on the walls and floor. Those walls were made of steel! The scene terrified them.

Xuan took the grenades, then pointed at the hall. “You will stand on the other side of this hall. From there you can see up to 100 meters in a straight line. Once the Alien comes from the other side, you will activate the grenade and throw it. I had Kampa modified the grenades to reduce their delay before detonating. It should detonate mid air so you must run immediately after you throw it. Remember you have to turn left at every intersection.”

Shuai said with his head down. “Then what about this isolating wall leading to the control room? Will it come down after I go outside?”

Xuan nodded. “Yes, this wall will come down after you go out. I will open it again one minute after I hear the explosion. According to your running speed, there is enough time for you. Oh right, in order to attract the Alien, you will need some fresh blood. In short, your mission is to just run along the left.”

Then Kampa threw a dagger over to Shuai. Xuan also handed him the grenades. As Shuai took the grenade, everyone’s heart tensed. Zheng even saw Zero move his hand to his back, he was holding on the desert eagle. Zheng wasn’t aware that Jie gave Zero the gun.

To everyone’s surprise, Shuai turned around calmly. As they let out a sigh of relief, he suddenly turned around again and threw a grenade over them. Just like Xuan said, the grenade detonated mid air. Luckily Shuai threw it too far due to nervousness. They were only slightly impacted by the shockwave and there were no serious injuries.”

Zheng stood at the back of the group because he couldn’t look Shuai in the eyes. But when the grenade exploded, he got affected the most. The shockwave blew him away. His mouth and nose were filled with blood as he hit the ground. For a while he couldn’t see anything. A few seconds later, he barely recovered his sight. Then he saw Shuai holding the other grenade on his hand, his face filled with a hideous expression.

Shuai laughed. “How’s it, genius, aren’t you wanting to kill me? Aren’t all of you rejecting me just for that little bit of food and water? Just so you can hide together? F*ck. Why do I have to be the only one to die? Why? Tell me! I’m going all out, if I am to die, then we will die together. It’s still better than dying in the mouth of those Aliens!”

Xuan got knocked to the ground by the shockwave. His head hit the wall and blood streaming down his head. He stood up and asked calmly. “I’m curious. Aren’t you afraid of dying? You should know that although my plan is dangerous, but you won’t die 100%. If you followed my plan, you have a high chance of surviving. So tell me, why would you…”

Shuai interrupted him. “Shit, stop trying to fool me. You know why I asked that last question? What would have happen to this wall after I left? And how did you answer me? It would open a minute after you hear the explosion? Don’t f*cking fool me. Do you remember what I am good at? Even though I am not a genius, but I really did read a lot of books. Including some militaristic themed books. The isolating walls in spacecrafts like this one usually can’t be activated again within half an hour of putting them down. This is designed to prevent people from taking control of the spacecraft through the computer. I specifically looked at your inputs on the control panel. You only scheduled the commands to close them. There was no command to open it again!”

He started laughing like a madman. “That last question was my final struggle. F*ck, who wouldn’t want to live? If there’s even a slightest bit of hope, I would still wish to live. But you faggot wants to put me in the mouth of those Aliens! F*ck. Say something! Why do you have to put me in a hopeless situation?”

Xuan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I underestimated you. That’s my mistake. I have said it before, we don’t need anyone unnecessary in this group. You’re just a burden. I didn’t intent to give you up originally, but you were not satisfied with my plan. That’s the way humans work, just a little bit of dissatisfaction will easily grow into hideous intentions. So instead of having an unpredictable factor in our future plans, it’s better to give you up. I didn’t intent to sacrifice you either. Even though the wall needs to wait half an hour to open up again, but if you kept running I will trap you in a hall without any Aliens. Then let you out after half an hour. You shouldn’t had shown that hideous expression on your face.”

Shuai looked even crazier. He yelled with a twisted face. “F*ck. Why can’t I look hideous when you force me to die? Are you the leader of this group? Who do you think you are? If I can’t live then you shouldn’t live either. Come die with me!”

As he finished, he pulled the ring on the grenade.

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