Terror Infinity

Chapter 4-2

Vol 11: Chapter 4-2.

Zheng didn’t know what to do. Breaking through the wall would release the scorpions. He couldn’t block them all at once. Plus, with their size, it wasn’t just simply an issue with venom. The sting could open a hole in the body.

At the same time, the footsteps coming through the tunnels signaled the Anubis army. It seemed like all the warriors in the tomb were closing in on them. Any delay and they might be trapped in a sea of monsters. Of course, it wouldn’t even need any monsters when the four minutes remaining were up.

“F*ck! Let us make a bet then.” Zheng shouted. He took out a grenade and pulled the ring.

“Bet? What bet?” Jonathan was shocked at the large scorpion.

“To see if the tomb is sturdy enough!”

Zheng through the grenade into the opening then brought everyone down to the ground and covered them. A violent explosion followed. Numerous rocks hit his back and the tomb was trembling. Everyone held their breaths as if heavy breathing was the last straw to collapsing the tomb. Fortunately, the trembling ended shortly. Only a little rocks fell from the ceiling. Then they saw another grenade appeared in Zheng’s hand.

“No, no, no. You can’t do this! We have no plan to destroy this place. Relax, we will get the bracelet in ten minutes.” Jonathan was most sensitive to danger. He grabbed a hold of Zheng and yelled.

Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Relax. There’s a way out through the inside. We just need to block off the monsters behind us. I don’t want to see them when I am taking the bracelet. Since we made a bet already, I don’t think the tomb with collapse with this one.”

Jonathan had no choice but to enter the opening they just bombed open. The room had became black and in a mess. The scorpions were gone except for some burning exoskeletons. There was no time for them to think. They stayed close to the wall and closed their eyes.

The tomb started trembling again with another violent explosion. Soon enough, the trembling weakened and finally the tomb calmed down. They opened their eyes with a sigh of relief. Evelyn looked out through the hole they came in and saw the tunnel had collapsed.

Jonathan turned to Zheng. “Please, you better not lie. I still have a lot of gold in the bank. I need to bring a dozen girls to the beach before anything happens to me.”

Zheng laughed. “Oh, you want water? You can get water in a bit.”

Jonathan shivered and asked O’Connell in confusion. “What did he mean? Why did he said water when I mentioned the beach?”

O’Connell shrugged. “Who knows. But beaches should be next to water.”

Zheng walked to a wall. Evelyn pointed at it and said. “Right, there should be a switch or something. Press it and this wall will raise. But the explosion might have destroyed the switch.”

Zheng panicked. He raised the axe and hacked at the wall. Clank! The wall was actually made of granite. The axe only left a light mark on it. Evelyn yelled. “There’s only one minute left, Zheng!”

Zheng yelled back. “I know! Everyone get away!” He channeled qi and blood energy into the axe. He had no time to worry about whether the axe could take in so much energy at the same time. Then he swung the axe at the wall.

It hacked off a big piece of granite. The golden energy from the fusion of qi and blood energy also corroded the granite rapidly. Ten swings later, he opened a hole through this thick wall and Zheng was panting heavily. He looked behind to see everyone staring at him.

“What the heck are you still waiting for? Do you want me to carry you? Hurry! How much time do we have left?”

Evelyn looked at her watch and her face turned pale. “Less than a minute, it’s too short to tell how many seconds.”

Zheng ran in at full speed. Before long, he came to a gate sealed with an ancient Egyptian lock. Evelyn was shocked as soon as she entered the place. Then she looked around.

Zheng yelled. “Evelyn, hurry up and tell me how to turn it. No, you go turn it. We don’t have much time left!”

However, Evelyn didn’t hear him and started dancing while holding the torch. O’Connell shook her body and said. “What happened? Evelyn, are you ok?”

Zheng was getting more and more anxious. He didn’t have the time to wait for Evelyn to wake up and open the lock. He took out the Spear of Osiris without thinking.

Zheng clenched his teeth as he began channeling energy into the spear. The anxiety was growing with every second. When a golden glow finally appeared on the spear, his eyes lost focus. He threw the spear at the gate.

A golden light flashed across and easily penetrated the gate. There was no trembling or explosion. The spear opened a hole on the gate then stuck on the ground.

Zheng charged into the hole at once. He grabbed the spear with one hand and a chest on the table with another. He flipped open the chest and there was indeed a golden bracelet. As soon as he put his hand on the bracelet, God’s voice appeared.

“Completed bonus plot in advance. Obtained the Bracelet of Anubis. Allows the user to summon the army of Anubis after killing the Scorpion King. The number of warriors is fifty times the number of mummies the user can summon. If the Scorpion King is not killed after sixty days, the holder of this item will be erased. Obtained 4000 points and two rank C rewards.”

Zheng walked out from the hole with the bracelet and said bitterly. “Completed the mission. We are safe for now.”

“Safe for now?” Jonathan was panting heavily. He was running faster than anyone else so he was also more exhausted. He almost collapsed when he heard the word safe.

Zheng put the bracelet into his ring then threw the chest to Evelyn. “Take a look at what it reads.”

Evelyn read out the hieroglyphs on the chest. “Whoever opened the chest would drink from the Nile.”

Zheng nodded at them with a bitter smile. “This is a trap. Once you take the bracelet, a gate from the other side will open. It seems like outside the gate is the Nile river.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Jonathan yelled. “I hate you, Zheng!”

“Don’t hate me, hate God.” Zheng looked at the torrent of water coming down the tunnel.

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