Terror Infinity

Chapter 23-5

Chapter 23-5: Gather for the Final Battle!(V)

Yinglong felt like his brain was bursting, and was unable to give vent to the gloominess in his heart. Without any regard for his life, he frenziedly sucked in all the Refined Qi the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation sent over. He didn’t know what was going on with the Zhengs. Tremendous amounts of energy were being transmitted over, freeing him of the worry of lacking Refined Qi. Although it may not compare to Gando’s infinite Light of the Soul, it still gave him a foundation to change his destiny. He ignored whether or not his body was even able to contain all this energy, only continuously absorbing it and transferring it into the Qingsuo Sword.

The Qingsuo Sword’s azure light brightened, and it broke out of the A.T. Field cage in one shot. But just as it was escape, the insane Eva ignored the fact that the A.T. Field had broken and directly used its bare hands to grab the azure light! Its hand were shredded to atoms in an instant. However, the 400% synch rate Eva was indeed not ordinary as the hands regenerated into wholeness in the same instant. It grabbed onto the azure light once again, generating new layers of A.T. Field to imprison it!

The strike had reduced the Qingsuo Sword’s Refined Qi by half. Together with the Eva’s obstruction, it was unable to leave. The Qingsuo Sword was gradually revealed as the azure light shrunk.

“I don’t accept this! What qualifies you to control my fate! Because I’m nothing more than a novel’s character? I have flesh and blood! I have my loves and hates! I have my own mind, my own free will! Why do I have to be controlled and trapped in a cage by you like some animal? I DON’T ACCEPT THIS!” Yinglong screamed towards the sky.

He ripped off his clothes, his finger drawing across his body continuously. Every stroke caused flesh and blood to spray out, and a simple and primitive diagram was quickly drawn on his body.

“Borrowing the force of heavens, Heavenly Dao forms…”

“My body as the sword! Myriad swords of the same lineage! Merging for power, swift as decreed!”

As the last part left his mouth, Yinglong’s body began to emit endless azure light, transforming into light that flowed into the Qingsuo Sword. Immediately, the two azure lights fused together, piercing into the horizon as it immediately broke out of the Eva’s A.T. Field cage. The azure light turned around, slicing the Eva in half again. However, that was all as the Eva had already put itself back together before it could attack again. A 400% synch rate had let the Eva become a killing machine with purely desire to slaughter, a desire that reached its soul. The infinite Light of the Soul was unleashed to its limits. No matter how the body was damaged, it would quickly regenerate. The current Eva Unit-01 was truly an unrivalled existence!

“I don’t accept this! I DON’T ACCEPT THIS!” Yinglong’s voice reverberated repeatedly. The Qingsuo Sword carried an indomitable momentum as it slashed at the Eva again and again, the Eva continuously cut apart and regenerating. The sword’s azure light would dim some with every strike, but the Eva’s regeneration rate seemed to be slowing down. It wasn’t obvious, but there were some indications upon closer inspection.


When the Qingsuo Sword struck the Eva again, a small and unnoticeable crack formed on its body. It looked insignificant, but Yinglong who was within the sword felt bitter. He knew he would not escape from this fatal disaster. Even with the Qingsuo Sword, he wasn’t able to use it with his current level of Cultivation. Using it forcibly would hurt himself and the treasure. The opponent was the Eva which possessed infinite Light of the Soul as well...

“DAMN! Ten more minutes! No, just five! If my body, nascent divinity and the Qingsuo Sword can just hold on for five more minutes, his regeneration won’t be able to keep up with the damage. Then, I’ll… could it be? Fate can’t be reversed? I… don’t accept this!”

The Qingsuo Sword Yinglong was residing in suddenly stopped, even withdrawing all that endless azure light. It allowed the Eva which had completed its regeneration to charge towards it. When the Eva attempted to grab hold of it again, Yinglong gave a howl as he poured all his Refined Qi into the Qingsuo Sword, as well as all the energy of the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation, regardless of whether it was Refined Qi or not. The enormous energy all gathered at one point, and with a flash of azure light, a light beam more intense and radiant than even the sun shot into the sky, engulfing the Eva within...

This explosion surpassed a hydrogen bomb in might, and even the distant people team China and team Devil were sent flying by the gale that sprung up. Although it wasn't a threat to their lives at this distance, but the flying sand and rocks still made them careful, and they blocked all the larger rocks. And in the distance, the explosion had reached its end.

A small point of light appeared in the air. The Qingsuo Sword had been completely destroyed, and the enormous energies from the explosion of detonating the sword had assaulted the surroundings, practically destroying the entire Eva, as well as Yinglong’s body and nascent soul. Only his most basic nascent divinity, this point of light, was left. Attracted by his lifebound jade bottle with Zheng, the nascent divinity flew there.

But just as it flew a few dozen meters, a giant purple hand suddenly appeared next to it…

The Eva had relied on its 400% synch rate to withstand the treasure’s detonation. Although all that was left was an arm connected to a head, it was still counted as not completely destroyed. It released an A.T. Field, enveloping Yinglong’s nascent divinity...

However, the treasure’s detonation was powerful. The Eva’s regenerative speed had slowed, enough that it would most likely take over ten minutes to recover fully.

The Eva’s mouth widened as it slowly brought the nascent divinity to its mouth. Despite the last trace of Luo Yinglong about to be wiped out, the small point of light instead got brighter...

“... Ah… I feel so alone…” A sigh from Luo Yinglong rang out, before the point of light violently exploded, enveloping the area in flames once again...

Team China Fallen: Xiao Honglu, Zero, Anck-Su-Namun, Qi Tengyi, Dragon, Kampa, Lan Feng, Imhotep, Zhao Yingkong (Main Personality), Luo Yinglong

Remaining Survivors: Zheng Zha, Chu Xuan, Cheng Xiao, Zhang Heng, Ming Yanwei, Liu Yu, Lin Juntian, Wangxia, Zhao Yingkong (Secondary Personality)

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