Terror Infinity

Chapter 16-2

“Is-is it possible?” Zheng cried in surprise. He had been pondering the possibility of a long term trade with Galadriel. However, it was obviously not possible by the time the were to leave The Lord of the Rings world.

Galadriel asked. “What is God’s dimension? Are you warriors from the realm of the gods?”

Zheng scratched his head. He organized his thoughts. “Uh. We will return to another dimension. We don’t know whether or not it is the realm of the gods. However, beings from this world can’t enter it. They will get killed as soon as they enter it. Items on the other hand can move in an out of the dimension. So we can bring the One Ring to that dimension to kill Sauron who sealed himself in the ring. The ring will then rid itself of its malice while protecting the Three Rings of the Elves from being affected. Those rings will retain their powers!”

Galadriel seemed stunned. She pondered for a while before speaking. “I don’t fully understand your words. But you said you will bring the One Ring away…”

Xuan said. “There’s no need to give us the ring. It’s merely a speculation. We will continue heading toward Mount Doom. If we aren’t able to enter the Mount Doom at that time, we will attempt to bring the One Ring back to God’s dimension. It is good if the elves can stay. Otherwise, our trade can only proceed for one to two times. Which isn’t favorable to both of us.”

Galadriel sighed and didn’t speak further. They could see she had taken note of this. The trade with the mercenaries were beneficial to the elves. And if the mercenaries could save the elves from having to migrate, that would be the best outcome. Even if it wasn’t possible, having them bring the ring to Mount Doom and destroy it was also an exceptional contribution to Middle Earth. She thanked them again then left.

Once Galadriel went out of sight, Zheng quickly asked Xuan. “How confident are you with this speculation?”

“Approximately 60%. However, the chance the One Ring getting into our hands is less than 10%.” Xuan shook his head. “The One Ring is a quest item, probably an extremely powerful one. The other four teams are aware of this fact. Team Celestial is probably determined to obtain the ring. Remember that all five teams have to stay together in Mordor for half an hour before we return. A lot of things can happen in this half an hour. It is impossible to avoid encountering team Celestial and team East America during this time. The One Ring is a key tool to us returning to God’s dimension safely. We will likely abandon the One Ring to preserve our team. Of course, if the difference between the teams isn’t huge, the One Ring will be the bait to killing them. Either way, the chance of us getting the ring is slim.”

“Is that so?” Zheng sighed. He patted Xuan’s shoulder. “It’s great if you are always like this. Just let me know before you do anything. Bro, it’s not like I will disagree with you. I merely want to know an outline of your plans. Do you think that’s difficult to you? Ha. Anyway, it’s a win to achieve the trade with Galadriel. And once we finish this world, we will have an endless supply of mithril and energy stones. We may even be able to exchange some time to learn magic from Gandalf. Haha.”

“You won’t understand even if I were to tell you…” Xuan murmured. “Mortal’s wisdom.”

Zheng had entered his room while Xuan murmured.

Morning of the next day. Gimli came to wake the players. He told them Galadriel was waiting by the wharf. She wanted to give the Fellowship a gift from the elves. After he said these words, Gimli quickly disappeared while the players became curious.

Ten minutes later. All the players groomed themselves then headed toward the wharf. All the movie characters were waiting there by the time they arrived. The movie characters were each wearing a cloak that perfectly suited to their size.

After the players got in place, ten elves came up to them. These were the maids of Galadriel they saw the other day. The elves helped them put on the cloaks. They were told these cloaks could conceal them from being detected by magic and change color to blend in with the environment. The cloaks were magical items. The effects of them was probably equivalent to rank C or higher.

Each player also received a short sword. The swords were imbued with mithril and ithildin. They could bind to the weapons with a drop of blood. The swords enhance the users’ powers in a fight. The effects were equivalent to a DD or C magical weapon.

Galadriel walked up to Zheng. “Legolas said you already have a powerful weapon. So we don’t have to gift you a short sword. This is a leaf from Telperion that we preserved. The tree that lighted the world has withered but its leaves still contains unbelievable life force. Take the leaf. When it comes to a time where you have to put your life up in a battle, fold the leaf and hold it in your mouth. Its life force will be consumed on behalf of your own. It will protect your life as it melts… For the bravery of our warrior, and for the promise to change the fate of us elves.” She gave Zheng a kiss on the cheek.

Galadriel then came over to Xuan. She gave him a smile. “I don’t know what I should gift you. A human with no feelings wouldn’t concern himself with a gift from the elves. Let me give you a blessing.” She chanted a blessing in the tongue of the elves.

(This woman obviously remembers Xuan destroyed her ornament from yesterday… Women remember every bit of resentment.) Zheng thought to himself because Xuan was the only person who didn’t receive anything. It was fairly abnormal.

Xuan though looked unperturbed. He took the food from the elves, it was lembas bread. One small bite was enough to fill the stomach of a person. Xuan seemed interested in this highly compressed food.

Zheng was feeling pity for Xuan when Legolas grabbed his shoulder and said. “Don’t worry. He got the most valuable gift out of us all. It’s a blessing from the lady. The blessing is infused with magic. I don’t know what its effect is yet but the blessing will follow him until it unleashes its effect. The lady will feel feeble for the next several days. Xuan is the most fortunate of the bunch here.”

Zheng finally felt better. He wanted to thank Galadriel but she gave them a smile then left with a male elf.

The group didn’t waste time. They loaded the weapons and food on the boats. There were three people on each boat with the except of Aragorn taking the three Hobbits. The boats sailed down the river. The Fellowship departed on their journey once more.

“We will sail out until we reach a waterfall of Caradhras. The journey will be dangerous. The elves have told us that Saruman sent his army down the shores to attack us. We are facing the orcs from Mordor and the Uruk-hai from Saruman. The Uruks are larger and stronger than normal orcs. They are not afraid of sunlight. They can fight under the most extreme conditions.”

Aragorn yelled to the other boats as he paddled.

The majority of players were caressing their weapons and cloaks. Both of these were indeed magical items. They were valuable even in God’s dimension. The veterans were delighted to have obtained them for free. Heng also received ten arrows from Galadriel. His own arrows were enchanted but the arrows from Galadriel surpassed them. These arrows weren’t as powerful as enchanted arrows but allowed him to imbue his psyche force into the arrows, which would allow him to adjust the arrows’ paths slightly after he fired them. Heng had achieved the three arrow explosive shot. Its accuracy though was less than optimal. These arrows could turn his three arrow explosive shot into his trump card. The charged shot wasn’t his only ultimate ability anymore.

Everyone else got their share of reward. The Fellowship sailed down the river and moved further and further away from the realm of the elves. After a turn, they could no longer see the city.

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