Terror Infinity

Chapter 15-4

Zheng was truly flying at the moment instead of levitating through Geppo under Destruction. This flying speed was at least 250% faster than using Geppo, only slightly slower than Soru. He was not far from the prototype god and approached it in the blink of an eye. The space between the two rippled with intense waves. Tiger’s Soul lightly glided across the space. The waves shattered like glass, no longer displaying the toughness they had before.

(As I thought… this is what it means that every living being possesses thee Light of the Soul.)

Zheng suddenly felt enlightened. The Light of the Soul was a type of energy generated after a living being achieved the mid-fourth stage. It had no relation to one’s talent, race, nor being a physical or psyche force type. The only influence an individual had on the Light of the Soul was the form it took. Zheng’s Light took the form of a pure white flame. His clone’s Light was pure black flame. The original YinKong’s Light was energy absorption, which could be described as an anti-energy. Living beings tapped into energy manipulation in the mid-fourth stage and the Light of the Soul was its demonstration!

When Zheng dashed at the prototype god’s barrier, pure white flame rose from his body and collided with barrier. Despite their different attributes, both of these were forms of the Light of the Soul. The two Lights neutralized upon contact and enabled Zheng’s blade to cut through the barrier and into the god’s body.

(Does that mean if one possesses a powerful Light of the Soul, only those who also possess the Light of the Soul can harm him? Like my clone?)

The thought merely flashed across his mind. Zheng then immediately focused his attention at the glimmering crystal that was nearer and nearer to him. This crystal seemed to be the energy core and weakness of the god. He targeted it at once with the opportunity that he attained. Refined Qi surged into Tiger’s Soul and Zheng was about to swing it upward, which would damage the crystal!

However, the prototype god was not so easy to take down. Zheng was moving at a speed that was nothing more than a flash of light to normal people. He crossed the hundreds of meters between him and the god and slashed the blade in the blink of an eye. Yet, the god’s reaction matched his speed. Its arm reached in front to block Zheng from getting any closer. Another arm struck toward him with a wave of the Force of the Soul. This giant being moved at a speed on par with his.

In the fraction of a second after Zheng broken through the barrier, Tiger’s Soul struck the god’s arm. Zheng was also smacked away at the same time by the god’s other arm. With a thundering thump, Zheng crashed into the ground and glided for ten meters, leaving an equally long trail of a meter deep.

The god did not win the exchange. Its arm was a quarter from splitting in halves. Tiger’s Soul also carried an unstoppable mist like light blade. Any object the mist crashed into would be shredded. If this arm belonged to any other regular being, it would be done for. Though the prototype god was nothing but regular. Its crystal radiated intensely and a glimmering silver light engulfed the arm. The wound was healing at visible speed just like before. In just several seconds, the arm became connected again and the damage would soon become history.

Zheng shook his head as he watched. He knew that attack was wasted effort. The prototype god suffered no actual damage and he was injured instead. A human was too insignificant when contrasted with the endless energy this monster possessed. He wouldn’t ever win a battle of quantity… since he didn’t have the same quantity of the Force of the Soul, he would make up for the difference using quality!

“Xuan! Where’s the One Ring? Throw it over!” Zheng shouted in the air. His eyes never left the god while its arm recovered to an intact state. The giant leaped in the air and crashed at him.

The people watching from the distance were shocked by this inhuman battle, or it was at least beyond the scope of any regular human. A typical team in the realm wouldn’t be strong enough to participate in this battle. Of the two participants, one stood at the top of the ladder among all the teams with his unlocked mode reaching the mid-fourth stage. The other was a god engineered by the Saints and Cultivators. Heng and the rest of the team didn’t know what to do. Even though their attacks weren’t completely harmless, the damage was way too low.

Perhaps there were only two other member in team China who would pose a threat to the god.

Xuan was probably one. He took the One Ring out of the Magic Cannon. As Zheng shouted, his hand touched the glasses and the other hand entered position for a pitch. The calmness in his eyes was suddenly replaced by fervor. He threw the One Ring at Zheng. The ring somehow reached Zheng before the god did. Pah! Zheng grabbed the One Ring with his hand.

(Shit. This force is huge. Is that from the Lambda Driver? Damn him. This isn’t fair. Why isn’t he helping when he has such power? The dude is watching a show like an audience… damn it!)

Zheng subconsciously glance over the group when he received the ring. Everyone else in the front was in an attack stance but they just didn’t know how to proceed. The people further away were quietly watching the battle. Xuan on the other hand was packing up the Magic Cannon leisurely, as if he had no interest in the battle.

(This dude gets more excited than anyone when he encounters something never seen before, such as knowledge. Why isn’t he showing any expression? Has he completely lost his emotions? Or did the unexpected turn of events signified we won’t be getting anything? Which could be why he wanted to blast the prototype god with the Magic Cannon? Damn it. Let’s just take down the god first!)

Zheng flapped his wings and flew away from the god that was looming in on him. In a loud thump, the god crashed on the ground. Its crystal sparked right afterward and a silver flame consumed Zheng. The god then leaped at Zheng again.

“It’s useless. I am also protected by the Light of the Soul. You won’t damage me unless you neutralize it with another Light or crush my Light through overwhelming force. Furthermore, the fire attribute of my Light is similar to the Red Flame and renders me mostly immune to any fire.” Zheng stood intact in the center of explosion after it dissipated. He sneered at the approaching god. Tiger’s Soul glowed with a demonic aura totally different from the mist generated by refined Qi. It had a layer of red light accompanied by a sense of pressure.

“Qi becomes the energy possessed by Cultivators when it is compressed to the limit. Refined Qi can drive this sword but the nature of it has never altered. Tiger’s Soul is a demon weapon. So, what if I compress Blood Energy to its limit? I haven’t tested it. It would be just a little injury if I fail under Dragon Transformation. Not much harm in trying. However, if I succeed…”

Zheng shook the sword. The pressure extended outward in a ring. The prototype god suddenly roared at the same instant. It opened up a big mouth on its humanoid head. Zheng couldn’t sense whether it was fear or rage instilled in the roar… assuming the god had human emotions.

“I will call this new black energy Magic. Tiger’s Soul will only reveal its true power when driven by Magic.”

Zheng did not back off from the god’s leap. Tiger’s Soul slashed at the hand smashing toward him. A crimson light flashed in the battlefield, forcing everyone who was watching to close their eyes. The light was not blindingly bright, yet their eyes closed subconsciously. When they opened their eyes again, the god had lost its whole arm. The ten meters long arm completely vanished. Zheng was floating in front of the god with his wings flapping. Tiger’s Soul was pointing at the crystal on the god’s chest.

“It’s awakened. This is the true power of Tiger’s Soul… Too bad that I won’t have a chance to try that ability…”

Zheng slashed at the crystal. The crimson light appeared again but everyone watching forced their eyes to remain open. They saw the sword transformed into a tiger and snapped at the crystal. As the tiger’s image faded away, so was the god’s chest. A third of the god’s body was slashed into nothingness, leaving no trace of it ever existed.

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