Terror Infinity

Chapter 15-1

In Xuan’s analysis, seizing or directly requesting energy stones from the elves were foolish. It would lower the movie characters’ affection toward them, especially the main characters. Zheng had saved them multiple times in the previous battles. The energy stones alone were not worth it.

“Rather than obtaining the energy stones, it’s better to treat them as a warehouse. We don’t need to obtain the energy stones in a hurry. Remember that every team can return to their movie worlds after completion of a movie without meeting other teams. We only have to build our relationship with the elves right now. Then we can use items from God’s dimension to exchange the specialties of this world. Energy stones, mithril and other rare items. There is no point to be greedy here. Our current goal is obtaining influence and not waste the opportunity of entering this world early.”

Everyone understood this was the case with them. Their biggest enemies were the increased difficulty movie characters, the large amount of minions, and the two teams waiting for them. It wasn’t the time to be greedy about the energy stones. Though, everyone still glanced at the energy stones during their rest. The elves were more than luxurious.

The players had free time at night. After a little talk, they decided to go around the city split by teams. They wanted to see if they could discover bonus missions or quest items in the city. There was nothing else to do anyway. Walking around could also be a kind of relaxation.

The three teams were safe inside the city. On the other side, the seventeen newbies accompanied by seven veterans moved along the main roads leading to the Gap of Rohan. This group’s strength was worrisome but the One Ring was not on them. They had reached west to the Gap of Rohan. The territory belonged to both humans and elves so the way had been safe for them.

Since they were following the normal path, it would take forty days to go from Rivendell to the Gap of Rohan. Or thirty days if they were to rush through. The sceneries on the way had been picturesque. There was no such a thing as environmental pollution or removed forests in this world. The scenes attracted the newbies and gave them a sense of being in a travel.

The veterans on the other hand had their hearts clenched the whole time. The weakest of the group was a man from team Northern Ice Land. He only survived three movies but he knew there was no such a thing as a peaceful world. It might seem peaceful now but death could come without any indication.

Kampa and the others from team China had a fever on the way. The fever came and went fast. After it was over, they reached the first unlocked stage. The prototype T virus Xuan manufactured came into effect. There was some delay but the effect of unlocking the first stage was there. The members of team China gained increased strength and reaction speed. The increase wasn’t as noticeable as the dragon blood though.

Haotian contacted the veterans of team China five days after they began the journey. He dragged them to the field then said with a smile. “It’s a little troublesome but let me introduce myself again. The God and Xian Thieves. I am the Xian, Haotian. Ahem. You don’t seem to know me.”

They looked at him with a frown. Haotian felt the awkwardness and laughed. “I specialize at stealing valuable items in the real world. Everything from antiques, animals, technology, and even humans. As long as they were valuable and difficult to obtain, they were my targets. I worked with a party in the real world.”

Gando sounded like he didn’t care. “Oh, so what does it have to do with us? No matter how powerful you are in the real world, you will still struggle to survive here. Being a thief won’t make you become powerful here.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Haotian scratched his head then he laughed. “I was just introducing myself again. What I want to say is Xuan gave us a task.”

Their expressions instantly changed. Especially Gando who was a victim to Xuan’s schemes and almost died if Zheng didn’t backed him in Starship Troopers.

“The task is…” Haotian recalled when Xuan first talked to him. Xuan called out the name of his group and his real name. His heart skipped a beat right there. If he wasn’t in such a situation, he would have attempted to kill Xuan.

“It’s not necessary to feel such hostility toward me. You wouldn’t have forgotten that Section 9 of the National Security has your data? I coincidentally had the authority and habit to read the data there. So I am familiar with you. You are the an genetically engineered human created one and a half year after the first generation of genetically engineered humans. The facility didn’t vainly hope for a evolution being surpassing all human limits like the first time. The second generation only had the necessary genetics modified. Unfortunately, the mortality rate was still high. You are one of the twenty that survived and the only one without negative side effects.”

Haotian examined him then said with an apathetic tone. “Who are you? I give you thirty seconds.”

“The only survivor of the first generation of genetically engineered humans. My name is Chu Xuan.”

Haotian’s DNA only had two modifications, intelligence and psychokinesis. The purpose of his modifications was to give him sufficient intelligence and combat ability. He was the only one in his generation that lived more than twenty years due to the lack of side effects. Haotian was created to steal the heirlooms that belonged to China, information that was traded in the underground, and technology. These acts couldn’t be brought to the surface so his name wasn’t anywhere in the official records of the government. He was a person with no history. The only indication of his origin was inside a notebook within Section 9.

“Due to your intelligence and ability, the only support we provided you was information. Yet, you completed numerous tasks that were supposedly impossible. We later learned that you had a partner. The God and Xian thieves, You are the Xian, so you named yourself Haotian, which means the emperor of Xian. Then who’s Adam? The person known as the ancestor of gods. What is his origin?” Xuan said without emotion.

Haotian replied with a bitter smile. “Our rule was to never ask each other’s origin. I can’t believe it’s you, Colonel Chu Xuan. Can’t believe you also entered this world. You are the only person aside from Adam that I respect from the bottom of my heart after the cooperations we had. I might have died if it wasn’t for your plans.”

Xuan nodded. “I have two questions. One, Adam’s whereabout. Two, how did you come here. You can lie but it should be impossible for you to enter this realm with your personality and body. Tell me. How did you do it?”

Haotian scratched his head. “I entered here while I was chasing Adam. He suddenly disappeared into thin air. It was inside a concealed room. A truly concealed room with no tricks. I couldn’t figure out how he left the room even if he had intelligence that rivals you. So I investigated the room he disappeared in. There was a laptop on the floor.”


Haotian said. “I watched the surveillance videos of that room. He had the bizarre habit of observing his own behaviors. I saw that he clicked on a YES on the screen before he disappeared. I attempted to search for the program but there was no traces left. Then I searched for similar cases from governments over the world. And finally I found your message inside the database of China’s biggest military base. You asked Adam’s whereabout, are you looking to kill him?”

Xuan nodded. “Correct. It’s risky to let such a dangerous person live. I am going to tell you my plan. You have to…”

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