Terror Infinity

Chapter 14-1

Vol 10: Chapter 14-1.

Zheng felt a wave of pressure coming at him. It was not only a difference in power but also in mental strength. The two of them looked almost the same in appearance with the exception of the scar. But scar Zheng gave off a sense of violence that was as sharp as the point of a dagger. One would shake in fear just from looking at him.

If Zheng was a person stronger than the normal people, and gradually obtained the qualities of a leader, then this clone of his was a real devil. Even the Nemesis started howling from the danger it felt.

“I am disappointed. I can’t imagine how you survived up to this point with what you have. How did you not die in the previous several movies? So lucky.” Clone sneered. He swung his arm at the air and Zheng was knocked off the ground when nothing physically hit him.

Zheng was sent back several meters. The punch was sudden but not powerful so he immediately got up. Nemesis started firing at Clone with its minigun. Everyone should have ran just like how he and the bear did.

However, Clone placed the broadsword in front of him. The black fire from the sword acted like a protective shield. The bullets evaporated as soon as they came in contact with the fire, despite him holding the sword with his hand inside the fire.

Zheng knew that his own flame wouldn’t burn him but it was a surprise that the flame could block bullets coming at the side like it had a mind. This control over the flame shocked him.

“You don’t know anything. How could you live up till now? I want to kill you when I see that innocent look. Is your Lori still alive? Haha, that’s why you are still so childish. How can you become a leader with what you have? And bring your girl and comrades back to the real world? Stop dreaming!”

Clone swung his arm again. From the tone of his voice, his hatred toward Zheng was so extreme. This hatred was baffling for Zheng because it surpassed the killing intent one would have for an enemy.

The Nemesis fired three shots of RPGs as the minigun had no effect. Three continuous explosions at where Clone was in the air then the area was suddenly engulfed in a fire. The fire even brightened the smoke around it. Several seconds later, the fire was absorbed into the black flame and Clone was standing there intact.

“Zheng, you don’t know anything! That’s why you don’t have the qualification to be alive. Your comrades will also die with you!”

He swung the broadsword at Zheng. The black flame extended dozens of meters and came down at him. Zheng reacted very fast already but the fire still chopped down along his arm. The ground it hit was turned into glass.

“Ah!” This hit didn’t injure his bone but a portion of his left arm was sliced off. The flame then burned where it touched. The outer part of his arm had turned into charcoal and the pain was numbing the arm.

When Clone readied his sword for another swing, the Nemesis howled and started running as it left deep footsteps into the ground. Then it jumped over ten meters high and grabbed Clone’s foot. It pulled Clone down to the ground.

The two of them crashed a three meter hole on the ground. The Nemesis’s strength was several times greater than Zheng’s, although still not close to the Newborn. It picked up Clone. But Clone pressed his hand against the Nemesis’s chest before it could attack again. Then charged it into a house. Followed by the sound of punching and Clone’s crazy laughter came out through the smoke and dust.

Zheng kept circulating the Qi inside his body. He was completely exhausted from killing two unlocked members of team Devil. If I wasn’t for the recovery rate from the Vampire bloodline, he would have died from just bleeding already. All he could do was to recover his stamina with Qi.

The blood energy allowed him to use magic abilities, especially the Red Flame. The Qi was corrosive and could enhance his body temporarily. It worked like a stamina backup in this situation.

A few seconds later, he clenched his teeth and ran toward the house where they were at. During midway, a large body was thrown out. The Nemesis had such strength already but Clone’s strength was even higher. He kicked the Nemesis away then turned into bats and reappeared behind it and caught it. Clone then tore off an arm from the Nemesis with his bare hands. Blood gushed out from the wound along with tentacles. However, they evaporated as soon as they clear near Clone’s body. The black flame enveloped him again.

When Clone reached out his hand for the Nemesis’s head with his crazy laughter, Zheng jumped him. He activated his Red Flame to defend against the black flame. The two of them rolled on the ground. The two flames entangled with each other and became the only two colors in this smoke.

Zheng enlarged his muscles then punched at Clone beneath him. A palm blocked his fist, then a force several times stronger than his closed in on his fist. Zheng felt the joints on his right hand dislocated. Before the pain registered, Clone twisted his arm and his bones came out through the skin and muscle.

“Ah!” Zheng screamed and loosened the grip with his left arm. Clone gained some distance with the chance. The broadsword suddenly appeared in his hand out of no where. He slashed downward and chopped Zheng’s right arm off. The pain caused Zheng to collapse.

“That’s it? Is this all you have? You disappointed me. How can you be my original?.” Clone looked at Zheng on the ground. He took a deep breath and dragged Zheng up. The red flame quickly receded under the black flame and Clone also deactivated his flame. Zheng had completely drained his blood energy at this point, there were barely any Qi left also. He couldn’t even sustain the unlocked mode anymore. He opened his eyes with great effort and looked at the man with the same face as him.

Clone shook his head in contempt. He held Zheng up with one hand and raised the broadsword with the other. Zheng asked with difficulty. “You mentioned Lori before. Did you also create her? How is she?”

Clone took a deep breath then shouted in a rage. “How dare you mention her!”

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