Terror Infinity

Chapter 13-3

Vol 11: Chapter 13-3.

“This means you don’t have enough energy to sustain the output. If you can last ten seconds with Explosion, you can only last three to four seconds with this improved form.” Xuan said.

Zheng nodded. “Right, vampire bloodline gives me increased recovery rate and qi gives my body the toughness to use Explosion. I created the ability in a coincidence and came to a balance after several tries. However, my body couldn’t handle it when I compress the energy further this time.”

Xuan thought for a moment. “That’s for certain. You should be prepared to die when you reach for a higher power. Without this determination, you might as well save points until you have enough to leave.”

Zheng looked at his fist. “I am not scared to die. I am scared that my death is meaningless. I have to stay alive, to revive everyone, and I have to meet my clone again. He’s the other me. I will free him from the suffering.”

“If going from tier C to tier B increased your blood energy and qi ten folds like you said, then going from tier B to tier A will definitely be greater than ten folds. That’s when you can handle Explosion perfectly and use the improved form.”

The tier A vampire bloodline was the marquis, followed by tier AA prince, and finally tier S king. However, there were multiple directions qi could take after tier B. These were all manuals with specific names ranging from tier A to tier S.

Zheng smiled bitterly. “Ah, tier A, and two of them. We still have to save rewards and points to revive team members. This will be difficult.”

Xuan said. “You are not the only one that have to save points to revive team members. Like how you spent points to exchange enhancement for WangXia, each of us can contribute to the revivals. Which means the more members we accumulate, the easier it will become. If it takes you 6000 points alone, it will take ten people 600 points each.”

Zheng finally got it and said. “So that was why you didn’t choose to revive the stronger members. Haha.”

Xuan nodded. Then Lori opened the door and came to the platform. She laughed and said. “Are the four of you even going to eat? The dishes are ready. Hehe, I made my best dishes. Hurry up and come in.”

Aside from Xuan still looking indifferent, a smile appeared on the other three men’s faces. They entered the room and saw several delicate dishes on the table. WangXia and Kampa looked at each other then laughed out together. “Didn’t you say we can exchange alcohol here? How about some Baijiu? Got to love that strong taste.”

Zheng smiled at the suggestion. He went over to God and brought back several bottles of Maotai and Vodka. These only cost a few points. Kampa and WangXia immediately grabbed a bottle for themselves and took off the corks. The aromatic scent of authentic Maotai and strong alcohol scent of Vodka filled the table. They each took a large gulp looking satisfied.

WangXia muttered. “This is the real deal. I only drank it once while in the army, only a small cup. I still can’t forget that taste. This bottle is even more aromatic. If we bring it back, it’s going to be worth tens of thousands. Haha.” He took another gulp.

Kampa drank until his eyes looked wet. He said loudly as he drank. “We loved to binge like this back then, and talked about women, cash, and war. F*ck, those days won’t come back anymore.”

Who didn’t have their sorrow if they chose to enter this world?

By the time the meal was over, Kampa and WangXia were knocked out. Zheng and Xuan each carried a person and threw them into their new rooms. Before Xuan left, he said to Zheng. “Don’t you feel that you are adapting to the unlocked mode? I think you should use the improved Explosion as much as possible while still in this dimension. Even if you get injured critically, God will be able to heal you. You can get used to it just like how you are with the unlocked mode. Then once you obtained enough energy, you will be the strongest member of the team!”

(The strongest member?) Zheng cuddled Lori to sleep. Then he stared at the ceiling and pondered.

They didn’t meet again for the next several days. Xuan poured himself into analyzing the Sky Stick. It was difficult to create the final product even with the design papers, especially the power device. It belonged to the magical field that was embedded with ancient characters. Xuan wasn’t able to replicate this currently. The exchange price for this part was over a thousand points and a rank D reward. So they discussed and decided to continue using Zheng’s Sky Stick for the next movie.

Kampa and WangXia trained in their basements. They were an international mercenary and special force to begin with. Their physical fitness surpassed even most normal people that lived through a movie or two. Furthermore, their skills with weapons and special abilities made them more destructive than Zheng at certain situations.

Zheng practiced the improved form of Explosion in the remaining days, which he named, Destruction!

If explosion was letting two energies run loose in his body, destruction squeezes every bit of power from these energies. It no longer gives any consideration to the condition of his body and intended to bring destruction to both his enemies and himself!

As for the techniques, he didn’t bother naming them and used the names Xuan told him.

“Geppou!” “Soru!” “Rankyaku!” “Shigan!” in which he used his fist.

Geppou let him walked on air and change direction at will. Soru gave him a sudden burst of speed. Rankyaku for long range attack. Shigun with his fist for close range destruction. And he could throw his axe for an attack with explosion.

Even though Destruction could only last a few seconds, and would render him powerless afterward, but he was invincible during these few seconds. No one could beat him in close range, not even Yinkong. Perhaps his clone was the only person that could rival him in this state.

Time quickly passed and they had prepared everything. Everyone came to the platform early and waited quietly. After a good while, the beams finally came down from God and its voice sounded in their heads.

“Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked. The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Teleportation begins.”

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