Terror Infinity

Chapter 13-3

“Are you going to fight me, brother?” Rui-Kong looked over at ZhuiKong with a giggle. Her pure white eyes concealed her emotions and thoughts from the others. Her tone did not change a bit from before. “It’s troublesome. I didn’t intend to fight you so early. Brother, you are the same type of people as me. We have the same soul and trait. You are the one I care most about aside from sis. I wanted to save you for the last but… brother, don’t force me. If the beauty of the final blossom is shattered, not even god can forgive your sin.”

ZhuiKong nodded and said with a smile. “You’re right. Not even god can forgive this sin. My little sister. Let your brother bear the sin and rest in peace.” Tears filled his eyes, yet his face held a tender smile, a smile without the freezing coldness from his eyes.

“But what are you going to do?” Rui-Kong pointed at him.

ZhuiKong stopped his feet.

She continued. “You have been suppressing your power this whole time. You didn’t want to admit that we are not normal, that we want to see the brilliance from the deaths of all those around us. Your hypocrisy is disgusting and it halts your strength at the lowest stage. What are you going to do now? You can’t do anything!”

ZhuiKong was frozen in a walking posture. It seemed as though time had stopped around him. The only part where he could still move was his mouth. He said. “Yes. The gap between us are too wide to cross. I can’t do anything to you. But I have a question. How vast is your psyche force? How many people can you control at the same time?” A flash of light glided across from behind him.

Fu-Kong jumped out. A flying knife disappeared from his hand while he was still in the air. The rest of the children also dashed at Rui-Kong in tacit. They all knew that as long as she was standing, they would end in tragic deaths, just like those who died before.

The first threat to arrive at Rui-Kong was the flying knife. It reached within two meters of her in the blink of an eye. However, the knife was moving slower and slower as if it was moving in water. The children could follow its trace by their bare eyes. The air rippled in strange waves and then the knife stopped at one meter before Rui-Kong. She held out her hand and lightly grabbed the knife.

“Every life has the same sea of consciousness. When we are an infant, our minds lived at the bottom of this sea. But as we grow, our minds gradually rise to the surface in this sea and we become different from each other. The souls who have left the protection from the sea of consciousness begin to rot. They slowly forget the power of the sea of consciousness and become the feeble lives that I see in front of me. In the bottom of the sea of consciousness of a life lies a power unimaginable to all, the light of a soul. There exists a wall deep within our souls that we cannot reach. Every life has a domain within the soul. I call it the force of consciousness. Only living beings who reach the bottom of the sea will regain this power. Our world call it telekinesis, power of the soul, or A.T. Field.”

Rui-Kong held the knife on her palm. It slowly levitated and then shot out at blazing speed. By the time the children registered what had happened, the knife had pierced through Fu-Kong’s heart.

“Do you see? If you want to come near me, then break my force of consciousness.” She smiled at everyone.

“Telekinesis, force of the soul, A.T. Field is it?”

A voice suddenly appeared behind Rui-Kong. Zheng struck over a hundred punches at her back in an instant in Explosion. Every hit was met with a barrier outside of Rui-Kong. It was like water, and it was like a wall. Most of the force from his punches were dispersed and the remaining force couldn’t break through the barrier. It merely pushed her a few meters away.

The toughness of this barrier surprised Zheng. He could punch through a layer of steel in Explosion but those hundred punches did not even touch Rui-Kong’s skin. His judgement of Rui-Kong was refreshed. Her power was growing exponentially as she sunk deeper into the heart’s devil. She had attained a power to rival him unless he could exert his full power.

Despite zz’s attack yielding no result, he had created an opportunity. He appeared right after Rui-Kong used her power and knocked her away with enough force. YinKong dashed through the ten meter mark and reached Rui-Kong.

YinKong’s eyes were still as red as when she was under control. It seemed that she had also entered the heart’s devil state. Her attacks were frenzy and lacked structure, showing none of the techniques she was most skilled in. The punches and claws couldn’t even break through Rui-Kong’s barrier. Several dozen hits later, Rui-Kong pushed her hand forward. A burst of force of the soul sent YinKong flying, crashing through two trees on the way before landing into the bushes.

“Whew. That was dangerous. You lowly beings almost harmed me.” Rui-Kong breathed out then turned around to face Zheng. “So strange. The psyche mark I placed on your body is gone. And where had you been during that time? Did you leave this world?”

Zheng didn’t know that she placed a mark on him. This psyche mark could probably enable her find him at any time. Her psyche force techniques were on the same level as the players specializing in psyche force.

(What should I do? I can only use seventy percent of my power in this world. Neither Dragon Transformation, Destruction, nor Tiger’s Soul are usable. Damn it. Explosion can’t even break through her barrier.)

Seeing that Zheng didn’t answer her question, Rui-Kong pushed her hand forward. Force of the soul formed into a massive force that struck toward him. Zheng remained alert the whole time and immediately exited from the emulation before he got hit. He turned back into a soul like state. The massive force smashed a tree behind where he was standing and continued onward.

“Disappeared again? Hehe. Interesting. Whatever, I can deal with you later.” Rui-Kong giggled then turned back to the children. The power she just displayed shocked them. Only a few continued dashing at her and the rest halted in place. Despair overtook their expressions.

Rui-Kong’s eyes looked horrifying without a bit of dark color but she seemed to be unconscious of the fact. She smiled upon seeing the children’s scared faces. “Shivering souls, how do you wish your deaths to be? Ignited? Shattered? Rotted? Exploded? Or turn into the disgusting monsters of your nightmares? Tell me. I will fulfill your requests for that moment of sparkle. I can give you any kind of death you wish for.” She snapped her fingers.

A girl standing next to ZhuiKong began to convulse but before anything else happened to her, ZhuiKong stabbed his knife into her temple. The girl lost her life at this instant.

ZhuiKong stroked her hair gently. He sighed then said aloud. “Do you still remember our conversation, YinKong? Do you still remember what you promised me? If we can choose or deaths, I wish to die in the way I want. Will you fulfill that promise? Or will you abandon us to avoid defiling your hands?”

Rui-Kong was surprised at his words. “Brother, it’s useless no matter how loud you yell. The gap between our strength can’t be closed by simply yelling -”

An explosion occurred from several dozen meters away from her. A portion of a tree was blasted into the air. Underneath it was YinKong. Her body was drenched in blood. Her eyes were still crimson red. But on her skin, a mysterious black pattern began to surface. The pattern grew increasingly complex until it became a formation of runewords. She stepped one foot forward heavily and then disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

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