Terror Infinity

Chapter 13-2

The aliens near the spaceship gradually awakened after team Pacific’s three members left. Strangely, these aliens didn’t break into the spaceship. They rode their spider machines away as if they didn’t notice it.

“It’s simple. The aliens in the movie communicate through telepathy, which is a double-edged sword. Their psyche strength is powerful compared to normal humans. However, they are also more fragile than humans against psyche force users who specialize in offensive and control psyche abilities. They are more easily controlled. I believe that man used an ability to blind the aliens from seeing this spaceship.”

It was a girl’s voice inside the spaceship. Yinkong got up from the floor with a smile. She glanced around at the people still lying and her smile bloomed. Yet, her eyes remained cool as ice. She said. “Nicely done, HongLu. How did you know they would only hypnotize us and not break our limbs?” She casually smacked her hand at HongLu’s forehead.

HongLu sat up then pinched his hair. “Not absolutely certain, about seventy percent. This is the alien mothership so psyche force abilities might not work as intended. If they broke our limbs and the aliens broke free of their ability while we were in the spaceship, we would be done for. They on the other hand would not get a single point. They are losing over ten thousand points already at the negative score they have, which would without a doubt drive their points to the negatives and trigger the erase mechanism from God. They have the items to escape the movie alive but it would be still a lot of points they would be losing out. They didn’t break out limbs to prevent this from happening.”

YinKong nodded. He slapped the others’ foreheads one by one with a giggle and everyone sat up from the floor.

ChengXiao asked. “That doesn’t sound right. Aren’t we still dead if the aliens noticed the spaceship while we were hypnotized?”

HongLu said. “That guy’s a psyche force user and only that. If he hypnotized us, he can lift the ability. If he broke our limbs, he wouldn’t be able to heal us when he’s away. I believe there’s a trigger set up by the entrance of the spaceship that once the aliens enter it, the hypnotized effect will be lifted. He wouldn’t let us die to the aliens. At the same time, he would also know when we leave the spaceship.”

YinKong had woken everyone while HongLu explained. He clapped his hands and said. “I am going back to sleep then, HongLu. My time limit for a day is five minutes. Include that in your calculations when you make plans. I don’t want to get killed because you overestimated me.” She closed her eyes with a smile and dropped to the floor.

Almost instantly, YinKong jumped up again. However, there was no smile on her face anymore. She glanced around with her expressionless face and when she saw ChengXiao, she asked. “Did you also feel that you couldn’t hit the blond man when you fought him? It’s more like a distortion of our spatial senses. An attack that was supposed to hit ended up way off.”

(Their personalities are so different.) ChengXiao thought.

He touched his broken leg and replied. “Yeah, I had the same feeling. I was certain that I could hit him but the outcome was I didn’t even touch him. And I could dodge his attack, yet he still hit me. It’s probably distortion on my spatial senses, from the man who had his eyes closed the whole time.”

YinKong and the rest of the team looked to HongLu.

HongLu clapped his hands and said. “Let’s begin our plan. First of all, find a way to obtain the technologies from the aliens. Then hide as far away as you can like we planned. Keep yourselves alive until Xuan uses the Magic Cannon. Let’s go!” He went ahead and walked out of the spaceship.

At the time the second spaceship landed on the mothership, Zheng was charging through his way like a chariot since he was strong. The aliens wouldn’t use powerful weapons inside the mothership and normal weapons weren’t able to stop him. The realization boosted his confidence and he drove every area he passed by into chaos.

The other group with Imhotep wasn’t so lucky. The spider machines chased after them so Imhotep jumped off the platform following Zheng. His sandstorm wasn’t as fast as Zheng using Soru so he wasn’t able to get rid of the machines. The structure of the mothership also limited his ability to fight. Imhotep was most powerful on a desert after all, where he could make use of mummified corpses, sand and wind. There was nothing of the like in the mothership. Furthermore, Zheng could charge his dragonshard to defend the fires from the machines but the other members couldn’t. Their dragonshards would deplete in three to five shots.

“I don’t have the evidence but I feel like we got schemed by Xuan again. Actually, it’s Xuan, HongLu and Zheng together this time. Damn it! I thought we are here to fight against the aliens for our lives. I’ve been thinking about her this whole time… I didn’t know we are here to run!” Heng shouted.

Heng and XueLin avoided the fires while being inside the sandstorm but twenty minutes of floating in the sandstorm was turning their heads dizzy and nauseating. Imhotep also occasionally breathed audibly. Such a long time of flying in sandstorm form was also a challenge for him.

“I can’t keep up much longer, Heng. I need at least thirty minutes of rest before I can transform into sand again.” Imhotep’s voice sounded next to Heng and XueLin’s ears. The sand was descending to the floor when the two were still shocked.

Heng yelled. “No! Don’t get down! We will get killed here. The machines don’t even need to fire and can us into the ground. Don’t get down!”

XueLin’s face blanched as she stared at Heng absent minded. The sandstorm slowly rose a dozen meters following Heng’s shout then started falling. XueLin finally cried out but Heng calmed down in contrast. The moment the sand touched the floor, he was gripping onto several enchanted arrows in his hand.

Imhotep was carrying Heng and XueLin toward the narrower passageways when they ran for their lives. However, the space inside the mothership was simply enormous and almost every section of it was over a hundred meters in height. The spider machines intercepted them whichever passageway they entered. Five machines were already waiting on the floor when the sandstorm landed. They were one step behind in reaction. While their guns were lowering to find their targets, three arrows flew out from the sandstorm and collided one after the other. The final arrow hit the machine closest to the sandstorm at a speed invisible to the eyes.

A barrier emerged before the machine. The Explosive Shot struck the barrier with an audible “Pah”, then pierced its way through. The machine exploded in the next instant. The blast from the explosion blew a nearby machine away. The other machines opened fire at the three people.

It was the moment Heng had been waiting for. He yelled. “Protect her! Find a spot on the deck and corrode it! Be careful, we can’t let her die!” His eyes defocused. Heng held onto his bow and leaped to the side.

Imhotep couldn’t transform into a sandstorm anymore at this time but he could still float and move swiftly. He turned into a gust of wind, wrapped around XueLin and moved ten meters away while Heng leaped off. The spot they were standing on became engulfed in fire.

The heat wave from the fire chased after Heng. He didn’t look behind. There was no way for him to actively dodge the energy beams. They didn’t have the speed of light but they were still faster than him. While he was in the air, he flipped over with his head facing down. He landed on his hands then pushed himself up again. With the turn of his body, he fired three arrows at a spider machine. Bang! Another machine down.

Heng cleared the machines in the area within a minute. On the other hand, his condition was clearly not well given the backlash from the second unlocked stage and expending over half the Elven energy he had. This fight consumed over three times the normal amount of resources it would have taken in order to finish it quickly. If the same number of machines were to assault them again, he wouldn’t be able to end the fight so quickly.

During the fight, Imhotep summoned his magic with all his energy in an unsightly manner. Scarabs crawled out from his legs and chewed a hole in the metallic deck. The hole was a meter wide and enough to fit a person through.

“How’s it?” Heng breathed heavily. “How deep is it? If it isn’t deep enough, one energy beam would kill us inside.”

“Shhh~” Imhotep uttered in a low volume. “They have chewed through a few dozen meters. It’s hollow underneath the deck. Maybe there’s another layer. Who knows? Give it another minute and they should chew through the deck.”

“What? They’re so fast?” Heng asked in a surprise.

Imhotep didn’t mention the cost that came with the speed. Scarabs had to be replenished in The Mummy, inside Hamunaptra. The scarabs were killing themselves to chew threw such a big volume of metal and Imhotep was frowning from his loss.

Still, the scarabs were extremely efficient and chewed through the hundred-meter-thick deck within the minute. Heng and Imhotep looked at each other. Then Imhotep turned into a gust and brought the other two people down.

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