Terror Infinity

Chapter 11-3

YinKong was a respectable fighter even without using her original persona’s power. Her techniques, physical attributes and combat awareness developed through the training from the Assassin’s Clan were one step above others with equal raw strength. Though naturally she would still lose more often than not against people on a much higher power level.

Lionheart’s movements were extremely quick. Normal people in the area could only see a series of shadows before he reappeared behind YinKong. Even the veterans of team China only caught the sight of numerous bats dashed through the space. Before YinKong was able to turn around, Lionheart began reaching his hand toward her shoulder. It seemed like a tender gesture between a couple. Only YinKong could hear the wind pressure striking like a truck in high speed. If this hand were to touch her body, it would surely shatter her bones.

YinKong did not turn around, nor did she had the time to do so because Lionheart was so fast. His movements were at least twenty percent faster and it didn’t appear to be his limit either by the ease of it. Lionheart’s strength was stronger than YinKong without a doubt by this showing.

YinKong leaped forward at the same direction the hand was moving toward. Two people blocked her way, the man who still had his eyes closed and a middle age Caucasian. The two stood in place casually. Their expressions did not change despite seeing YinKong approaching with her sword. The first man put forth a finger as if to block the strike from the invisible Excalibur with it.

No normal human could block the sharpness from Excalibur with their body, not even Zheng nor clone Zheng. YinKong did not hesitate a moment as she slashed the sword downward in a light whistle as the sword cut through air. However, the blade’s edge failed to come in contact with the man. It missed by a few centimeters. YinKong looked at the man with surprise as she could not believe her eyes. A question emerged in her mind, how did actually miss a strike given her proficiency with the weapon? She couldn’t believe it happened!

There was no time for her to think through the reason. A sharp pain registered at the back of her head. Darkness shrouded her eyes and she fainted. Lionheart tapped her from behind then she fell onto the ground.

The rest of the team was confused at the scene they just witnessed. What they saw was YinKong raised her leg to step forward but she body remained in place. She slashed the sword two meters away from the other two men, which was far from being able to hit them. Lionheart then knocked her out.

By this time, ChengXiao had dashed near Lionheart. He leaped over Lionheart’s head like a bird. Lionheart split into bats once more at the same time. When he transformed back into human form, a tear was added onto the collar of his shirt like it was sliced by a sharp knife. His neck remained intact.

“Don’t look for death, retard. I won’t be lenient to guys. Back off. I give you the permission to surrender, so don’t test my patience!”

Lionheart was standing behind ChengXiao when he reappeared. He didn’t even give ChengXiao a second glance as he swept his leg. ChengXiao started the motion of dodging forward but his body stood in place. Pah! A sound of crackling bones followed and ChengXiao’s legs snapped. He growled but still continued to turn himself around. Yet, his hand glided through the air just like what YinKong did before, unable to find the target in front of him. Lionheart showed impatience and smacked ChengXiao on the back of the head, knocking him out.

(What happened? YinKong and ChengXiao encountered the same issue. Did they lose their spatial senses? Did the psyche force user controlled them? Or was it a unique ability from the vampire bloodline? That’s an enslaving type of team. They have so many high tier abilities bought through the exchange system.)

Lionheart showed a wicked smile after he knocked ChengXiao out. He was about to follow up with a kick when he sensed a strange force struck toward him. He retrieved his leg and dashed several meters to the side in an extreme speed. An explosion of fire consumed the spot he was standing on.

(The bat transformation nullifies physical damage but not energy. In this aspect, it feels fairly useless.)

HongLu observed the battle attentively. He wasn’t able to participate in the fight but he could perform the job of an analyst. Knowing the opponents’ abilities, power levels, and styles was beneficial to the rest of the plan. Team China would no doubt lose the fight based on the present situation. However, the grand battle had only just begun. He had to memorize what was happening before him.

WangXia stood ten meters away from Lionheart. Several inconspicuous small bombs floated beside him. He said, “These three are tactical nukes. I don’t have the opportunity to show you their power but I can assure you that everyone from team China here and all the movie characters will die if they were to detonate, though I don’t know if they can kill you. Let me guess how many points are you in the negative. If both our teams started with an equal number of players and you only have three people left, will you get erased if all of us die here?”

Lionheart’s mind went blank for a moment as looked to Julian. Julian’s lips twitched. He suddenly said with a smile. “Why don’t you give it a try? You should know about the existence of that item since you went through the Lord of the Rings. Do you think we will be worried about getting erased?”

“I don’t know if you are worried.” WangXia’s tone was cold. “But it won’t be good for you. So… do you want to see a nuclear explosion?” His hand reached for a bomb in the air.

“Wait, wait!” Lionheart cried and roared at Julian. “Are you retarded? Can our defensive items even block nuclear weapon attacks? Even if we end up fine, what about the spaceship? How else are we going to go after team China’s leader? Or do you plan to run around on the ground for the rest of the movie?”



Both Julian and HongLu thought. Except that one was furious and the other was in joy.

(Good, WangXia. You completed the task I assigned you. The tone of your threat is at the right level. Let’s bet on team Pacific’s reaction. It’s hard on you for taking up this responsibility but you are the only person with the mean to threaten them. We are depending on you.)

WangXia’s finger stopped on the surface of a bomb. He said with a serious expression. “Who wants to die if they have a chance to live? Can you give me a chance?”

Before Julian got a chance to speak, Lionheart replied. “What do you want? I can hear you out.”

WangXia exhaled. His face reddened slightly but he had darker skin to begin with so no one noticed the change. “We are not the only ones in team China. There are four who are following the leader and some lying in a military base unconscious. I will trade their lives for our lives. We have the stones so we won’t get erased from negative points. You don’t have to worry about us attacking you for points afterward. You know how much power we have. It’s futile for us to attack you even if we attempt to. We live and hand the rest of the team to you is my proposal.”

Lionheart opened his mouth but he didn’t know what to say. He quickly turned to Julian.

Julian contemplated for a moment and said. “How can I trust you? It might be your strategy to delay us until your leader returns, at which time we won’t be able to deal with you. Furthermore, don’t you worry about a surprise attack from us? We can kill you when you lose focus then take care of the rest of your team.”

WangXia shook his head and said. “That’s impossible. My enhancement is Bomb Manipulator. I can control the bombs as long as my energy is attached to them. The bombs have been preset to detonate the instant I die. I am not scared of your surprise attack.”

Julian pondered for a while before speaking again. “I can agree with your proposal. You and your team will board the spaceship and accompany us in going after your leader. You are not allowed to leave the spaceship in the meantime. Moreover, we have to knock out everyone aside from you. If you escape from the spaceship, we will kill them. Losing out on the potential points is better than us risking our lives. Our destination is the alien mothership, where leaving the spaceship is probably going to be more dangerous anyway.”

(We made it!)

WangXia and HongLu’s hearts skipped a beat as they heard Julian’s words. They knew the first step of the plan was completed!

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