Terror Infinity

Chapter 11-3

Vol 11: Chapter 11-3.

Cairo Port, the largest harbor in the city. This was where team China ran away when they encountered team India for the first time. Zheng sighed as he returned to the harbor.

“We began running at this place. We were lucky to reach the harbor through Imhotep and team India. You don’t know how scary it was when the city was filled with countless zombies. We seized a bus then kept charging forward. We ran out of ammunitions and it was all dependent on YinKong and me fighting in close range. See that rock over there? Ha, it’s still in the same place. Our bus jumped up from this rock and went all the way to a ship in the river.”

Zheng kept talking about various things. He disagreed with how Xuan viewed human lives but after learning of his past, Zheng felt sympathy toward Xuan. Perhaps it sympathy was an insult toward someone so competent.

A life without desires, aside from the thought of wanting desires and feelings. He forced himself into doing things and learning. Maybe obtaining new knowledge and unlocking the fourth stage had become a desire for him.

“Foolish.” Xuan said. “Why did you made it so difficult. Judging by your mission, you weren’t in any conflict with Imhotep before he learns about you seeking to kill him. Which means he wouldn’t attack you even if he saw you. His only targets were the Americans, so why didn’t you ran in opposite direction of the Americans? Then set up bombs in their car. Imhotep was still weak so you could blow up the Americans and him at the same time. He would need a fair amount of time to recover and more time to absorb the broken bodies. You could have gained an abundant amount of time to run.”

His tone was so calm as if he didn’t realize blowing up people was cruel.

(This is such his style. Everything can be done for a higher success rate.)

Zheng smiled bitterly then took out a pack of cigarette. He lit one and said. “That’s logical but how could you easily abandon people at that situation? They were also part of the plot. Plus we need to depend on the main characters to find the Book of Amun-Ra. If they became cautious toward us or disagree with us, what are we going to do to kill Imhotep?”

Xuan replied without thinking. “You should knock them out and take care of the Americans in the mean time.”

Zheng wiped sweat off his forehead and interrupted Xuan. “Hold it. We are here to fish today, not to discuss how to kill people. Grab your fishing rod.” Zheng ran toward the yachts as if he was running away. Xuan stood there with a fishing rod silently.

Zheng was able to rent a yacht in no time with his stack of silver sterling. The owner was a middle age Caucasian. He was surprised that Asians would come fishing here but the sterling were real so he had no objections.

“The water here is getting polluted. There are several textile mills and other factories downstream. They pour everything into the river. The river isn’t what it was ten years ago. Go upstream. You can still occasionally fish large bass. Haha.” The Caucasian said.

Zheng was talking casually with the helmsman and Xuan focused on checking the fishing rod. After sailing for half an hour, the two of them put the baits on. Zheng cast the hook into the river. “You never fished before? Haha, I used to go fishing with my coworkers quite often. My skills are professional tier.”

Xuan cast the hook and replied. “Never did. I read a book that has a method to easily catch fish, although I never tested it.”

Zheng laughed. “That’s unfortunate. I will show you why people call me the prince of fishing…”

Before Zheng could finish the sentence, Xuan flicked his arms and pulled a blue color fish up to the deck. It was still jumping on the deck. The helmsman grabbed it at once then threw it into a bucket. “Good god. An African carp this big. Your next meal is going to be delicious.”

Xuan calmly retrieved the hook and put another bait on. Zheng’s lips twitched a bit then he laughed. “Just watch. I am not talking big. They call me the prince of fishing because I am never the first one to catch a fish or catch the most but in the end…”

It wasn’t even that long after Xuan cast his hook again. He pulled the rod and another came on the deck.

“Haha. Man, this is a Nile herring. We rarely see one this big nowadays.” The helmsman said again.

Zheng continued his sentence in a slightly lower voice. “In the end, I usually catch the biggest one.”

Xuan pulled again and up came a fish as big as half a person. The helmsman quickly caught it with a net and pulled it to the deck.

“Holy, a perch this big. Look at its teeth. This will be the highest grade fish on the dining table.”

Xuan look at Zheng and said. “What were you saying? I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Nothing. Let’s just fish.”

Although he didn’t want to admit defeat but he really failed. Zheng only caught a several small bass the whole day while Xuan couldn’t find another bucket for his fish. Furthermore, he was catching larger and larger species that Zheng and the helmsman had to persuade him that it was getting late. Xuan finally stopped fishing with their nagging.

“For real, I was afraid he was going to catch a shark if the trend continues.” The helmsman said to Zheng in a low voice.

“Shark? I was thinking of whale.” Zheng replied in the same low voice.

Zheng made a deal with the helmsman to rent the yacht again the next day. Of course, he made an extra requirement to look for a place without any big species.

He turned around to see Xuan packing up the equipment. “You looked like you were enjoying it. How was it? Fishing is quite enjoyable right? Haha. If you ever feel tired, just go fishing for a break.”

“Don’t know.” Xuan answered.

“What do you mean?” Zheng said in confusion.

“Don’t know if a fish will take the bait. Don’t know what fish will get caught. Don’t know why it is so easy. These uncertainties make me want to continue. Fishing is not bad.” Xuan said.

Zheng took a smoke then patted his shoulder. “That’s right. There are many, many things worth doing in this world. Even though you can’t feel them right now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You will feel all these after you unlocked the fourth stage. And don’t give up just because you can’t feel it. Keep searching for these things. Haha, lets come again tomorrow!”

Xuan fell silent for a bit with his head down. “I need approximately seven days to analyze the Sky Stick. Okay if it’s just tomorrow.”

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