Terror Infinity

Chapter 11-1

Vol 10: Chapter 11-1.

Zheng didn’t feel this Techoi was impressive. Perhaps he actually was strong but definitely weaker than Zheng in close combat. Zheng took a step back and kicked at his knee before the strike hit him. The kick had a much higher force than the knee strike and forced Techoi’s knee to the ground. However, Zheng had to dodge to the side because of an attack coming from behind.

A five-meter-tall black bear appeared on his back. The paw slap from the bear easily crushed a half meter hole on the ground. The bear growled then charged at him. Several rocks spiked from the ground blocking any direction Zheng could dodge. He had to take the charge from the front. The bear and the force carried him into the metal gate behind him. When the bear backed off, his whole body was embedded into the gate and wall.

Another growl, the bear clawed at Zheng who’s stuck. Zheng grabbed the claw’s thumb before it hit then gave it a hard pull as his muscles enlarged. It pulled the bear in then he kicked at its mouth and knocked the bear several meters away.

Suddenly someone charged at him before he could follow up with any attacks. The two fists were aimed at his head and chest. Zheng had no choice but to block these two attacks with his arms. Those fists felt like metal. His arms were a little numb from blocking them. Zheng jumped back as he got hit and saw that Techoi was standing in front of him. He had four arms and two heads that looked the same.

The black bear said. “Leader, he’s worthy of being your original. This reaction speed is impressive and he has even more strength than me. It would probably take Techoi and me some time to finish him.”

Clone Zheng said. “You and Techoi’s developments aren’t bad, but you two have only entered team Devil for three movies. Your enhancements aren’t high and you’re not that experienced in using them. Like the strongest shape you can take is a western dragon with a body of over ten meters. It would allow you to easily take any horror movie. Techoi’s Battle Qi is only entry level. His ability can also reach three heads and six arms. These two enhancements can push his close combat to a terrifying degree when they rank up. Use him as a training target. If you die, then that means you are not strong enough. I can revive you with the Book of Amun-Ra. The points will be taken from the whole team. However, everyone only has one chance of revival so if you don’t want to waste it, kill him!”

The bear seemed a little scared of clone Zheng. He growled and jumped at Zheng again with more force than before. The floor felt like it was shaking as he ran.

Several rock spikes behind Zheng blocked him from backing again. He looked at the clone in the air. The clone was holding the Book of the Dead. He looked like he was not in the fight but every spell he cast forced Zheng to take the attacks face to face. Zheng was knocked back to the rocks by the bear. A mouthful of blood burst out through his mouth. He was injured internally with this hit.

Zheng made a decision. He turned his back to the bear and jumped up using the bear as a support. At the same time, the bear’s paw slapped his back. He was sent flying off the rim of the roof. Zheng tried his best to turn around and put his face downward.

The bear said. “That’s it? That’s too weak. How can he rival us team Devil…” A force knocked him away and clone Zheng stood on where he was.

The man said coldly. “You think you deserve to be called a member of team Devil? Don’t f*cking think you are so strong. There are only three people in this team worthy of this title. And you are not one of them. You are merely a little stronger than the normal teams.”

The bear got up from the floor and wiped the blood off his lips. Then he stood there obediently.

Clone Zheng said impatiently. “Keep becoming stronger if you want to be a real member of team Devil. Currently only Xuan, ZhuiKong, and I are worthy of this title. Know why we entered the movie first when we encountered team Celestial? That’s because of you weaklings dragging the team behind. F*ck, it was all Xuan that we escaped without fighting them. Now, go wipe off team China first. Francis and Techoi, go take a Sky Stick. Remember, find and kill him. Don’t let him escape. I don’t want this Dark Cage to became a trap on our own team.” He opened his wings and flew down the building.

When Zheng was slapped off the building, he adjusted his body to face down. Then he took out the air cannon. While he was still in the unlocked mode, he quickly calculated the distance to the ground. When he reached a certain height, he pulled the trigger. The cannon’s shot finally fired by the time he was only several meters from the ground. The air shot at the ground then bounced back up at Zheng. He was able to land steadily. However, the ground became unstable as the shot crushed the concrete.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief. Then he spitted out a mouthful of blood. He was blocked off by the rock spikes several times which forced him to go face with face with a strength based black bear and a Muay Thai user. He barely survived due to his toughness.

Zheng knew that team Devil probably already sent a group after Lan and the others. It was useless even if he was to rush over now. However, he still had a little bit of hope. He wouldn’t give up until the absolute last moment. He had to try to stop them. Otherwise, he would regret.

Zheng entered the third stage then he recalled Yinkong’s sneak techniques and movements. By the time he heard the sound of the Sky Stick from above, he had hidden into the black smoke. There was no sound, or killing intent.

Soon, the hoverboard came and two large man were standing on it. They were obviously not comfortable with the situation. Techoi finally jumped off and said. “I will go look for him down here. I am not gay.”

Francis laughed. “That was a competition of patience. If I didn’t have the patience, I would be the one on the ground. Haha, thank you. I can finally use the board by myself.”

Techoi yelled. “Don’t get killed or leader will be angry.” He looked as Francis flew away and shook his head. Then he entered into the valley.

Zheng was still hiding silently. After Techoi passed by him, he followed into the valley.

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