Terror Infinity

Chapter 11-1

Vol 13: Chapter 11-1.

“Ha. You don’t know how many times the word ‘gold’ was mentioned in the Mayan ruins. It definitely surpassed what we saw in Hamunptra. I swear there’s definitely a mountain of gold hiding within the ruins. Let’s go, Zheng. Apply your usual measure to hiring a few thousand people and excavate it.” He said to everyone but his eyes only had the symbols of gold.

“Oh please. It was all ‘golden mask’. Don’t omit the second word.” O’Connell walked over and slapped Jonathan’s head. He sat down on a sofa.

Zheng had Lan scanned the whole exhibition center after the explosion and coincidentally saw the movie characters coming out of a car. They were standing not far away from the center with Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun.

Zheng met up with the team then went over to the movie characters. Evelyn cried at once when she saw the baby boy. She held him in her arms and O’Connell had to comfort her. Everyone followed Zheng back to the hotel.

They helped Evelyn confirmed the boy was perfectly fine then fed him some milk before finding the chance to sit down and talk.

“Due to the growing tension in England, we immigrated to the U.S.. We originally planned to buy a mansion on the east coast since we have the savings. But when Evelyn contacted her college professor and found out he went to the west coast with a team of archeologists, we put the mansion aside and took the train to the Mayan ruins.” O’Connell narrated their experience. Though the others were curious as to why Jonathan was with them.

Zheng asked. “Jonathan, didn’t you plan to go to China? Why were you with O’Connell at the Mayan ruins?”

Jonathan took a sip of the coffee then laughed boldly. “Why would you think a brother as responsible as me would leave my dear sister and brother in law to take a trip on my own? They can’t accomplish anything without me. I have no choice but to take it upon myself to protect them.”

O’Connell exposed the lie instantly. “Are you sure it wasn’t because you heard of a newly discovered gold mine in San Francisco? Then you heard that the Mayans had the custom of burying the royals with gold.”

Jonathan immediately laughed. “Of course not. Do you think this gentleman would dig someone’s grave just for some gold?”

“I think he will.” Zheng said in a low voice.

“Not think. He definitely will.” O’Connell said.

The movie characters arrival made Zheng feel better. When he learned that the boy was O’Connell and Evelyn’s son, he was prepared for the worst, that the main characters had been killed.

Zheng said. “Let’s go back to the monster. How did he come into existence? How did you get that mask?”

O’Connell nodded. “We arrived at the Mayan ruins. The archeologists were trying to open a gate. Evelyn and her professor could only identify a part of the characters carved on the gate. There were two possible meanings. One, the hope of mankind rests behind the gate. Two, the devil that destroys the world hides behind the gate. Of course, this wouldn’t stop the archeologists. They opened the gate and entered the pyramid.”

“To be honest, that place was nothing like a tomb, more like a factory with many bronze tools. The handles of those tools were wood and had decayed long ago. Aside from the tools was a huge hole on the ground filled with human bones. The archeologists said it was a place for human sacrifices.”

Evelyn came out from the room and took over. “But those bones were all deformed. A small quantity of them didn’t even look human anymore. How could those retards think the bones were human sacrifices. I have never seen any civilization use monsters.”

“We kept heading inward and reached the inner most part of the pyramid. There, we found a gold mask embedded on a wall surrounded by words and murals. However, the archeologists were getting inpatient and just took the mask and left. We discovered more from the words and murals.”

Evelyn sat next to O’Connell and muttered. “The murals depicted the era of evolution from apes to humans. When humans were still apes, the world was inhabited with countless monsters. Many had strength and abilities way beyond that of humans. Then a group of ‘saints’ emerged among the apes. They led the apes to victories over the monsters. The Apes survived then eventually evolved to humans.”

“However, the saints began to die of age. Since the monsters were nearly wiped out in the war, no more humans could become saints anymore. Those who were still alive started to think of solutions. Some wanted to create saints by building a dimension then throw humans and monsters into it and kill each other.”

“The other saints felt it was too cruel. They began to develop items that can turn humans into saints. A group that wore robes and a hat developed a golden pill that can turn humans into saint-like beings. These resided on the mountains. Another group that wore capes did surgeries on humans to give them feathered and webbed wings. Those who were transformed followed their saints and left. The last group of saints wore masks. They created this golden mask. Once a human wears this mask, he will become the closest being to a saint.”

“However, what followed in the murals depicted everything the saints did were meaningless. People that took the golden pills became cruel and attacked the saints with robes. They then split into two factions and went to war against each other. These people all died in the end. The humans with wings lost their reproductive ability. Those with feathered wings went to war against the webbed wings and they all died. Humans who wore the golden mask eventually turned into monsters and started hunting other humans as food. They also feared sunlight which will turn them into bones.”

“As the last remaining saint died, all that was left was the dimension.”

Zheng and his team were shocked with their eyes wide open. That was almost unimaginable. The murals depicted the origin of God’s dimension and everything that happened before it.

Xuan adjusted his glasses. “So that means the monster was a normal person that wore the mask. Are the ruins still preserved?”

Evelyn nodded. “The ruins are still there but the archeologists had turned into vampires. The monster was originally a regular old man. However, he isn’t a complete monster yet. He’s currently a defective product.”

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