Terror Infinity

Chapter 10-2

Four hours went by after the previous meeting. The proposal to retaliate with nuclear bombs was put off to the side. Many people on the military branches supported the proposal, but shadows of the previous failure could not fade from the politicians. Thus, the meeting ended in an endless tug of war with no conclusion. The president and his staffs were too exhausted and had to call off the meeting to give people rest. It was to be continued after a meal.

“We are wasting time here. There is no point in staying after Area 51 was destroyed. We might even get dragged into the American’s war. You are strong but it’s a war! A war between two species! An individual’s power is…” Juntian cried.

Team China also went back to their room after the meeting. There were no luscious presidential suites in a military facility and they had quite a few people, so the staffs allocated a big room for all of them.

Juntian was quiet during the flight, whether he was terrified or knew his lack of power and wit was another question. Though once he arrived at safety, he started talking and trying to persuade people to leave, to hide in a mountain or forest until the movie ended.

The veterans did not make fun of him. This was a phrase that they went through as newbies, aside from a few specific people. Only when a person was baptized with blood and fire and survive would truly become a player. Juntian was still a normal person who got transported into God’s realm.

Zheng fixed his eyes at Juntian and said in a serious manner. “We don’t have a choice to back out. The aliens aren’t our only threat in this world. There’s the other team hiding in the shadows. No place is safe. If you wish to sneak through the remaining time, I am sorry to inform you that will strip away your only hope of survival.”

Juntian’s face did not look good. The series of events made him feel weak. The helplessness he experienced in times of danger almost consumed him. He wanted to run away from those dangers but he didn’t know the more he ran, the more they would come bouncing back.

Zheng then turned to Xuan and HongLu. Neither of these two seemed normal. Xuan was still tapping on his laptop without a word and HongLu was spacing out. Zheng was getting a headache with the two brains of the team being in idle mode.

“Xua… HongLu, analyze our situation. We have approximately two days until the movie ends. See if we should go on the offense or hide.” Zheng said.

HongLu was spacing out in his seat. He pinched a few strands of hair in front of his forehead and with the other hand randomly scratching the table. Zheng had to repeat his question before the boy turned to them with a smile.

(The time has come for the scheme to unfold. Since you have chosen such a dangerous path for this movie, don’t blame me for being selfish for once. I hope Zheng won’t hit me after we return in safety.)

HongLu pulled a strand of hair and said. “Offense without a question. The best defense is offense. Don’t you think that this movie is a good opportunity to improve our overall strength? You will regret if we miss this chance.”

Catching everyone’s attention, he giggled and turned to Heng. “Did you feel the aliens’ barriers worked against your arrows?”

Heng nodded. “They did work but they couldn’t block the three arrow explosive shot using enchanted arrows. I have no problem shooting down the normal spaceships. Though the Destroyers are out of my ability. Even if the arrow manages to pierce through the barrier, one little arrow is miniscule compared to a Destroyer.”

“No, no.” HongLu waved his hand. “I am not telling you to shoot the Destroyers. What I meant is the barrier is well-rounded. It can block both technological weapons and magical attacks.”

Zheng frowned. “That isn’t anything special. Any C tier defensive item can block both types of attacks. Zero and Heng shot down so many spaceships still. Too bad they didn’t give any points. This movie is so stringent with its rewards.”

HongLu shook his head and snapped his fingers. “Your eyes are clouded from the facts. If the barrier is so weak, how do you think the Destroyers can block nuclear missiles without taking damage in the movie? Not even A and AA tier defensive items are as good as their barriers.”

Zheng said. “It still isn’t anything special. The barrier’s strength come from the Destroyers’ infinite source of energy… Are you planning to obtain the Destroyer’s energy source?”

“Correct!” HongLu snapped his fingers again. “That’s what I mean. The dragonshard has two weaknesses. Firstly, it will only block attacks from technological weapons which puts us in a disadvantage when the enemies fight us in close range or use magical attacks. Secondly, it’s energy reserve is too small. A fully charged dragonshard can only block attacks for a short period of time and will shatter under one powerful attack. The aliens’ defensive system will allow us to modify the dragonshard and remove these two weaknesses, or at the very least increase the size of the dragonshard’s energy reserve. We have to obtain this system. This movie might be our only chance. If we missed it, we will be one step further away from team Devil by the time we meet them.”

Zheng fell to a silence as he heard. The battle against team Devil was his Achille’s heel. It was a battle he was hoping for but the gap between the two teams was too big that neither his team nor him can escape the fate of getting killed. A battle against the strongest team in the realm could not proceed without resolve and be prepared for death.

Was it selfish to put the lives of the team on the line for a battle he hoped for? Zheng thought to himself. He had always struggled with this thought. He was hoping for the battle to come, yet at the same time he wanted it to stay away. He wished for his team to grow stronger and stronger. Death was inevitable but he still wished for his team to live.

“I understand.” Zheng nodded. “We have to get the aliens’ defensive system and energy reserve technology. How will we go about doing it? Even if we are to get inside the mothership…”

Xuan suddenly put his laptop on the table and calmly stated. “Connect the laptop to the mothership and it will download the related technologies.” His eyes gleamed with fanaticism when the world technology was mentioned.

(This dude… the heart’s devil failed to change his attitude. Was he coding the program to steal alien tech this whole time? He looks prepared.)

Zheng was getting a headache. He took over the laptop and asked. “Is the virus in the laptop too? Are we going to infect the mothership with the virus like it did in the movie?”

“Yes.” Xuan nodded then went back to silence.

HongLu continued after him. “The barrier is the first technology we need to obtain. Xuan probably considered it in the beginning. The second technology is even more important, the aliens’ scanner. A long-range scan that bypasses psyche force masking without the need of a psyche force user, yet with equal precision. Any team with this technology will be in an unbeatable position even if they cannot fully utilize the technologies. Team Pacific and their psyche force user are secondary in priority.”

ChengXiao interjected. “Well, the question comes back to how are we going to get to the mothership? Fly?”

“You’re correct. We fly.” HongLu giggled. He pulled another strand of hair and continued. “There is another perfectly working spaceship aside from the one in Area 51. The change of plot could have altered this spaceship’s existence but God typically wouldn’t kill off all chances a team has. There is an eighty percent chance this spaceship is there. Do you remember the black pilot in the movie?”

TengYi immediately said. “The black pilot? The one who drove the spaceship to the mothership? You’re right! He took down a spaceship in the movie with the fighter jet. The spaceship crashed into a cliff. The pilot then dragged the alien out of it. The movie did not follow the spaceship but it is indeed a working one!”

“Right.” HongLu said. “Seizing that spaceship is our only hope. Seizing the technologies from the mothership is our mission!”

(The scheme has been planted. Now we wait and see if the other team falls into our scheme or breaks them apart.)

HongLu faintly sighed but his expression remained relaxed, as if victory was already in his hands.

(We are at an absolute disadvantage during team battle without a psyche force user. It was the same situation when we fought team India. I just hope what I am doing can succeed or else…)

Far away from team China was a spaceship floating by itself in the sky. The three people inside were not well. The blond man’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Damn it! Julian! Why did the newbies die? Why did they die in the mothership? Did team China get to the mothership already? And you were making us look for them in Earth. Are you helping them to get us killed?” The blond man roared.

Julian’s face looked peaceful in comparison. His lips twitched into a seemingly smile and then returned to a stern expression. “That has nothing to do with me. It’s probably the difficulty God decided for us. I had this question all along that what is the difficulty for us in this movie? We could simply stay in the mothership and stop team China from getting the spaceship in Area 51. At that point, we won’t lose no matter what even if we couldn’t win, which is impossible. God wouldn’t let us survive a movie with over ten people difficulties so easily. So that’s where our danger comes from.”

“From where?!” Blond man popped his eyes wide open.

Julian held his lips to stop himself from laughing. “The time that we are allowed to stay inside the mothership. Before a predetermined amount of time, we were safe to stay in the mothership. However, once the time is up, the aliens will attack us like they did to team China. We still have the advantage of influence. In the sense that this spaceship will let us survive.”

“Survive? Your ass!” Blond man shouted. “Have you calculated how many points are we in the negative? We are left to use the stones to negate the negative points or go and wipe out team China. Damn it. I was expecting to reap a bunch of rewards from this movie. It’s all gone now.”

“That’s the God we know.” Julian smiled. “It will not let any team live through a movie easily. It will not let you obtain points and rewards without risk. You are also aware of the disadvantage to a team like ours. We will only become weaker as time goes on. We will eventually get wiped in the final battle because we can’t unlock the genetic constraint in danger. God is forcing us to battle team China.”

Blond man cursed then dropped onto the chair with a lack of energy. “What should we do now? Think of something. I don’t want to expend the stone. You can’t get it back again.”

Julian smiled and pointed his fingers down. “Wait… Team China should be more worried than we are. We just have to wait where the spaceship is and they will come. Some of them will board the spaceship. If Zheng Zha is among that group, we will stay and attack the remaining group. If Zheng Zha stays, we will attack the spaceship. Team China will lose half their strength either way. Any questions with the plan?”

Blond man sighed. “No questions but… are you sure they will come?”

Julian’s lips twitched. “Yes. They will come. I told you they are more worried than we are… Just wait for the fish to take the bait. We are always in a better position with the influence we have no matter what choices they make. I refuse to believe they can come up with any way to overcome the influence advantage we have!”

(I never thought about the technologies they mentioned in their meeting. Too bad it’s not my specialty so I wouldn’t be able to use them even if I get them. The boy has good potential. His intelligence is way above most people, just a bit behind me. He seems well learned in technology. Should I use that item to turn him into our member? Anyway, I will consider it after we beat up team China. The barrier and scanner aren’t bad to have if we can get them. With the scanner, any team we meet will be like the current team China to us. Haha.)

Julian retrieved his psyche force from far, far away and scanned the area under team Pacific’s spaceship. On top of a valley was a dust-covered spaceship. It was intact.

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